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Try These Easy to Play Online Games Now If You Still Haven’t

Far more than often these days, you feel bored, and you can’t find anything to do. In such times, it’s normal to crave something that can help you have a good time! 

And we have found just the right thing for you, games! Games are the best way of killing time while getting the entertainment needed to keep moving forward. All you need is an electronic device and an internet connection to have a time that you will enjoy! 

So, what are those games? Let’s find out as we talk about the best online games available for free! 


.io games have a unique domain that leaves the people wondering what they mean? Well, feel free to search the internet for what io games mean, but we are more focused on what makes them so fun.  

And Agar.io is one of the most famous games available online that you can play. While the gameplay seems relatively straightforward, it is too much intense that it is bound to keep the player hooked for a long time! 

Your character is a cellular structure that depends on eating food to grow larger and survive. Once your character has grown to an extent, it will start gobbling up other players. Your objective is to stay and gobble up as many players as possible! 


Every gamer remembers the snake game, right? Well, if you are up for reliving the classics, Slither is just the game for you! 

Like the classics, the playable character is a snake that eats chunks of food, making the snake grow in size and gain points. However, you have to avoid collapsing with the other snakes at all costs! If you end up colliding with another snake, you will no longer play as you will be eliminated. 

The game will work to force the players to change the direction of the coil around so that they fall in the trap and eliminate players. 

The Sims Mobile

Everyone craves a reality where they have more control over their life and try out the choices that they never could in real life. 

The sims allow you to do just that. Create your world that follows your storyline. The devs have made this game in a way that renders you able to do anything you want, as you feel like it. Whether it be building the perfect home or achieving something, you can go out and do it. After all, the sky is the limit. 

In conclusion, The Sims is a fun way of simulating a perfect life according to how you see fit. 

Pro Cricket Champion

After seeing the stellar Unlimited Gamez Mo Rating, we decided it was only suitable to include a game from them. This game is the best way of spending your free time for someone who loves cricket! 

In this casual cricket game, you play as a batsman. Every ball is an opportunity to guarantee a sweet sing off your bat and send the ball flying for a maximum! And your objectives in this game are inclined as a batsman. 

Be a legendary batsman and chalk up as many runs as you can on the board. Watch out for the tricky deliveries, though! 


If you are fond of fighter jets, this aerial combat simulation is the perfect fit for you! In this game, you fly a plane of various sizes, and you have an extended range of weapons to choose from. Should you choose to play this game, your objective is to use those weapons and take out the competition for good! 

However, there is a unique feature of this game. The players can make it to the top of the leaderboard without engaging in combat with other players! Sure, you might miss out on the action, but playing it safe to reach the top of the leaderboard is also a dominant way of playing this game. 

If you choose to reach the top of the leaderboard without fighting other players, you find yourself on a scavenger hunt for tokens. You have to locate the scattered tickets all around the sky, and upon collecting each coin, you receive ten points. 

DC Universe Online

For all the DC Comics fans out there, this one is for you!  This game includes just about every DC character you may know. 

In this game, you will have to choose your character upon which the game will decide whether you are playing as a hero or a villain. Depending on what character you choose, the game will lay out a vast range of storyline quests for you. 

Whether Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, or even Joker, choose your favorite character and play the game from their perspective! 

Hitman GO

Every gamer has heard about Hitman. Even if you haven’t heard about Hitman, but stealth combat sounds exciting to you, Hitman is one of the new games you will want to try out

Hitman GO brings the Hitman trilogy to mobile with a unique twist in the idea of the game! You still play as the iconic Agent 47, but the game is designed as a board game. Your objective is to help Agent 47 carry out the assigned tasks, such as assassinating your enemies. But, But, when moving around, be very careful!

You will have more than one way to deal with a problem, which will keep you hooked to the game for a long time! 


Ever wondered what global catastrophe would be triggered if spontaneous black holes appeared and started consuming anything that comes in its way? 

Well, this game gives you a chance to find out the idea! In this game, you will play as a black hole whose objective is to consume anything that shows up in its way! If you want to win this game, consume anything that comes your way, be it cars, trees, or other black holes, also trying to trample you over for the win! 

This game happens to be one of the most fascinating and one of the best casual games available on the internet. 


If you have a knack for puzzle games, then we are sure that you are familiar with 2048! If you aren’t, let us break down why 2048 is a good game for you to try out in this puzzle game. 

As you slide the numbered tiles around, they will merge. However, you can only join the boxes representing the same number as the other. Combining them will double their value, and you would need to create another box with the same number to double up the value. 

You have to keep adding up the boxes unless you can form 2048. Once you have created a box containing 2048, you will have won the game! However, make no mistake about it. The developers have ensured that it’s not going to be easy winning this one!


Who doesn’t love playing Tetris? Well, here’s your chance to enjoy this fantastic game once again! 

In this version of Tetris, the game will pit you against various other players to set up a competition where both players will need to clear the most blocks in the least possible time. The person that scores the most and takes up less time. 

This is one of the best and most competitive versions of Tetris available, and you will come across various players who have different levels of experience. 

So, if you want to see how well you do against other Tetris players, take on this game! 


If you are an FPS shooting fan, then this is the game for you! Krunker.io is an online 3D game that takes a page from the notebook of shooting games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Roblox to create a shooting game with unique mechanics. 

The best thing about Krunker as a shooting multiplayer is that many players are available to play at any time of the day. That means you never actually have to wait around or play in an empty lobby. As soon as you connect to the game, you will find yourself playing a fun shooter game with various other players! 

  • Runescape

If you love playing fantasy games, then Runescape is a good choice for you! This game includes an extended range of weapon types and skills that you need to muster to become a better player. 

There are various playing styles. For example, you can quest your friends or decide to hang back and improve your skills. Some of the skills in this game are farming, fishing, and cooking. 

Furthermore, the extraordinary level of details and graphics in this game allow you to shut off reality and escape for a while! 

Final Words

Here go some of the fantastic games that are worth your time. These games are highly rated and loved by people worldwide, which is what makes them a good choice for spending your time on. 

However, if you think a game also deserves a place on this list, let us know through the comments section! 

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