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How to Record a Screencast on Laptops and Desktops with RecordCast

When carrying out a multitude of projects, you may need to make a recording of your computer’s screen in order to show it to the public. It can be very useful in explaining a particular process, exposing it, or sharing it, or storing it for the future.

However, when it comes to doing this, the truth is that a large part of the programs that are marketed have high prices or very limited features, not to mention what it means to download and install the software previously. And, this is where RecordCast comes, a free online tool that will allow you to make a screen recording in detail and without installing anything for free.

How does it work? 

This is how RecordCast works, the tool that allows you to record the screen easily and quickly.

As we mentioned, RecordCast is a tool that allows you to get out of many troubles when it comes to screen recordings. It can be used with a wide variety of devices, although the most common is to make a computer screen recording.

Choose a recording mode

Choose a recording modeTo do this, you must go to the RecordCast website and, in order to start, you will only need to click the red button called “Start Recording”. The first thing the tool will do is ask you what recording mode you want to use, as there are three currently available:

  • Choose “Screen + Webcam” if you want to record your computer screen and record yourself through the computer’s camera. Afterward, you will appear in the screen recording in one of the corners.
  • Select “Screen Only” if you only want to record your computer screen. Remember that use the microphone so that your voice can be heard in the audio if you wish.
  • Choose the “Webcam Only” option if, for some reason, you are not interested in recording the screen of your computer and you only want to make a normal video recording using the computer’s camera.

Choose an audio recording option

Choose an audio recording optionAfter one of the three options has been chosen, you must choose the audio configuration. If you have selected one of the options that incorporate a webcam, you must also give the browser permission to use it. Similarly, in this window, you must select one of the audio settings:

  • Microphone + System audio: it will be responsible for recording the audio and sounds of the operating system, as well as using the microphone so you can record your voice while you speak at the same time.
  • Microphone: only record your voice through the computer’s microphone, suppressing all the system’s own sounds.
  • System audio: it will be responsible for recording only the sounds and audio of the equipment and the operating system without using the microphone.
  • No Audio: it will discard all audio and record a video without any sound.

Additionally, by choosing the “Show More” option, you can configure some more details, such as the microphone to use if you have more than one connected to the equipment. Depending on the chosen audio option, these options will or will not be displayed since it is not possible to make the settings with some.

Choose the recording area

Choose the recording areaWith all this, as soon as you are ready, click on the “Start Recording” button to start recording. In order to access the screen content in your browser, you must perform the actions as RecordCast indicated itself, as the steps vary slightly between web browsers. Broadly speaking, you will have to choose the area of the screen to share and grant the browser the permissions for it.

  • Your entire screen: it will record the entire screen of your computer, including the application, browser, and everything on your computer.
  • Application window: it only records a window of the specific application you want.
  • Browser tab: it only records a tab of the browser you are using. Here is Microsoft Edge.

Download and edit

Once you start the recording in question, you will have up to 30 minutes to capture what you want. To finish it, simply click on the stop button. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to choose the Download button to obtain the recording in .webm format on your computer. Or you can access the free editor that is displayed if you want to make any changes or would like to obtain the video in .mp4 format.

RecordCast video editor

RecordCast video editorRecordCast’s built-in video editor is still in its beta version, but it is not a matter of polishing your recordings. You are allowed to upload media of photos, audio, and more video clips to combine them into a new one. If you want, you can add some text to tell your mode, time, or the important pot you want to emphasize. You can also change the background, crop your recording, etc.


It’s pretty easy to record a screencast on laptops and desktops with RecordCast, right? It would be equally useful for several purposes, such as for YouTubers who want to share their video game performances or create video tutorials. Whatever the motivation, RecordCast will be quite helpful to save a video in memory that shows all the activity that occurs on the screen, including the audio, for free.

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