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3 Reasons Why You Regularly Need to Clean Your Furnace

A furnace generates heat for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Every home, office, and store needs a furnace. It is one of the most essential components of any dwelling, especially in a frigid country such as Canada. To put it simply, a furnace is necessary for keeping ourselves warm indoors. You need a professional HVAC service that is dedicated to help you find the furnace that suits you, as well as serving you to upkeep and maintain your investment safely and economically.

The question is: since a furnace is such an integral element of houses, libraries, and restaurants alike, what must we be aware of regarding the maintenance and safe use of these products?

To understand these concerns, we must first grasp the three categories of furnaces. There are three main types of furnaces. Gas furnaces are ubiquitous throughout the GTA. Our long, deadly winter seasons necessitate these pragmatic and ergonomic heating systems. Although it might cost you a little more initially to install a gas furnace, you will save money in the long run, since it is relatively inexpensive to run and repair these models, especially since they utilize resources sparingly.

Electric furnaces have a lower cost overhead than the other two types. Furthermore, with these furnaces, there is no need to install piping or extra ventilation. They use energy quite efficiently, although overall costs may fluctuate based upon the price of electricity.

The final type of furnace is Oil. These are the least common of the three types within the GTA. However, they are well-equipped to deal with especially frigid weather conditions. Although a fuel storage tank adds costs to the overall bill, you only need to fill the tank two or three times a year. This generates slightly lower monthly costs.

Furnaces run into several problems. It’s important to understand the basic problems you may run into with your furnace, since you need heat, especially during the colder months. The most important thing to keep in mind is this: if you have an issue with your furnace, always contact an HVAC technician to discern the nature of the problem and whether repairs are necessary. Tinkering with your furnace based on guesswork or Google research is never advisable and can be highly dangerous. Always consult a professional if you are unsure!

There are several common problems that furnace-owners can run into. Neglected furnaces can perform poorly, generating low heat, or simply using too much energy for the job. A city like Toronto has long months of bitterly low temperatures which can prove fatal. It is essential to keep your machine in good order for the simple purpose of making sure your home or business is well-heated. You need a technician to come in to check the airflow, possibly changing the air filters, or examining the blower motor or other parts. On a technical level, a reliable professional can check the ignition systems to make sure that the furnace burner works properly. They can check wiring and circuitry, ventilation, thermostats, and other parts. Furnaces can be prone to overheating. They may make unpleasant noises or wear themselves out through abuse. So what are three big reasons why you should always take a serious attitude towards the maintenance and cleaning of your furnace?

The first reason why you need to clean your furnace regularly is out of safety. For example, the open-flame burner of gas furnaces can create deadly temperatures. Change your furnace filters regularly. Dirty filters can make the machine overheat. They can also become overstuffed with dust and other material, fall into the furnace and catch fire. An HVAC technician can tell you how often you should be changing your filter. Avoiding fire is an extremely serious matter which absolutely necessitates regular contact with professionals. A technician can also show you how to shut off the main gas valve if needed in an emergency. Keeping your furnace in good order is also essential in avoiding the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal. For these reasons, it is also highly important to make sure that your carbon monoxide and fire detectors are in good working order. Finally, a responsible company will always educate you on how to keep your furnace room clean and safe.

The second reason to get regular cleanings is to save money. You’ve put in a lot of money and want to make good on your investment. So why not take the time and make the effort to get regular cleanings done? The more you neglect regular cleanings and repairs, the more money you will have to spend in the long run. Again, make sure that your filters are changed often. A dirty filter will inhibit airflow, putting unnecessary stress on your machine, and making it harder for warm air to get around the building. Throw in fresh filters to keep your furnace working efficiently and at the lowest possible cost and energy consumption.

The third reason is to extend the life of the machine itself. Treating your furnace poorly is a one-way ticket to an early breakdown of your purchase. You need to make sure to have a professional come in to clean and check over your machine. Technicians can often eliminate small problems before they grow into large ones. This way, you can avoid having your furnace completely break down, which would necessitate expensive emergency costs.

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