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How to Decorate Your Front Porch the Right Way

One of the many perks to having a house is the abundance of space to relax and spend your free time. This can include having a front porch. No matter the size of your front porch, if you can have a seating area or if it’s just a small stoop, your front porch needs love and care. Any type and size of your front porch can be decorated, you just need to find a way that fits your house. Decorating a porch will raise your curb appeal. Read on to see how to decorate your front porch the right way.


If your front porch is spacious enough, you should have a seating area for at least two people. This can be a bench, a daybed or a couple of chairs. Add a small side table to place your drink and your book and you have a perfect relaxing space. To maximize space and create more seating, make a built-in bench. If you want to create an outdoor eating space, add a small, round table.

Cozy Up

You probably love spending your time outside, especially on warm summer nights, or even the chillier ones. To create maximum comfort and makes you space cozy, add fluffy and soft pillows to your seating area. You can even add outdoor seating cushions to create more seating space. Bring out a cozy throw blanket to warm up when it gets chilly and enjoy.


If there is seating, you need a rug. Rugs are a great accessory and you can use them easily for accenting your front porch. They also help in creating a cozy place to hang out. You can try out a single colour rug, or a colourful bohemian rug, depending on your porch style. If you don’t have space for a rug, you at least need a welcome mat. Use natural coloured mats for easy upkeep. Instead of the classic „Welcome“ sign, why not spice your entrance up with a funny sign or quote?

Add Light

Your porch needs a light. There are many different types and styles of outdoor lighting to choose from. Consider an above the door wall light for a classic look, or a hanging pendant light? To create dimension and accent, especially if you have a bigger porch, you add multiple string light and smaller table lamps. They create smaller beams of light in various places, like above the seating area or in a cozy corner.

Use the Architecture

If your porch has an amazing architecture peace or a striking entrance, take advantage of it when decorating. If your porch ceiling is very high, hang long pendant lights and hanging chairs. A feature like arches and striking entrances can be even more accented with bright colours and wall torch lights.

Bright Colours

A great way to bring attention to your front entrance and add curb appeal is to use bright colours. Paint your front door a bright and fun colour to make it pop, especially if your house is painted white. It will create contrast and interest. If your house is already coloured, use a contrasting colour for your front door. Paint the window frames for added fun. If you think this is too much, use colour for your chair cushions and blankets.

Add Shade

If you want to create a really comfortable place where your guest and you will spend your time, add some type of shade. Many front porches already have a ceiling, but if yours doesn’t, try to add shade with a pergola or awning. It allows you to spend time outside on your beautiful porch even if it’s very sunny and warm. It also creates interest and dimension to your front entrance. Even a simple parasol can aid in reflecting the sun’s rays and heat.

Add Greenery

A classic and timeless way of decorating any space you have is to bring in plants. Just like you have beautiful indoor plants, there are many outdoor varieties for your porch too. Plants are perfect for everyone and everywhere. If you have a smaller porch or stoop, you can place a plant by each side of your entrance door to create symmetry. Use big planter pots to accent the entryway. If you want colours, place hanging planters and small table plants and flowers. There are many outdoor varieties for your porch, such as these rectangular planters, too

Accessorize Your Porch

In the end, it’s time to add accessories and accents to your porch. This can be a colourful wreath that you can change up for different seasons and holidays. It can be colourful candles and table magazines. A beautiful garden stool can serve as decoration, seating, and a small table. A rolling cart can be a perfect place for your flowers and a herb garden.

Having a porch means you have additional space to entertain your guests or spend a relaxing time drinking your coffee in the morning. A big porch allows for more seating and decor room. But, even a small porch or stoop can look very interesting and boost your curb appeal. Decorate accordingly to the size of your front porch and the style of your house for maximum interest and beauty.

Patrick Adams
Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.
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