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SEO Trends You Should Be Knowing In 2021

If you wish your content to land organically on search pages, you have to optimize your website and its content according to the demands of search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a broader role than other tools or services. With rapid changes in the practices of SEO, companies have to get on board, or else there would be a risk of being left behind. Numbers suggest that organic search makes up 53.3% of trackable web traffic, and almost 75% of users aren’t moving past the first page of results. These are alarming numbers chanting that something needs to be done in order to improve the SEO strategy. But how?

In this post, we will be sharing different measures to help you build a stronger SEO strategy to elevate in the organic search rankings and to draw more qualified traffic.

SERP’s and word counts

Nowadays, almost every business is promoting itself via a website. With a website, you can showcase what your business offers in a detailed manner and also your trustworthiness. But when it comes to search engines, no matter how good your website is, the search engines only take note of your content in as much as it answers the user’s search query.

Therefore, if you want your website to yield better results on search engines, it is essential to optimize your current content plan to serve searches effectively for the long-term. Hire professional content creators who know all the drills. They know what content suits the search engines and work accordingly on your website.

Voice Search is gaining immense popularity

Alexa, Google Home (Google Assistant), Alexa have been used widely by people around the globe. The popularity of voice searches continues to expand you should assume your users to be searching by voice. This option gives convenience to a user, especially for those who are driving.

If you wish to optimize for those who are using voice search, you should be focusing on longer conversational phases.- This is because voice changes how people search. In voice commands, it is more like a question. For example, instead of a phrase like “top SEO trends 2021,” a voice searcher might say something like, “What are the top SEO trends to follow for 2021?”

The uprising popularity of smartphones

Well, this is an obvious point that has been raised by many professional SEO services time and time again. Websites should adapt to mobile with a responsive design. If you haven’t yet, it’s high time to do so.

With time and the rising popularity of mobile phones, Google’s algorithm has also changed, and it sees mobile as a Primary version for ranking.- This is because around 73% of internet uses are accessing the internet via a mobile device. One important thing to note here is, Google isn’t going to load content that requires clicking or swiping. However, if you are using infinite scrolling, you need to use paginated loading. Using this enables scroll sections to have links Google can use, sending users to a specific point in the content rather than at the pole position of an infinite page.

The long-lasting impact of COVID-19

The deadly COVID-19 has affected almost every industry, and its impact reached out to SEO as well. In terms of content, COVID-19 has made us learn the importance of accuracy. Organizations who shared false information were penalized across search and social media. Also, the work from home orders caused a surge in online activities, and eCommerce skyrocketed by more than 32%.

Insider Intelligence Senior Forecasting Analyst Cindy Liu said, “There will be some lasting impacts from the pandemic that will fundamentally change how people shop.” She further added, 

“For one, many stores, particularly department stores, may close permanently. Secondly, we believe consumer shopping behaviors will permanently change. Many consumers have either shopped online for the first time or shopped in new categories (i.e., groceries). Both the increase in new users and frequency of purchasing will have a lasting impact on retail.”

The booming Local searches

It is imperative to optimize for local searches in 2021. If not, your competitors will walk over you. It is essential to shift our focus on shopping locally and give the local vendors ample support. The consumer shift to buying locally is here to stay, and you should be doing all that is necessary to help the local vendors gain popularity.

Use and Analytics to Boost SEO

To get adjusted and moving with the reality, you need to have a clear insight into what’s going. First, study and understand the data as it is going to tell you a lot about your top buyers, audience, and campaign successes. Next is Analytics that will help you know which messages are working, what links are getting clicked, and what pages are loading, and their loading times.

A local SEO company or an expert analytics team helps in measuring and understanding your data. In case if you are reading the data wrong, your campaigns and marketing strategy will be off. However, with the right tools and the right team in place. You can improve your rank with the aid of technical SEO, keyword research, rank tracking, link building, and much more.

Prepare for the Zero-Click Searches

Zero-Click searches are yet another part of SEO ranking strategy. These searches include those searches that are never meant to pull up content for clicks. Here, users can get the information they are looking for from Google itself without clicking on a page.

Google is planning to make the zero-click searches even more common by displaying answers right on the search pages when possible. Google is trying its best to make it as fast as it can so that it becomes relatively easy for users to get information.

Time to wrap up: Long-form content is on the rise for top performance. The trends mentioned above are some of the top SEO trends for 2021. The ones I have covered here have their significance and will keep booming in the years coming years as well. But there are many others you should be looking forward to optimizing your SEO.

Anshul Sharma
A clinical head in the field of Digital Marketing, Anshul Sharma has been the pillar of Brandburp Digital, one of the leading names in Digital Marketing. He has been a crafty mind in implementing digital marketing techniques to raise the stakes of his venture effectively and efficiently.
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