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How Online Education is Defeating COVID-19

Over 1.37 billion students are bereft of proper education, as schools and universities remain shut amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only the progress of the students is getting disrupted, but millions of graduates and job-seekers are also looking at an imminent recession.

However, things are slowly turning to be better as UNESCO, and the academic authorities have decided to go for online education. Moreover, discussions are going on to provide the underprivileged students with Internet connectivity and technology, so that they don’t lag.

So, let us take a look at how the students are continuing their education against all the odds.

E-Learning during the Pandemic 

The Coronavirus mayhem has resulted in a big shift towards online learning in the USA, the UK, France, Australia and all around the globe. Universities and schools are relying on advanced technology to continue the academic curriculum.

And if the students require nursing case study assignment help, or engineering assignment assistance, they can convey their issues online. Some of the measures that have been adopted till now are highlighted below.

Sharing Resources via Email 

Study materials and course syllabus are being forwarded to the students via email. Moreover, students are being requested to cooperate during this challenging time and complete their assignments and submit them on time. And, the feedback is being provided to the students via the same medium.

Discussions are going on regarding the conduction of tests. So far, the concerned authorities have discussed open-book, time conditioned tests, so that concern regarding malicious activities can be lessened. The teachers and the authorities of the academic institutions are also considering other sorts of assessment modules like reports, presentations, etc.

Brief Lectures

Although online lectures are one of the most effective ways of teaching a class, there is one downside to it. As per a study, it has been observed that the students lose interest in the recorded video or web broadcast after six minutes.

However, there is an easy fix to the issue. Instead of an hour-long video, the instructors can make a twenty-minute odd video lesson to grab the attention of the students. And they can conduct a poll to check the sections where the students are facing issues. To make it possible, they need to ensure that the students have the technologies at their disposal.

And as per UNESCO, the academic institutions should work in conjunction with the parents and the students. Thus,

Community Creation Should be Fostered

After due consideration, it was proposed that the academic authorities, parents, and teachers should create a community to provide the best solution for the children. In this way, the connectivity would enhance. And, the under-privileged children would receive the all-important information from the university. It would also cast away the sense of loneliness in this tough situation.

Available Options Should be Considered

First, the academic institutions need to examine the technology or the facilities that the students have at their disposal. Based on this, they need to make decisions for the benefit of all the students. Furthermore, academic administrators should consult the concerned authorities to make sure students have Internet connectivity, power supply, etc. In case the students are not financially well-off, then measures need to be taken, so that they receive all the required study materials.

Schedules Need to be Planned 

As governments across the world are unable to predict when the Coronavirus onslaught would come to an end, the academic administrators need to think about the course schedule. They need to see whether an alternate course plan would prove to be effective. Furthermore, they should discuss this matter with the investors and see if any other form of assessment is possible or not.

UNESCO is encouraging everyone to weigh in on the decision making process, so that the students do not end up losing an academic year. If the parents, teachers and the students cooperate, then it would lead to a quick remedy.

What about the Graduates?

Agreed, tough times lie ahead of the graduates, when it comes to searching for jobs, but one should not lose hope. The job-seekers have to make sure that they do the following things.

  • Apply for Online Internships 

Internships are a great way to get yourself enrolled at a firm. When the whole world is under lockdown, you need to complete internships to have an advantage over your competitors. Moreover, you should have a good grasp of what you have studied so far.

  • Target the Firms that Doing Great 

You should target those firms that are doing just fine amid the Coronavirus pandemic. You just have to conduct a bit of research to look at their stocks and shares and decide which company is the best for you.

  • Improve Social Media Presence

If you have an account on Facebook, or LinkedIn, you should use it. You should place your resume on these social media platforms and try to create connections. Hopefully, if you keep at it, you might come across the right channel and get yourself a job.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. The students have no reason to feel that they won’t be able to continue their education. And, the graduates just have to be patient. Hopefully, the COVID-19 pandemic will come to an end soon, and things will go back to normal.

Alley John
Alley John is an active blogger, and she shares the latest developments in nursing and medicine. Moreover, He is the managing head at MyAssignmenthelp, where He supervises the nursing case study assignment help provided by the experts.
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