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Why Time Tracking is Critical to E-commerce Business Success?

Jeff Bezos is without a doubt the most successful man in e-commerce. He transformed a small book-selling startup into an eCommerce giant. Ask him today, and he’ll tell you six winning traits behind his success. Featured prominently on his list would be time management. 

Love him or hate him, Jeff Bezos is living proof of how critical time tracking is to eCommerce success. The major benefit of time tracking in eCommerce is enormous. With time tracking, you can work more effectively and productively. 

Time tracking apps allow you do a lot more, including paying staff based on the hours worked. No matter what size of business you will be running, keeping track of time management will be difficult and messy. But, when done properly, time tracking offers many benefits.

Cost of deliverable

Time management is the cost of doing business. It’s an unforeseen expense. Depending on how you approach it, time can cause positive or negative effects on your business’ bottom-line. So remember that as you track your expenses for the first years of your business.

One way or another, your time expenditure is always tacked in the final bill. Often, it comes in the form of productivity and customer satisfaction: two elements that can spell doom or success for your brand. 

Some expenses like the cost of materials are clear. But other costs are harder to account for, like the time spent on preparing an order. A time tracking app can help you track the less obvious costs like time. 

Business Roadmap

A consistent set of factors determine the success and failure of startups. Yet, there is nothing more daunting than taking the first step toward establishing your brand. Creating a roadmap for a business is the very first step. 

Focus on establishing the smallest, tiniest details you can to offer the most value to customers. The saying ‘time is money’ hits close to home here. When you’re drawing a roadmap for your company, remember that expenses are tied to every milestone. 

That means you need a tool to help you be as productive and efficient as possible. Timenotes is an example of a productivity and efficiency-enhancing tool. Developers are already taking advantage of its Github time tracker for productivity and efficient project management. 

Improve productivity

Nowadays, you can’t look up anything on the internet without spotting an article or two touching on productivity. By establishing productivity-boosting routines, you’ll be setting yourself for productive workdays. Even better, once it’s achieved, profitability for your enterprise. 

The easiest route to failure is rolling over to your deepest desires, falling into a distraction rabbit hole, only to keep the customer waiting for their orders. In eCommerce, you have to juggle a lot, which means keeping plenty of balls in the air at one time. 

When you’re open for business, there’s always going to be one more task haunting you. Learning how to manage your work by tracking time will allow you to burst through the break-even barrier. That means making the most out of every working hour for business growth. 

Delegate tasks

Few journeys in life are rewarding when taken solo. Certainly, entrepreneurship is not one of them. As your eCommerce business grows, your task list will get longer. When things start to feel out of control, block off some tasks and assign them to your team. 

By delegating tasks from your plate, focus on the things that will make the most impact on your business. Clutter can get in the way of success, so take the time to learn how to delegate to your team. You will benefit from tidying up your to-do list by delegating. 

This is where time tracking becomes your best friend. Timenotes, for example, produces progress reports on your team, which can be used to decide the best workers. You will likely get more done by involving your team based on their strengths and interests. 

Improve employee satisfaction 

Many people jump head-first into starting a business, often neglecting other critical facets of running a business. How do you plan on keeping your employees protected from the demanding eCommerce workplace? 

A direct link exists between employee satisfaction and the customers’ experience. More precisely, happy staff equals happy customers. Employee satisfaction is a driving factor that sets the tone for customer experience. 

The long-term benefits of promoting a better work-life balance reflect on business success. It is achieved by encouraging better time management skills. Time tracking tool can help you identify work that leads to burnout and exhaustion.  

Final words

The story of the entrepreneur is one of persistence and relentless time management. To the eCommerce business manager, time tracking allows you to manage task delegation better, promote customer and employee satisfaction, and work efficiently. Will you be going the Jeff Bezos way to eCommerce success? 

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who blog about Business Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Digital Currencies, and Educational topics.
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