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Comprehensive Guide to Develop Grab Clone

It is advisable to know the different stages of developing a mobile application (iOS/Android) for a Grab Clone business. Before throwing yourself into the process of creating and developing a mobile application, learn your specific target elements and stick to the blueprint for a seamless launch.


Grab is a taxi and food delivery app based in Malaysia. Lately, due to the boom in on-demand apps, Grab has expanded into different ventures, from moto rides to grocery and parcel delivery. Essentially, it is labeled as a “super app” and Southeast Asia’s first decacorn because of the amount of service it offers to its users. Let’s understand how to create a similar app like Grab.

6 Steps to Develop a Grab Clone

For starters, it’s best to know what platforms you need to launch your Grab Clone business. In other words, there are other essential sub-platforms apart from apps that your on-demand super-app business needs for sustenance. As mentioned earlier, you aim to create an app that offers taxi and 2-wheeler booking as well as food, grocery, pharmacy, and parcel delivery. Therefore, your business plan should include the creation of the following components:

  • iOS user app
  • Android user app
  • User web panel
  • iOS driver app
  • Android driver app
  • Delivery driver web panel
  • Native iOS store app
  • Native Android store app
  • Store web panel
  • Main website
  • Admin panel

The best approach is to start with the development of the primary interfaces and surround the development of others around them. For example, you can begin with the store app or driver app and create their web panels as well. Now, let’s understand the development process in detail.

Define the Goal and Clear Objectives

Any project starts with the identification of a need or problem to be resolved. This is more commonly called pain. In the case of Grab Clone, the part about offering a solution is set. However, before even thinking about the features of your Grab Clone, you need to define the profile of your typical user. Afterward, jot down the list of features you want to include for that particular user base.

Features of your Grab Clone

When you embark on a project to create a mobile application like Grab Clone, you naturally want to make as many features as possible available to your users. But this logic often turns out to be counterproductive. Indeed, providing your Grab Clone with numerous features from the start can harm its development. The development time will be longer, thereby affecting the budget of the overall project.

When developing a Grab Clone, your goal should be to provide the simplest possible version. Focus on the most essential features to reduce development time and costs. Moreover, segregate your feature list into must-have, can-be-done, advanced, and basics, among others, to get a sense of clarity instead of confusion.

Features must be included in the first version. Can be done features are fascinating for your users but not essential for marketing purposes. Advanced features will set your Grab Clone app apart from your main competitors. It is recommended to limit the number of these features because they are often more complex to implement.

Lastly, some features need far too much effort for little added value and must be recognized as early as possible. Above all, always keep in mind that the main thing is to offer a solution that responds to the initial problem that you want to solve with your app.

Decide the Tech Stack

After deciding the target audience and the features, getting approval for the desired combination of the tech stack should be your priority. For more entrepreneurs, a large part of their budget depends on their choice of tech stack. A hybrid mode of development will shorten the overall project timeline. In contrast, with a native approach, everything will be designed and developed for two different operating systems. Therefore, you have the choice of selecting any one of the two.

In the case of Grab Clone, it’s best to go with native development because your super app delivery business is planning to stay in the market for a long time. Hence, select Swift and Java as the two main programming languages for the development of user, driver, and service provider apps. These two languages will help your apps perform better and get faster updates from their respective iOS and Android platforms.

Test as You Grow

The art of testing apps and sub-panels after each feature integration makes the nature of app development more agile and fast-moving. Not only will it validate the app, but it will also identify possible negative points of use among your test users. Don’t hesitate to iterate and propose different versions of improvements to your testers to eliminate as much friction as possible for them.

Adding the UI/UX elements

Now that you have validated the structure and operation of your Grab Clone, it is time to move on to the visual and aesthetic aspects of your project. Most app development projects run their design and development phases side-by-side to shorten the timeline of the project. You can do that as well.

However, to create unique branding, you must have a creative vision to represent your brand among millions of others in the market. Each of the screens that make up your design must be designed with the greatest attention to the user experience.

Designing a Website and Creating an Admin Panel

When you put your app online, it will be available in stores such as Google Play (Android) and the Apple Store (iOS). But at this stage, your application has not yet been released on the different platforms.

It is strongly recommended to create a website to boost your online presence. Along with the website, the admin panel will help your business have a much better understanding of its features and services since it’s a super app. You, too, can foresee every other piece of data related to users, drivers, and respective service providers.

Start developing the Grab Clone

Now that you have all the necessary elements for successful development, it is much easier for you or your developer to design the application. You can either hire a bunch of developers and designers or outsource the entire work to some third-world app development company.

However, the best approach is to get in touch with a professional white-label firm to buy the entire Grab Clone App Script. The script includes every other ready-made platform that you aim to spend months developing from scratch. This kind of approach is prevalent for budding entrepreneurs who don’t have much capital to invest in creating a custom-made app. Instead, they can start their research by finding a professional white-label firm that has been providing clones for over a decade.

After buying a complete clone app package script, you can launch your Business Similar to Grab in just 1-2 weeks. This will give you a better place to direct your company toward the needs of your customers by collecting as much user feedback as you can for further refinement.

Moreover, professional white-label firms offer one year of post-launch maintenance and updates for your business’s stability. Meanwhile, you can re-study the market and develop new features.


Never forget that the life of a mobile application like Grab Clone is an iterative process. It is up to you to focus only on one thing, which is to launch your app as quickly as you can for user feedback. Most business owners opt for MVPs, but establishing a full-fledged business in the same amount of time will guarantee your super app business success. 


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