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Steps To Make an Epic Cheese Board For Beginners

skills as the holidays are nearby. You might find it daunting to put together an excellent cheese board. But don’t worry! Our simple step-by-step guide shows you how to put together a cheese board. 

Charcuterie boards are perfect for holiday parties, ladies’ nights, or other entertaining occasions. They’re versatile and delicious, making them unique, fun, and appetizing additions to any event.

However, with these step-by-step, you can make your board look like a show-stopper in no time.

Why Do People Love Making Cheese Boards?

  • One of the most popular ways to entertain is with a cheese board.
  • It is an attractive and eye-catching way to feed multiple people.
  • You can have it assembled beforehand so that you can enjoy the party!

Step-By-Step To Make an Epic Cheese Board

These simple tips will help you create a stunning charcuterie board. Have fun with your creativity.

  • Choose Your Cheese Board(s): It’s okay If you don’t have a big one. You can always look up online stores like Lynnliana that sell beautiful cheese boards. These specialty stores are the perfect place to find a unique and interesting cheese board that will impress your guests. 

It’s easy to browse online stores for cheese boards because you can easily browse through their gallery of designs and sample products. You can also easily find the dimensions and details of your preferred cheese board. Aside from that, you can also get a few small cheese boards that have a theme. These will still make your ensemble look cohesive and organized. 

  • Select 3 Cheese Minimum: There are 3 types of cheeses. Soft, hard, and aged. To explain further, here’s how these cheeses are categorized:
  • Soft: Feta, blue, mozzarella, goat, brie
  • Hard: pecorino, parmigiano-reggiano, cheddar
  • Aged: Gouda, Manchego, Gruyere
  1. Add 2 Cured Types of Meat: You can consider; serrano ham, prosciutto, and salami.
  2. Use seasonal, fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You can choose from various flavors and colors that go well with the cheeses. 
  3. Place the meats and crackers on top of the cheeses. Next, add the fruits, dried apricots, and other accompaniments. Fill in any gaps you notice.
  4. You can choose from a wide range of bread and crackers in different shapes, colors, and textures. You have many options: whole grain, seeded, water, and even grain-free crackers.
  5. Use honey, maple syrup, or spread to make it more delicious. To go with nearly any meat or cheese, you can use fig jam, chutneys, cranberry sauces, pesto, and whole-grain mustard.
  6. You can also add sweet or savory accompaniments. These can be dried fruits, nuts, and olives.

Tips You Should Remember:

  • A variety of sweet and savory ingredients are available. There is no universal cheese that everyone likes. It’s all up to personal preference. Some people like cheese that is savory while others prefer it sweet. The best cheese boards can cater to everyone.
  • Different textures are encouraged. Because eating is such a sensory experience, it makes a cheese board more appealing if there is a variety. Take ingredients with different textures into account, such as crunchy, creamy, crumbly, gooey, or crisp.
  • You can use cheese markers to label cheese, so everyone understands what they’re getting.
  • Allow cheeses to cool to room temperature before consuming for the best taste.
  • Make sure to keep your knives, spoons, and toothpicks safe.
  • You should allow the cheese to sit at room temperature for one hour before serving.
  • It is possible to make the cheese board a few hours before you need it. If you’re using fruits that are susceptible to discoloration, like pears and apples, prepare them last. Make sure everything is set first before you cut them up and serve them. 
  • This is a versatile appetizer that can be made with your favorite ingredients. You can even scale it to serve a large number of people.
  • Are you lacking a cheeseboard? Don’t have a cheese board? Use a rimmed baking pan, serving tray, or cutting board.

Some Cheesy Tips

Let’s get the best-tasting cheese cool to room temperature at least an hour before serving. If it’s warmer, you can wait up to 30 minutes before serving. So that the cheese stays moist, do not pre-cut it until you are ready to serve. Aim for 2 ounces cheese and 1 ounce of accompaniment for a small serving per person. 

You can double the number of cheese and elements if the cheese board is being served as a side dish to a meal. Keep an extra supply on hand to replenish the board when it gets low. You should match the intensity of the accompanying drinks with the intensity level of the cheese. 

A cheese board has many benefits. It can be done by anyone, no matter their cooking ability. The kids love to make their mini cheese board. Although we have provided all the basics for building an impressive cheese board, you can play with color, texture, shape, and flavor. 

It’s easy to get the hang of it after giving it a go!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What exactly is a cheese board?

Also called charcuterie boards, cheese boards are usually meat and cheese-focused platters on boards to serve on casual occasions. 

  1. Is it necessary to have a cheese board? What if I don’t have one?

That’s okay if you don’t have a cheese board. You can also use a wooden cutting board (no one has to know that it’s just a cutting board). Or a large rimmed baking sheet.

  1. What types of cheese can I put on a cheese board?

To create the perfect board, you can use various cheeses. You should use at least three cheeses. This includes a variety of hard (cheddar and Parmigiano Reggiano), soft (brie, feta, and fresh mozzarella), and aged (gruyere or manchego).

  1. What are the best cheeses to use for a cheeseboard?

Prosciutto and salami are great choices for curing meats like pepperoni, salami, soppressata, and other varieties.

  1. Do I have to make a cheese board ahead of time?

You can make this fall cheese board ahead of time. The cheese is best served at room temperature, so leave it out for an hour before serving.


Cheese boards or charcuterie boards are very beautiful platters that you can serve at your party. It looks elevated and sophisticated so your guests are bound to enjoy it. It may seem daunting to master making one but it’s not that hard! You just need to understand the basics of making a charcuterie board and then you can let your imagination run wild.

Following the steps above give you the very foundation you need to create a charcuterie board that will impress your friends. Make sure to enjoy the process of discovering which ingredients you like putting on your board. Getting to know the ingredients will help you create a more cohesive taste palette for your guests.

Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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