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7 Modern Cafe Table Styles That Are Worth Considering

Cafes exist worldwide and are frequented by people of all ages. They range from major corporations and franchise businesses to local mom-and-pop shops. No matter your scale, all cafes share everyday needs, such as comfortable yet functional dining furniture. 

Your cafe should have a pleasing aesthetic, a functional flow, and a comfortable vibe. Provide your customers with inviting furniture with well-thought-out placement. Adding the right style of cafe table will take your setting to the next level. 

Round Table

Round cafe tables come in a variety of diameters. They can be small or large and range in height. They are best suited for corner spaces as they are easy to maneuver around. Round tables give the room a whimsical flow and can be used indoors or outdoors. 

Modern Coffee Table

Modern coffee tables come in a lower height and are usually larger. They are great for spaces with low seating and sofas. They are best suited for beverages and light reading material or similar entertainment. They make it difficult for snacks and light food, so consider something taller and more convenient for customers if your menu is extensive. 

Standing Conference Table

Standing-height conference tables make an eye-catching statement piece for the center of the room. It is inviting to people interested in sitting or standing. They’re also more accessible for wait staff to clean; they don’t require low bending. If there is a forward focal point like a stage, consider placing standing-height tables in the back to provide space with an unobstructed view. 

Rectangular Table

Rectangular cafe tables are great for places that serve more than beverages. It allows for more table space for plates, platters, and pitchers. This equipment mentioned above is a must-have for cafes with a broad menu. If you want customers to order more, provide them with the appropriate table space. 

Square Table

A square cafe table offers more space than a round. Unlike rectangular tables, they are still best suited for smaller groups. They can be easily pushed together for large parties, creating a more versatile space for customers. 

Glass Top Table

In any shape, glass-top coffee tables have a sleek and appealing look. They can add an elevated look to any space. Expect significant upkeep, so stock up on lint-free rags and decent streak-free cleaners. 

Small Table

A small cafe table offers just enough room for a couple of beverages. They are perfect for cafes with limited food menus. It also promotes customer rotation, and the length of stay decreases when customers feel their needs have been met. 

Café Your Way

Every space is different. Choosing a style that fits your image and your clientele is essential. Choose a cafe table that keeps your customers pleased and comfortable so they continue returning for more. A little variety never hurts; you might choose a combination of cafe table styles for your space to appeal to a more diverse crowd, thereby increasing your potential for business. 

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