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6 Tips to Include Dog Training as A Part of Your Routine

Right after the moment you bring your pet at home, the idea of training him clicks your mind. Well, training a pup is an easy task. All that matter is how you well you command your pet, know their response and then react to them. We are here to talk about inculcating the pet training as a part of your everyday life instead of sparing extra hours for it.

Learning definitely shouldn’t be limited to the training class. It is essential to reinforce your dog’s good behavior in a way that it becomes their second nature. Here are the tips to train your Fido practically by including pet training as a part of your everyday life.

#1. Be Firm but Gentle

Training is a process that requires patience. At times even pet parents tend to lose their temper to command their pet in a louder tone than usual. Therefore, as the saying goes, it is important to learn how to teach before you teach how to learn, and we feel that’s true. Remember that everything your pet does is to gain your attention and to please you. So while training your dog, instead of being harsh of him, ensure to be firm yet gentle with your tone. Use a softer tone of voice to reinforce the action you want your dog to take. Choose the different locations for the training area.

#2. Keep It Simple

Wonder how the animal that can’t communicate understands simple commands so well then, we humans who are privileged with the communication skills. So, it is important for pet parents to not complicate the commands they give to their dogs. When you’re training your pet, consider to keep the commands short, use simple and short words and keep it simple. You need to use commands such as Stay, Sit, No Bark etc. Include fun activities in the training session, it helps your dog to learn quickly. Keep 2-3 minutes short sessions & practice about 3–5 times every day.

#3. Keep your Dog Heathy & Fit  

More importantly; you must protect your dog from fleas & ticks. If your dogs have these parasites on their body then it will distract your dog during training sessions. We recommend using fleas & ticks preventives so that your dog can concentrate on their training. Also, make sure to take your lovely pooch for regular health checkups at the vet clinic. Only pet supplies don’t keep them healthy; diet plays a vital role to keep your dog fit & happy. According to your dog breed, size & age; set-up proper nutrition & how often to feed them.

#4. Inculcate Practical Training

Involve your dog in the daily activities you do as well as take him along to shop. There are many stores that allow the dogs inside but just give a call in prior to the visit to ensure your pet’s entry. Once you reach the store, you can see how well the Fido has learned leash manners, how polite he behaves and how well he understands as well as obeys your commands. Moreover, you can also take your pooch for a drive, no matter a short ride but he can at least practice get in and get off commands.

#5. Praise Your Pet

Praising your pet makes him feel good. So, give your dog a full-blown Well-Done because it works as a great motivating force in order to make him continue his good behavior. Praise your dog immediately, be specific about what they did right or almost right, share your positive feelings to your pooch in the form of affection or a treat. Overall, encourage him to keep up the good work.

#6. Be Consistent

Last but surely not least is to be consistent. Consistency is the key to success but pet parents at times tend to forget this key. Inconsistency is one of the most common mistakes pet parents make while training their dogs. Hence, as a responsible pet parent, you should make sure to keep the training consistent and not miss a day to get the desired results from your pet.

Above all, keep your expectations real. You just cannot expect your pet to learn it all and become a well-trained dog. Just as we take time to learn new things our pets are no different. Therefore, train your dog, have patience, enjoy the time you spend together and strengthen your bond.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who blog about Business Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Digital Currencies, and Educational topics.
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