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Key Real Estate Trends in 2021

The year 2020 was difficult for everyone, be it an individual or an entity. All of them bore the hit of the pandemic and burden of losses, reduced sales, low incomes. Companies, working personnel, real estate, travel and tourism, foreign exchanges, GDP – all of it took a major toll.

Past year had been a roller coaster ride for the real estate industry. Some innovative trends went high up where people frightened about the future continued investing in land and properties. Some traditional trends of the real estate industry went down the hill, resulting in huge hits on the developers and agents.

For now, the year 2021 seems to be in the rising state due to the new and upcoming trends offered to clients and customers. More and more people would come forward and invest in residential, commercial, industrial or retail properties keeping the safety and security in mind.

Sanitized and Highly Infrastructured Properties

Areas would matter the most in the year 2021 when it comes to investment in a property. People will look for areas that are not largely affected by Covid-19 as the state and the future of the virus seem to be unpredictable.

From now on, people are looking for safe and well-sanitized spaces. The hygiene maintenance and nearby situation of hospitals, medical facilities, etc., will also be in the picture.

Customer Centricity 

Highlighting tailormade localities, areas, properties to ensure an individual’s needs are met. If you are looking for a residential, retail, industrial or office space in Gurgaon / Sohna Road, International Land Developers will be there to assist you.

ILD is one such development company that focuses on curating a process-oriented work culture to exceed customer satisfaction. One of the key trends likely to prevail in 2021 would be how far can you meet a client’s demand.

Workplace Setups

The world moved from an office setup to a home setup in 2020 due to the pandemic and virus outburst. Majority of the commercial spaces in India remained shut during the lockdown and also post the lockdown. It was difficult to operate from home initially since several technical difficulties were involved.

Employees, clients, customers took time to adjust with online meetings, virtual setups and engagements. However, that has led to the possibility of increased work from home situations. There is a high chance that employees need not come to the office every single day, and can choose to work from home at their comfort.

Commercial spaces can cut down on their expenses otherwise spent on electricity bills, maintenance and more. Businesses and companies will be more open to letting employees have themselves operating from anywhere, keeping security in mind.

Thus, real estate developers will have to work towards enabling such a scenario by offering less employee workspace but also the flexibility to expand in cases of full house meetings.

Purchase of Affordable Residential Properties 

The shift from moving to ubran areas from rural or wanting to relocate to a happening place instead of a quiet one is completely reversed. 2020 led to several losses of jobs, incomes, savings of people. Thus, people want to own their own spaces but also cannot afford those high-end apartments or ubran flats.

The more affordable cities will face more demand and preference than the rest. People would look for an option of moving to remote areas where they can afford a flat or an apartment for securing their future.

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