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10 Best Adventure Game Apps to help you Survive the Pandemic

The pandemic might have taken everyone by surprise, but we being the obedient citizens, have to adhere to the appropriate and the required rules of the times. While doing so, some of you might have gone back to discovering or re-discovering your long lost hobbies. Some might have stuck to their phones or laptops and landed upon an adventurous game. Well, to kill the boredom, here are the top 10 best adventure game apps that can help you in the pandemic. Social distancing can be best enjoyed with these endless running adventure games.

The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt

It is quite obvious to commence with The Witcher 3. It is an epic adventure game that is full of storytelling and role-playing that makes it worth trying. The game consists of gorgeous land full of thoughtful characters, romance options, and an enticing narrative that works on your crucial decisions. The Witcher3: Wild Hunt is one of the best adventure games. 

Road Rockers

Do you have a significant soft corner for games that allow you to blaze through a world tour while crossing a busy highway? If yes, then we have an interesting game to suggest to you. The game involves a notorious group of freestyle runners for people interested in playing an epic endless runner game that allows you to explore the streets of modern Arabia at your speed. The game provides a good and innovative platform for kids to help them boost their imagination and concentration powers.

Call of Duty

A gaming app becomes more popular and known amongst its users by its fascinating name. Likewise, the name Call of Duty does. It has got very captivating graphics and some amazing visuals, making it one of the most loved games. It is an attractive multiplayer shooter game. You can select from different game modes and maps. The game offers a unique Loadout where you can unlock your guns as per your level in the game. Altogether, it is an epic adventure game that you can enjoy playing with your friends while being on a live voice call with each other.

Fun Run 3

This amazing runner game is an updated version of the game by Dirtybit. The game is full of small yet interesting multiplayer stages. You can enjoy playing this game with a maximum of four friends. In this amazing runner game, you get a squirrel avatar at the beginning. You have to make it to the finishing line while crossing several obstacles on your way. You can use the power-ups that you get in your path. The game turns out to be one of the best online platform games as it offers daily tasks and rewards. The game also gives you the choice of forming an eight member team to run simultaneously in arcade mode that is a good deal to crack.

Subway Surfers

It is one of the oldest games and the most loved one amongst gaming enthusiasts. It is an epic runner game that will take you back to the old days even during the times of pandemic.

The endless running game gets tough while passing each level. You will have to act according to the demands of the game and its speed. It is a game full of amazing visuals and an epic adventure. 


The game has its set up in its name- Fancade. It is a simple arcade game that is a set of games that you can play all day long without getting bored. The game best suits people living in areas with internet issues and prefer playing simple 2D games. Just get set with your basic gaming skills, the thrill to drive, a knack for solving puzzles, and much more. Try this out during your free hours at home. You will love spending time and have good brain exercise while playing this.


Just like its name, the game is also very unique. It is for all the endless running adventure game enthusiasts. It is an atmospheric adventure moto trial game that plays along with dynamic gravity. The game excels with the best music and excellent graphics. The game is set in a silhouette style and gives easy control options that let you play it smoothly. The game can be played in 64 levels with many challenging tasks.

Alto’s Odyssey

This seems a pretty easy game but as the level goes up it becomes more challenging. The game is a sequel to the Uber-popular Alto’s Adventure. It is full of amazing visuals and an appealing interface. It comes from the genre of sandbox games that involves sandboarding through several endless landscapes and is very addictive.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It is a super addictive game that will make you experience a thrill like never before. It is full of exciting elements like crafting and terraforming. It will make you explore the best adventure game out there. The game involves fine-tuning a town as per your wish. Taking into account the idle time during the pandemic, this game is a box full of thrill.

Habbo: Virtual World

This game is for the ambiverts. Why do we say that? In this game, you can have the fun of playing a game while being at home and also socialise on the side. The game asks you to create a character and perform activities to gain coins. Later, you can spend these coins anywhere and make an apartment or donate the funds to someone. The game also allows you to take part in live events where you can meet people like you. Habbo is one of the most famous endless running adventure games. 

So while you are still at your homes, discovering new methods of dealing with boredom, you can try playing these games. You will surely enjoy its amazing visuals, music, stages, and challenges.

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