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You have a creative content, tips and information, we have a media platform to share your thoughts/views. Well you’re in luck – we’re looking for expert technology Writers, Contributors & Authors! If you have a news, story, Top lists or product reviews, we welcome you to share with us- we’ll publish on Vintank.com. Please include your writing samples or previous submissions you have one.

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Guidelines for Guest Post / To be a Contributor

  • Article topic must be Unique, Informative(not promotional) and in future and past not publish anywhere including your own blog, Medium platform.
  • Content Should be more than 600+ words.
  • One Unique Image require related to post. (size : 1000*500 px)
  • After publishing your content on our website, We have all rights to change, delete and edit your content.
  • Content must be original, haven’t been published in another place. If we found a second copy of the article somewhere else. We have full rights to edit or remove post anytime.
  • If you use famous quotes or experts opinion from elsewhere, present it accurately (in quotes), in that case, pass credit with an annotation.
  • Don’t pitch topics we’ve already covered.

We accept Guest Posts on Below topics

Vintank.com inviting all guest blogger to contribute your content on our website. We accept content on below topics on our website.

Business Technology Entertainment Lifestyle
Auto Apps Arts Family
Entrepreneur Web Design Books Parenting
Finance Web Development Gaming Food
Money Gadgets Movie Drinks
Green Energy Internet TV Gardening
Insurance Mobile Sports Health
Law Networking General Fitness
Real Estate Security Fashion Home Improvement
Startup Software Accessories Recipes
Digital Marketing Hardware Clothing Travel
SEO Web Hosting Shopping PPC
Men SMO Blogging Women


Write For Us – Technology

  • Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine learning (ML)
  • Big Data, Cloud Computing & DevOps
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking
  • Business Intelligence, Data Analytics
  • VR(Virtual Reality), AR(Augmented Reality) and Mixed Reality
  • Smart Home Automation, Security Systems, Automation & Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Strategies, Trends, Guides, Tips, Tactics, Tricks, and more!

Write For US – Gadgets

  • Mobiles, Cameras & Tablets,
  • Software and Networking
  • Mobile Reviews & Product Reviews
  • HDTVs, Gaming, Desktop, Printers and Monitors
  • Security,  Servers, Routers, Scanners and Projectors
  • Health & Fitness & Wearable Tech
  • Ebook Readers, Headphones and Speakers

Write For Us – Apps

  • Iphone Apps, Ipad Apps and Android Apps
  • Mobile App Development
  • Native Apps, Hybrid Apps, Web Apps
  • App Reviews and How to

Write For Us – Marketing

  • SEO, SEO tools, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Retail Marketing case studies.
  • Search Engine Marketing, Social media marketing,affiliate marketing and  online marketing.
  • Blogging tips, blog marketing, blogging tools and link building.
  • Running an online business and Making money online tips and ideas.
  • WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Website promotion, website ranking, website designing and development.

Write For Us – Finance

  • Debt and Bankruptcy, Elder Fraud Issues, Estate Planning.
  • Identify Theft Issues, Insurance, Investing, Loans, Money Management, Mortgages, Retirement, Tax Preparation.
  • Saving, Pensions, Loans, Investment, Mortage, Trading.
  • Debt Management, Credit Cards, Debit cards, Bankruptcy, and Banking.

Write For Us – Business

  • small business advice, tips, guidelines/ideas for new startups,
  • finance, auto, real estate, Marketing, Startup and Entrepreneurship topics,
  • HR, accounting, Law, Customer service, Women business concerns, and security.

To submit your article/guest post please email us at [email protected]