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Many Benefits of Using Time Tracking Software

Employees often equate the recording of working hours in the company with monitoring. As a result, the relationship of trust between employer and employee suffers. Wrongly so, since sensible online time tracking for stuff which is tailored to the specific needs of the company offers many advantages – for employees as well.

What Is Time Tracking Software?

A time tracking system is a business software for personnel management and sales order management to track the attendance times of the employees. In order management, the work performed is entered as part of customer orders or internal tasks. In working time recording, an employee logs into the time recording system at the start of work, registers his work breaks and logs out at the end of work.

This way the employees’ attendance, hours worked and tasks completed are documented. Working time profiles can be used to define the working time, automatic breaks as well as core times and assign them to employees. The tracking of working times by employees can take place online, independent of the terminal device, and via stationary terminals installed at various locations. Official absences (business trips, vocational school, further training, etc.) can also be recorded and evaluated, as can vacation and illness. It is therefore an important tool for personnel management, service provision and invoicing.

What Is The Main Purpose of Using Time Tracking Software?

In addition, the world of work is currently undergoing fundamental change. Globalization and digitization mean that working hours are becoming more flexible. Work and free time are no longer as strictly separated as they used to be. Instead, people check their e-mails in bed in the morning and complete their last tasks on the sofa at home in the evening. It is precisely these activities that are difficult to record, as the unions criticize. Often, they are overtime hours that are not remunerated or only compensated at a flat rate. Regardless of the constant controversy about overtime, however, there are a few more arguments in favor of tracking working time. Particularly where projects are billed on a time and materials basis, time recording is also used to bill the customer for the services rendered.

What Are The Benefits of Using Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software offers numerous benefits for companies and employees.

  • Transparency into work processes
  • Increased accountability in employees
  • Understanding of your billing and operational efficiency
  • Knowledge where resource demand is the highest
  • Tracking how the budget gets burned

Transparency into work processes

Employees can use a web solution to view their own performance at any time, e.g. for a month or a whole year. Not only can sick days and overtime be tracked here, but project working hours can also be analyzed quickly and easily. Supervisors can also assess team performance with little effort. Software that complies with current standards naturally also offers data protection protection, so that data is stored and transferred securely and can only be viewed by authorized persons.

Increased accountability in employees

Some employees may be unaccustomed to using a time tracking system at first, but many will appreciate the ability to get an overview of the work they have done in the long run. Employees can use the software to monitor how long they have spent on certain activities. This allows them to monitor their own productivity and continuously improve it. Indirectly, this benefits the company.

Understanding of your billing and operational efficiency

Particularly with larger projects, it can quickly happen that working times are not always correctly noted. If this happens over a longer period of time, it can lead to a major loss of revenue because the working time spent is not fully invoiced. With the help of a suitable software solution, employees can record their own working hours to the minute, which means that every minute worked can also be billed. Furthermore, by using time tracking software, the current status of a project can be monitored. Especially if a fixed budget for a project has been agreed to with a customer, it is important that this is not exceeded. With time tracking software it is possible to control how much working time has already been spent on a specific project at the current status. The profitability of the respective project can be ensured in this way.

Knowledge where resource demand is the highest

The supervisor receives a meticulous overview of how much time the employee has invested in a particular project. This insight may even offer the opportunity to optimize processes in the company and save time and money in one place or another. Digital time recording also makes personnel planning much easier. If the project manager wants to launch a new project, he can use the system to see online exactly when an employee has applied for leave, for example. This makes personnel bottlenecks easily identifiable and can be taken into account in scheduling. The company can communicate the schedule to the customer without delays due to staffing issues.

Tracking how the budget gets burned

Over time, many, many pieces of data accumulate in a time tracking software. In the long term, this data can become a real advantage for a company. For example, the database can be used to analyze how long it takes on average to complete certain tasks. For management, this information is valuable in that it can greatly improve the accuracy of calculations and forecasts. Another advantage of a time recording system is that possible savings potential can also be identified by recording working hours. It can therefore quickly happen that a lot of manpower is wasted on unnecessary activities, although this could be used much more sensibly.

Conclusion – Time tracking is beneficial for companies as well as employees

Digital time tracking has nothing to do with control and monitoring. On the contrary. If an employee feels that his or her high work performance is not valued, he or she is more likely to reduce his or her commitment. With digital time recording, the supervisor can also read off the personal commitment from the work performance.

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