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How to Treat Pigs the Right Way during Farming

Like any other domestic animal, pigs need some quality caring, especially watering. Because water is essential for any living organism and pigs, it is a basic need because animals like pigs don’t mind eating any unhealthy, inedible or unsavory item which highly affects their digestion system.

What makes watering pigs important?

Watering is initially, a basic need for pigs and is important to keep their digestive tract healthy and clean as pigs are rough animals. This gives a farmer or a crafter a job to provide a regular amount of quality water to its pigs.

How to inaugurate a handy watering tool for pigs?

To make a pig waterer, one can watch different videos on youtube. The simplest method to make a pig waterer is:

1:Get a medium-sized plastic bucket

2:Fill the bucket with quality water

3:Insert a normal-sized pipe in it with its opposite side pointing towards the mouth of pigs

4:Set the pipe in a way to allow the pigs to squeeze water from it.

Moreover, one can buy different kinds of waterers online by searching for a proper and trusted site.

Consequences of not doing proper watering for Pigs

As mentioned above, pigs are one of the most unclean animals on the planet. And water is necessary for their health.

Dehydration cause loss of appetite in pigs, they lose interest in feeding themselves and this can become an ultimate cause of premature deaths

Dehydration affects the pigs’ ability to reproduce. Causing breeding issues for the owner.

Dehydration causes the concentration of salts in a pig’s brain, causing swelling in its skull.

Dehydration can also cause breathing issues in pigs as their respiratory system runs out of water

If a farmer is careless in watering, it can cause a lot of health issues for pigs.

Benefits of buying good pig waterers

If a pig keeper is struggling to keep the pigs hydrated with hand-made waterers, or watching the signs of dehydration in the pigs, He or she should go for ready-made waterers from veterinary shops or online stores before suffering any loss. The veterinary doctors also refer only ready-made waterers to prevent any sort of sickness in the hogs.

Here are the major benefits of buying waterers from stores instead of making them on their own.

They reduce the amount of waste in the area

In hand-made drinkers, chances of leakage of water are high as pipe can suffer damage or young pigs may not be able to squeeze the water properly, that’s not the case in ‘cup’ waterers, designed to reduce the maximum amount of waste and leakage.

Low bills

Considering a hand-made drinker reduces leakage, that will eventually lower bills as requirements to pump water remain less.

Better nutrition

The reduced leakage of water can also ultimately help to flourish nutrition. Pigs in their free time suck leaked water, which causes stomach issues.

Better medication

To treat certain illnesses, veterinary doctors prescribe some vaccines or drugs in form of liquids, which are to add in the stored water of pigs, they are expensive and are not supposed to be wasted, so a decent cup waterer is a much better choice to prevent the loss of medicated water and cure illnesses of swine.


Pigs are rough and sensitive animals and they require intense care to survive. Dehydration is a common cause of immature deaths. The owner should seek guidance from a  veterinary doctor, in case he sees any of the dehydration signs mentioned above to avoid suffering any loss. And try personal best to prevent it in the first place by providing them quality water, either by making his watering system or buying decent cup waterers from veterinary shops, or online stores to keep the swines healthy and hydrated.

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