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Cold Weather Makeup Routine for Glowing Skin

All of us have put away our summer wardrobe and have prepared for winter. We need the same for our cosmetics or makeup, and the drastic temperature change might also drop our skin moisturizer level to a great extent and make skin look dull and dry.

All of us love to cover the body to protect it from windy air and cold, but what about our face? Therefore you need to switch to a base makeup and foundation that helps you take extra care of your dull and dry skin. Keep on reading to find a useful cold weather makeup routine for glowing skin.

Statista reports show that the global cosmetics industry is getting stronger and predicts to exceed around $716B by the end of 2025. Right makeup tips are as essential as the cup of hot cocoa in the evenings. Everything from makeup products and skincare regimen needs to change to win the battle with winter dryness.

The long, cold, and dry months give you a chance to experiment with toothsome tones. The flaky and dry skin remains a stubborn problem that needs to be considered to get a fantastic look and feel even during the cold weather. Moreover, there are numerous tips which you can choose to get a gorgeous look round the clock.

Winter Make-up Tips You Must Know for Gorgeous & Beautiful Skin

Now, most people are choosing digital ways to get the latest information to stay fit and healthy. The store visit has decreased by 90% these days, while YouTube views for beauty and skincare tips have increased by 20% in the past days and are predicted to grow more in upcoming days. The expansion of cosmetics marketing through various digital channels ensures to attract more customers who are willing to pay higher prices for excellent quality.

People have multiple questions related to cold weather makeup. They want to know which cosmetics they must opt for oily skin, dry skin, or another skin type. Everyone wants to apply makeup that helps them to look younger and beautiful, and winter is a period of weddings, fancy parties, and festivals; hence it becomes essential to look gorgeous all the time,

But keeping skin glowing and nourished during cold weather is a little bit tough as winters make your skin and lips chapped and dry.  Well, not to worry, explore some of the convenient and easy tips that help you take care of your makeup and skin as well.

1. Moisturize Skin to Keep it Hydrated

Hydration is an essential part when it comes to applying makeup in cold weather. Proper hydration can help you give a glowing and beautiful look to your skin and body. Make sure to apply moisturizer after a bath, before bed, and also before applying foundation to get absorbed within the skin without making it dry.

Apply high-quality moisturizer before applying makeup. Look for moisturizer ingredients and avoid using the ones that cause flakiness and irritation. Also, make sure to moisturize your body after using laser hair removal to get a better result. Put on moisturizer instantly after cleansing your skin as it helps you lock the moisturizer in your skin after wash. Allow your body to absorb the moisturizer before applying the makeup.

2. Lipstick

Apply lipstick over chapped and dry lips in winter to make them look weird and patchy. But you can avoid such a bizarre situation by applying a petroleum jelly layer on your lips, helping you add a tint of color and get a smoother effect. Vaseline enables you to protect your lips from cold weather and act as a barrier from the cold weather. You can go for natural shades of lip balms and moisturize them as well.

3. Blusher

If you have dry skin, then it can get peeled off in the forehead and cheeks area. If you’re planning to put a tint blusher on your cheeks, a dry powder can aggravate your skin. Hence apply oil-free moisturizer on cheeks and then use creamy blush of powder instead. You can use creamy blush with any of the shades like pinks, corals, browns, or any other, depending on your skin color.

4. Apply CC Cream

Avoid using powdery cosmetics during winter, as it can make your skin appear flaky and dull. Instead of using powdery cosmetics, use CC cream that suits your skin tone. It’s an excellent idea to help you keep up your skin limelight.

5. Liquid Highlighter is the Best Option

It becomes vital for you to apply makeup in such a way that helps you to boost your beauty without losing its natural effect. You can consider using a liquid highlighter with a damp sponge to promote your stunning appearance.

6. Use Prime Eyelids & Waterproof Mascara

Your eyes can tear in the winter due to snow, harsh winds, and sleet, leading to runny eye shadow and mascara. Hence use Prime eyelids along with face powder to absorb excess oil, which causes smudge. Use waterproof mascara to stop smears and smudges, put on eyeliners and eyeshadow to the upper lids to avoid spreading the product elsewhere.

7. Wash Your Face

Before putting on makeup, you need to wash your face. If you’re cleansing schedule, then it’s excellent, but if you don’t have, then you need to adequate it. Make sure to clean your face using good cleansers daily as it helps you keep the dust and carbon effects away.

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Summing It Up

Adding new makeup for cold weather seems to your repertoire can benefit brighten up your skin. You need to take care of your face and skin during winter, especially makeup. You need to get the winter makeup routine that helps you with a flawless look. Follow all the above-listed tips to prepare your skin for the cold season.

Riddhi Ganatra
Riddhi Ganatra is an online marketing consultant and outreach expert who loves to write and review fashion and beauty products. She spent more than three years as content creator covering topics like online marketing, technology, motherhood, lifestyle, beauty, and more.
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