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Eight Money Saving Tips You Should Know for 2020

Every day, money exchanges hands. The world has to buy about everything to survive. Food, shelter, clothing, and basic education, among others, all come at a cost. This said people forget that they cannot live from check to check. People get broke at mid-month and end up in debt by the end month. They pay for that debt, enjoy what remains of their salary for a few days or weeks, and the same vicious cycle continues. This approach is dangerous, given the uncertainty life comes with. The best option is to learn to save money by making several reasonable adjustments to your spending habits. Here is how.

Be Consistent in Your Saving

Most people love it when they have all the money they earn in their accounts and their wallets. This approach requires discipline but is hard to maintain, given how impulsive people can be. Developing a consistent saving habit can easily change many things in your life. Saving does not mean that you will suffer, that you eat less than you usually eat. Saving is about starting small.

If you are self-employed, the simple advice is first to pay yourself, save, and budget what remains wisely. To the biggest investor in the world, Warren Buffet, saving is another way of making money.

Buy Goods in Bulk

The simple business concept for any retailer is to buy in bulk, which is usually cheap and sells at a reasonably fair price and still makes good profits. The question is, how do you buy home stuff? Do you feel that you need milk, and you buy a single packet each day? The fact is that you spend up to over 10 percent on a product you could have gotten for a lot less in bulk. An excellent way to save money is to know what is missing in your house.

What follows is to buy enough to last you for a while. For perishables such as fruits and vegetables, visit the local market twice a month. Investing in a fridge could help a lot in your money-saving adventure to prevent wastage from staling.

Take Advantage of Reward Cards

Being a loyal customer to some of the brands in your area can be helpful sometimes. Most, if not all, stores today have reward cards. The good thing about reward cards is that they can help you on a pretty bad day of shopping. Saving up points on those cards comes with multiple benefits, among them discounts, and in some stores, you can cash in. Some of the biggest brands in the world today, like McDonald’s, have impressive loyalty programs. Moreover, the loyalty card can sometimes earn you free stuff you could have spent on later.

Mind the Type of Service You Use

Today, some services have been packaged into premiums, some weekly, and some monthly, others annually. One thing is common about these rates. The annual rates are cheaper than the monthly rates. If you are buying car insurance, it is cheaper when you take a bi-annual or an annual one than when doing a monthly package. The same applies to cable TV, among other services.  If you are a student and always need assignments handled, you will notice that despite how time-saving a writing service can be that it can be costly. Take your time to look for the best academic writing service. A simple technique is to make sure that your orders are not urgent, because these are usually expensive.

Adopt Budgeting

It feels good to have money in your pockets and to spend it as you want. The downside to your approach is that you could end up broke after buying most of what you may not need. It is always upright to take the time to do a budget. On your budget, purchase the things you need.

Lance Cothern on Credit Karma, talks about adopting a 50/30/20 rule on budgeting. This rule is about how you spend your after-tax salary. Lance advises on spending 50 percent on needs. The 30 percent is for wants, and the rest on savings. Technology also offers budgeting tools for anyone that wishes to save their money. Examples of budgeting tools include Wally and Mint. The apps can also allow you to track debts and payments.

Be Comfortable with Buying Previous Year Fashion Lines

New product lines are usually clothes, especially when you spend on big brands. Try to invest in previous-year clothes because at this time the prices are not exaggerated. This is if you are a fashion freak. The trick is to maintain what you like and still stay moneyed. You could also visit second-hand clothing stores. You will find great clothing there for a lot less the price of the same product.  This does not mean that you fill your house with knock-offs, clothing and apparel require some patience when buying, given how hyped a new product can become. Buy once the market is calm and expecting a new product.

Be On the Lookout for Flash Sales

Have alerts for flash deals and even add holiday sales to your carts. However, this depends on where you like to buy from online. An example is Amazon has among flash sales, bulk deals, and discounts, among other offers. This program can offer you a great product for quite a reasonable price.

Do Your Shopping On Comparisons Sites?

It is a wise move always to buy something after you have compared prices across multiple stores. If you are asking how possible it is, try sites like Google Shopping. Here they exhibit competitive price ranges for various products you may need. This is a great shopping technique that also saves you a lot of money.

Saving is something you can learn over time. Know that it is not a hard thing to do. Pay attention to the bigger picture and define a purpose for your saving. You will be amazed at the wonders that putting some money aside can do for you.

Daniela McVicker
Daniela McVicker is a blogger and a freelance writer who works closely with B2B and B2C businesses providing blog writing, copywriting, and ghostwriting services. Currently she blogs for Essayguard. When Daniela isn’t writing, she loves to travel, read romance and science fiction, and try new wines.
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