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Trouble with Store Foot Traffic? 3 Things You Need

Increased foot traffic to your store means that you get more chances for customer engagements and conversion. It also leads to increased sales which results in higher revenues. So what is foot traffic? The term is used to describe the number of individuals in your store at a given time. You can also use foot traffic as a metric to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and marketing strategies.

Consistently high foot traffic means you meet the customers’ needs, and the promotion strategies are working. In contrast, low traffic depicts a need to change your engagement methods or rethink how you stock your shop or offer services. If you are having problems with store foot traffic, here are three things you need to resolve the problem.

a. Curb Appeal and Curbside Extras

Curbside extras are an excellent way to send appealing messages to the customers who may be passing near the store. Implementing the use of a sandwich board or signs with witty and funny messages may encourage shoppers to come into the store. Since several customers drive or ride while shopping, think of designing items they can put to use. Set up racks for shoppers who cycle and reserve parking spaces with signs for those who are driving.

It is also essential that you restructure the storefront if you are experiencing poor store foot traffic. Curb appeal is an element that sells the store to potential shoppers and attracts them to visit it. Consider the state of the store windows, the walls, parking spaces, and the entrance and exits. Sprucing these elements around the store will help boost the store foot traffic as it will be more appealing.

b. Implement Buy Online Pick In-Store

Most customers do not like paying shipping fees, especially when they order online goods. The main reason behind this is that it increases the purchase price of items by amounts they would prefer to save. The Buy Online Pick In-Store option, also known as BOPIS, provides a solution to this problem. It allows the customers and online shoppers to purchase their products online and pick them from the store hence eliminating the shipping charges.

Some other reasons why the shoppers prefer this option is that it allows them to return the product immediately if they do not like it or they feel it has a defect. This strategy is advantageous to the consumers while helping to increase your store foot traffic. Ensure that all the processes that entail BOPIS are efficient to enhance the consumer experience. Think of treating these shoppers professionally and connect your website to the store’s inventory to ensure that all processes are in sync.

With BOPIS, you can also choose to offer in-store incentives and promotional items to the shoppers. You can also offer discounts on items bought online and picked from the store to encourage online shoppers to physically visit the shop. This strategy also gives you the advantage of converting first-time shoppers to frequent and loyal customers by showing them the different items available and experiencing the services within the store.

c. Store Signage

Store signage and feather flags are effective ways to capture the attention and imagination of the shoppers and potential customers. Consider a professionally designed store sign that stands out and clearly states the products and services you are dealing with in the store.

The signage location is also vital as it should be strategically placed where most of the shoppers will most likely see it. The parking lot and the sidewalks are effective locations for the signage. For the shoppers to feel compelled to visit the shop, consider emphasizing the promotions you are currently offering or some of the high-quality products they will find in the store.


The effectiveness of campaign strategies is always evident in the number of consumer engagements that your business experiences. You can employ tracking technology and video surveillance to measure the foot traffic in your store. Consider conducting an audit of the consumer engagement methods your business applies, monitor and track consumer behavior, and have a clear plan to collect honest feedback from the consumers. The three points highlighted above will help you increase and retain your store foot traffic, helping eliminate any associated problems while increasing your business revenue.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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