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Youtube Hacks: 11 Tricks And Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

The right YouTube hacks can create a difference between the before and after look of the channel. It completes a task with perfection and provides better results for you. The tricks optimize a channel within time and also optimize marketing efforts. From subscriber boosting services to video-making tools, the hacks offer the most out from the social platform.

Create links that start at specific times

Create links that start at specific times

There are some occasions at which you can skip an introduction or jump at relevant information at YouTube. You can share a link to a direct audience at a specific time and try a hack. How can you do it? There is a share button available, and you can click it. The marketers can adjust the time with a click on a start button. It provides a link to you. You can copy the link to provide it as a social platform.

If you can, then put come minutes before the actual start time. In this way, people do not miss anything about product marketing on social platforms.

Download the thumbnail image of the videos

Download the thumbnail image of the videosDo you need a thumbnail image of a YouTube video? It would help if you did not take a res-screen capture. You can download it by saving the thumbnail in high-res. For this purpose, you can copy the video Id as it is of 11 characters. Paste it at the respective place. Now, put the full link into the browser and save the image. In this way, you can add a custom video thumbnail to your videos.

By adding thumbnail, there is more attraction of people on YouTube Channel. It is a simple and easy feature available on the platform for increasing views and likes for marketers.

Create a GIF from a YouTube Video

Create a GIF from a YouTube VideoYou can do better than an image with a GIF option. The choice of GIF provides a lot of action on social media platforms. They are beneficial in the promotion of YouTube channels or to get brand replies. How can you create a GIF from a video? There is a simple procedure that you can follow. Open a video, and add the word GIF before YouTube URL. They are available to you. Customization of GIF is also possible to provide a new look to videos.

Thus, the creation of GIF is providing many benefits to people. It is an attractive trick and feature of YouTube to engage more traffic at videos.

Transcript of a video

Transcript of a videoYouTube is automatically creating transcripts for videos. It is an impressive feature to attract more subscribers to a channel. It makes videos more accessible and also pulling and copying quotes easier. It is an essential trick that you can implement on social channels for bringing more audience. How to see a transcript of a YouTube video?

From a video, click the three dots available beside save. Select the open transcript option available on the platform. It is available to you. If you do not see them, then the creator has not made them. Keep in mind that video creators are not editing transcripts so it may not be perfect at YouTube channels.

Create Branded URL for YouTube

You can ditch an unmemorable string of letters to add a branded YouTube URL at Channel. There is some prerequisite for this purpose. If you want to create a custom slug, then there should be a minimum of 100 subscribers available on the YouTube channel. Along with it, a channel icon and art is also mandatory for a month old channel.

How can you do it? Click on the profile picture at settings, and go to the advanced settings option. You are eligible for a custom URL there. Get a custom URL box approved for offering branded URLs. You cannot change the appearance of the gearbox. Agree to the terms and privacy of the gearbox to get the feature.

Share an auto-subscribe link

Share an auto-subscribe linkDo you have a YouTube button or call-to-action options on your channel? If yes, then you can share an auto-subscribe channel link for the audience. It is a great trick but you can do one better than others. There is a following of some steps to get work done. You should find channel ID or custom URL from the channel page. Paste ID at the channel with a confirmation. Use a link to subscribe for CTA’s.

A new and real look is available to channel to attract more audience and followers,

Create a caption to improve SEO and accessibility

You can add closed captions and subtitles to videos. It attracts a large audience on YouTube Channel. The viewers are watching videos with sound off. It provides a bonus to people as improvisation in search engine optimization services. The rankings of videos are excellent on online platforms. Two ways are available to complete the task.

Experts are recommending closed captions to store a backup if a video gets deleted by mistake. The look of channels is becoming impressive and attractive with improved accessibility and SEO.

Translate video titles and descriptions

The chances are high that the audience speaks a different language. It is not possible to translate complete video content for them. But, they can translate the video’s title and description to know about them. It is an integral feature of the YouTube platform for video creators. You can guess the language of the predominant audience with a double click on the YouTube Analytics option.

Top subtitles and reports are available for the learning of languages rank the highest on the YouTube platform. You can follow a procedure to get desired results at the channel.

Add cards to YouTube videos

Add cards to YouTube videos

Cards are making the video engaging and cross-promote the content. There is a creation of cards that links to channels, videos and playlists, and other destinations. They will work the best when they appear in calls to action. If you are mentioning your newsletter in the script, then you can add a card for YouTube videos. The procedure for adding cards is not tricky and delivers the best results to creators.

Use End-screen to promote additional content

The video creators can leave some time at the end of YouTube videos. It is for an end-screen call-to-action. The appearance of the audience is for 5-20 seconds and directs viewers about different destinations of their choice. Creators can use them to encourage viewers to subscribe to a channel or watch another video on the same channel.

The linking of websites is available as a feature for the end-screen. There is no restriction on kids’ videos. As a video creator on YouTube, you should take advantage of a feature available to you.

Add custom subscriber’s option

If you want to grow subscriptions of the channel, then you can use add a custom subscription. It is also known as a branding watermark and slick YouTube subscribers hack. You can learn about it to increase desktop viewers to subscribe to a channel. Before you add a button, the correct size of videos and images is essential. Consider it as an essential trick to get benefits on YouTube Channel.

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Final words

Thus, these are eleven tricks and features of YouTube. The background of videos should be colorful to attract more viewers to YouTube videos.

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