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Misconceptions Of Website Design, And Tips To Hire An Efficient Web Agency For Your Project

It’s no secret that website designing has become the very crux of modern digital marketing. The designing of the website is a very tedious and important task for any business to get its sales high through website marketing.

Now you might argue that why even with the websites developed there are certain businesses who are not gaining the desired profit goals?

Well, the answer to this question lies hidden inside the question itself i.e. how the website is developed, how attractive is its UX, what features have been added, and the designer.

With the everyday designing & development of more and more new websites, the industry is flourishing with more website developers and website development companies. Now as marketers you know the steps and processes involved in the website designing and you cannot deny the fact that how intricate that project is!

Also, there are so many myths revolving around the website designing which clouds the designer and developer’s vision, thereby not getting the desired results. You must understand these myths and be over with them in order to achieve your business goals. The myths around website designing are-

Myth #1- Website users are always quite relaxed

People believe that Website users are always calm and relaxed with a lot of time with them for browsing as compared to mobile users who are believed to be in a hurry. Also, they can’t be distracted easily, manipulated easily, and hated tapping.

But one statement can’t fit all the persons. Because all have different natures, different believes and different ways to use resources.


Nowadays the speed of mobile keys and Google’s AMP contributes a strong part in the loading time of websites. You mostly experience that there is no time difference in surfing sites in mobile and desktop. So, at this time mobile users don’t seem to be in a rush.

But according to the stats, you can easily find that the bounce rate is higher on the mobiles to that of the percentage of desktops, and other discrepancies. But every website had different kinds of audiences, and they have to understand their audience. You can understand your audience better by following ways:

  • Know the goal of your website: If you don’t know the goal of your website then what should you upload on your website, or either you will upload it with random stuff which may not be liked by the audience. Knowing goals also help in manipulating and upgrading your site so, it can attract more audience to make fun of your services.
  • Find out your target audience: You should find the audience according to your website content or make website content according to your target audience, either way, it will be beneficial for your website and a buyer can be helpful in this kind of stuff. As he can survey the problem of audience, their needs, and what they are looking for.
  • Test your ideas: Before making changes in your website one should test it by taking reviews from your audience. You shouldn’t hesitate to test and ask for reviews. Because no one can give useful reviews until he/she is not the user of that service.

Myth # 2- Mobile websites require fewer features

Till a few decades ago we basically used the internet for time-sensitive content. Because that time our needs were very specific and immediate. Data were slow and expensive.

So, the publishers came up with the idea that if one wants to see expanded website then he had to surf that site from his desktop or PC. As with this trend mobile apps useless data which was expensive at that time, and also took less time to execute the site which was taking more time.


In the present time, the dependability on the internet and global reach is growing rapidly, most people use their computers connected to the internet.

Overall usage of the internet is also increasing with broadband services. Everyone wants to access the website on their PC or desktops. So, in order to do that it is essential to prioritize and maximize mobile capabilities, with:

  • You can build your website in such a manner so that it can fulfill the needs of both PC and mobile users by working in different ways.

Myth # 3- Guidelines cannot be broken

Most website designers believe that they should follow guidelines while making websites. Although many times working according to the guidelines is very fruitful, sometimes it’s a better option to move away from those guidelines and develop your website as the restrictions could be an impediment in getting the desired results. So breaking the guidelines at such time is correct.


According to dictionary guidelines are only general rules or advice which should be followed but not strictly followed. It is correct to avoid guidelines if you have to do something creative as the guidelines are based on the previous data. So, if you are thinking of doing something different so you have to do out of the box by breaking guidelines.

Do not let myths stop you from trusting your UI/UX designer or the company you will be giving your app or website to get developed.

Now the bigger question comes that what to ask your web developer, before hiring. To help you ease down the process, we have brought you few tips, just read ahead…

Tip #1 – Think beyond design service

The website is just not related to design only there are other factors that are supposed to be considered as well. So, pick a web design agency whose team is active and efficient in all the factors like development, marketing, etc. Getting a full team under one roof is a blessing to your business, you don’t need to bother about managing everyone and keeping a check on everyone by calling them all the time.

Tip #2 – Appreciate guidance

When you plan to design a website your overall objective is to make your business compete with new trends and earn the profit for your business. When you meet a web agency and they give you some guidelines or suggestions for your website that how you can get your website made effectively and efficiently, you should be thankful for that and must consider those suggestions as they have experience in this field they could suggest you better than anyone.

Tip #3 – Research the experience of the web agency

You should thoroughly research the web agency you will be outsourcing your project, as on what all projects they have worked before, how much experience they have in this field, and do they stand on their commitments? When you get all your answers you are good to go. Now, you can give your idea in their hands to make your idea into reality.

Tip #4 – Content management system

It is important for you to define your goals to the company you will be outsourcing your project as by that they will get to know how you want your website to be. The content developed for your website will depend on that goal only it will be written in a way that users get attracted to your website and your overall goal gets completed. The content of the website should be made while keeping in mind about SEO, as by the marketing you will attract customers to your website due to that content only.

Tip #5 – Their creativity must sync with your expectations

Evaluate your website beyond the visuals also, the designing of the website is not only limited to visuals, but there are many other things also to be kept in mind. Many web agencies present in the market will give you a fabulous design, but the tricky part is that that beautiful design should also coordinate with the user experience, if user experience will not be pleasant, then making the best website design will not help you.

Tip #6 – Experience should be relevant

It is an obvious thing that everyone has adequate knowledge about their business, so does the web agency you will be hiring as it is their business but what matters is the experience, that they have accurate experience in their field. Always ask for a reference to clients as they can tell better about the result web agency will give you. It is better that you know about everything related to the company you will be outsourcing your project in advance rather than knowing it very late. When you cannot change your wrong decision and you are stuck in between with no place to go.

Tip #7 – Cost should not be the deciding factor

You should adjust your budget accordingly as you will remain worried about this short-term investment and will not be able to gain a long-term profit for your business. If you can get better things for your website by raising your budget you should always be up for it. Getting a better website should be your goal and not saving your money.

Tip #8 – Understand post-launch benefits

The days are gone when websites used to be like brochures, now the websites are the reflection of your business which is evolving day by day. Understand that making changes with time is a must and you should always be ready for the changes, so just get a website developed and your work is done, if you are thinking that, then you are absolutely wrong. Your website needs to be updated with time, due to the new technology coming daily. So, stay in touch with the web agency even when they have made your website, to get those updated changes in your website and even your web agency will like to stay in touch with you for the updates on your websites as much as you would.

Wrap Up

You must understand that a website is the reflection of your services, and hiring a right web agency while excluding the misconceptions, can help your business to grow and reach out to the audience with the help of right medium.

Rakesh Bisht
Rakesh Bisht is an Innovative Marketing Professional and Technology Whiz who closely follows the latest mobile application development technologies at Techugo- Top Mobile App Development Company. He explores new technologies, and shares his knowledge through writing.
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