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How To Install A Portable Air Conditioner In The Sliding Window?

In some cities in this country like Suffolk, Virginia and Houston, Texas, temperatures do rise to a significantly high level. This makes the use of air conditioners all the more necessary for people living in those states during the summers. There are many different kinds of air conditioners one can use. One of the options you have is of installing a portable air conditioner at your home. It can easily be moved from room to room unlike the window-mounted AC and it is also easy to install. In fact, we will be outlining the entire portable AC installation and AC repair process in this article for you. 

Instructions Manual:

The first instruction we will give to you is to read the instructions of the company which manufactured your portable air conditioner. Not only will it answer your questions about the specific appliance in front of you, it will also hold information regarding any warranty you have on that appliance. Additionally, it will also give you details on the window adapter kit helping you confirm whether the kit will work for your window. When you are trying to achieve a task, all information is worth your time as long as it is credible and nothing is more credible than what comes from the manufacturer itself. 

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Choosing A Location:

It is rather obvious but still worth mentioning that portable air conditioners should be placed near a socket, the source of the power the AC needs to run, and a window, allowing the hot air to be vented out. Another factor to consider is that you do not want to trip on the cord or the vent of the air conditioner and you do not want any plants or other objects to be placed near the appliance, the cord, or the vent either. Oftentimes, large objects nearby fall on the cord and vent dislodging, if not damaging, the two. 

Window Adapter Kit

In case the window adapter kit is made for windows like yours, you have gotten very lucky as your job just got a bit easier. Otherwise, a fair bit of improvisation would be needed for your new AC installation. The window adapter kit is comprised of a window adapter which is extendable so that your setup can adapt to the size of your window, foam which helps you seal off the gap between the window adapter and the sides of your window, and screws which help you secure the adapter inside the window firmly. So, open your window enough for the window adapter to fit inside, insert the foam on the sides, and then extend the adapter to the edges. 

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Exhaust Hose

All portable air conditioners come with an exhaust hose which dispels all the hot air out of your AC and outside your house. Some hoses have connectors attached to them. If that is true in your case, your job just got easier again. The hose will connect easily to the air conditioner on one end and the window adapter on the other. Alternatively, if the connectors are not attached, you will have to act as one of the people working for AC installation companies and place the connectors on the hose yourself. It might be a good idea to wrap duct tape around the connections to seal off any gaps letting out air. Once you are done, pat yourself on the back as you have just installed your own air conditioner!

Removing Water

One of the functions of an air conditioner is to reduce humidity in your room by sucking water vapor around it. When the vapor goes inside, it condenses and becomes liquid water. Thus, once air conditioners run for a while, water collects in them. A lot of portable air conditioners have sensors installed which tell you when to remove the water. For proper maintenance of your AC and to keep the AC repair companies away, it is important for you to take your air conditioner to the nearest gutter and let the water out routinely.

Protect the room against heat

You can take a number of measures to prevent the room from heating up due to external influences, such as heat from outside. It’s useful to protect the room against direct exposure to sunlight. You should use available blinds, curtains, or other window coverings. In addition, ensure that any windows and doors are closed. This prevents warm air from coming in from the outside.


Congratulations! You just installed our very own air conditioner! It is important to maintain it, not trip on it, and not let anything fall on it. Additionally, as stated above, routinely remove the water from the appliance and make sure the window is completely sealed off. These are all important checks to perform in order to ensure your air conditioner lasts for a long time and you do not have to pay too many people too much money to fix it too many times. Keep the warranty which came with your new appliance in a safe place from where you can easily access things when needed. Thank you for trusting our instructions and reading this article. Go ahead and have a comfortable day!

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