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How a Simple Blog Can Get You Better – Paying Customers

According to the stats, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches every day and there must be plenty of searches related to your business. By making a simple blog section in your website you can get a chunk of traffic that searches about services you provide.

But How Is That Possible?

Digital media has empowered the consumers, and now they want nothing but the best. Before buying any product, consumers conduct research regarding the options they have. Consumers who buy online are skeptical and make sure to examine every aspect of a product thoroughly. They don’t mind paying a premium price, but they can’t simply compromise on the quality of the product or service.

By creating a blog on your website, you are providing every detail to the potential consumers that will not only answer their queries but also educate them about the different aspects of your brand they are unaware of.

The following are the reasons why every brand has a blog section on their website:

Blogging Elevates Brand Image

Only brands with an established brand image can charge a premium price for their product or services. If you are just a startup business with zero brand awareness, you will have to sell your services at a low price to enter the market.

However, you can add to your brand equity by establishing a blog with engaging content.  Digital media is filled with multiple options that confuse online consumers about which brand to go for. A blog is a perfect way to tell potential prospects that your product is better than the rest.

Best blog website adds authority to the brand that is a crucial component to convince the customers to buy your products.

Blogging Is Essential For Having A Robust Online Presence

A brand that needs to sell its products online has to have a fully functioning online presence. What it means is that your brand needs to show up on social media platforms, google searches, and other digital searches.

The only way of pulling off this feat is by having a full-fledged blog section that contains relevant and rich content. One other thing a brand can do is identify the digital platforms where its potential customers are at. After you are done shortlisting the social networks, publish your blogs on all those mediums.

If the budget allows, you can also get your blog published on different social media accounts with a massive following. All these steps are going to add up and build a strong online presence for your brand.

A Blog Educates Your Potential Customers

Being a rich source of informative content makes you a trustworthy brand. Having a bond of trust with the customers allows a brand to charge a premium for their services.

People are always searching for product related queries on search engines; a brand should research the related keywords and post a blog on each of them. Addressing the FAQs will not only attract potential customers, but also will buy their loyalty. They will choose your website whenever they will be looking to buy a product.

Blogging Can Make Your SEO Game Strong

Getting high paying customers also heavily depends on your google search engine rankings. How will a customer buy your product if he is unable to find it?

An informative blog section can help improve your search engine rankings, as Google and other search engines are constantly monitoring websites that provide fresh content. As a blogger, all you need to do is identify the hot topics your consumers are constantly searching about and provide them with knowledge through an informative written blog post. Leave the rest to the search engine optimization (SEO).

As a seasoned marketer, you should know that people conduct research on search engines before buying any service or product. A high ranking means that they will most probably visit your website too. If you are actively posting blogs on your website, you can organically produce traffic, which means you will be saving a lot of dollars by not spending on paid SEM.

With Blogging You Can Generate Massive Web Traffic

Digital media has become one of the primary sources for gathering information. There are billions of searches every day; people might not buy from online vendors, but they will always search for the best blog websites to find relevant information.

Here are some useful tips you can use to generate organic reach on your website:

  •  Stick to your niche; only write about the topics related to your products and services.
  • Include creatively designed infographics to support the claims of your blog.
  • Incorporate keywords to boost SEO. However, please don’t overdo it, or your website will be considered spam.
  • Enable sharing options.
  • Invite industry experts to write for your blog.
  • Invest in promoting your blogs. While organic reach is essential, it may not be sufficient in this competitive digital environment.

Blogging Boosts the Sales Funnel

Well, a sales funnel, also known as a sales process, describes the customer journey step by step. A well-constructed blog section can speed up the process by giving awareness to a potential customer, which is the initial part of the funnel.

Awareness builds interest, which, in the long run, affects decision making. A well-structured blog must contain a strong call-to-action, which can force visitors to make an action. A consumer that has gotten all the initial details about a service from your page will definitely choose your brand over the others.

Brands have shifted focus from their own websites to the new social media platforms and are not paying attention to the importance of an on-site blog section. The best blog website is still useful in drawing organic reach to a website and converting prospects into customers.

Wrapping It Up

Every website needs to have a blog; there is no other way around it. It is the best and free way to boost your SEO. A well-written blog invites organic traffic, educates potential consumers, and fills up the sales funnel.

An updated blog section keeps your website alive and keeps the traffic coming in. It is a constant support to your entire marketing campaigns; promoting your products and services in such a competitive environment is no easy task.

A blog builds trust, which is the main thing in the digital world where scamming is a norm!

Tahha Ashraf
Tahha Ashraf is a Digital Brand Manager at Techxide, a popular digital agency. He loves chipping in creativity and ideas that are worth execution. He loves to build brand persona and strategies that are poised to skyrocket the brand's success. He writes and read poetry in his free time.
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