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Best Customer Personalization Strategies to Empower Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is all about attracting and engaging the people through different online and offline channels and convert them into customers.

Online marketing trends have changed a lot in the last couple of decades with the emergence of technologies such as Mobility, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc.

Digital marketing has all set to reach the next level in the upcoming time by unleashing the potential of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Personalization, and more.

These days, personalization is the hottest trend in online marketing as it ensures maximum return on the time, money, and efforts invested in marketing. To enable customers with personalized experiences, companies can leverage digital technologies and data analysis.

It helps brands to offer on the specific products and services to the current and prospective customers that they are looking for by sending them individualized messages. Not only that, you can send customers personalized discounts and offers on the items they have purchased.

But you come across different challenges in the way of adopting the personalization for the organization.

  • Constantly evolving customer expectations
  • Lack of understanding of customer needs
  • Having products or services focused approach and processes
  • Organizational readiness in terms of operations, technical, financial, culture to take time-sensitive and contextual actions for personalization
  • Lacking coherent information leads to inconsistent messaging
  • Most of the personalized based decisions are taken in fallacious as it not possible to measure the effectiveness of personalization in totality

To embrace personalization, you need to first execute the strategies mentioned in the post. Let’s unveil the strategies that are necessary to adopt for personalization.

4 Best Customer Personalization Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Data is the base of personalization

To enable users with the products or services that they are looking for, it is very important to track the user journey and behavior on your website, mobile app, social media, emails, etc.

Collect the customer information from the different touchpoints in different systems such as web analytics, CRM and transactional database. Analyze the data to get meaningful insights about the customers to design the right personalization strategy.

Manage all the data in a single consolidated platform, understand customer behavior and use it for customer personalization. Create a data unification model for your organization with thoughtful planning and architectural decisions.

The data help you to get insights about customers’ preferences, demographics, locations, age, gender, education, annual income, online shopping habits, etc.

Get the actionable insights out of the data that brings customer experiences to the next level and provide uninterrupted experience across the different touchpoints.

Customers should be in the center

For the success of a business, it is very important for organizations to understand customers’ needs and their buying behavior. The buying behavior is influenced by various time-sensitive, external, and internal factors and defined by personality traits.

To understand the propensity, marketers can apply the classic personality traits to advanced neuro-economics.

Customer centricity cannot be achieved through only tools and technologies. It has to be driven by organizational policies, culture, and strategy. The success of customer personalization is based on the perfect amalgamation of customers’ priorities and the internal values of the organization.

Deliver Omni Channel Experiences

Customers interact with the brand through different online and offline touchpoints such as mobile apps, social media, website, physical stores, customer services, and more. It covers all online and offline channels.

To create a consistent delivery experience across all the online and offline channels, you can use the Salesforce tool Customer 360.

Ensure Organizational Readiness for Personalization

While embracing customer personalization, businesses need to understand how it will influence organizational outcomes. Well, it affects the various aspects of your organization. We can categorize these aspects into three categories such as people, functional and organizational.

Under these categories, you can define dimensions that help you study, measure and improve the effectiveness of personalization.

People related dimension: Identify gaps in skills or expertise to enrich knowledge management

Function related dimensions: It refers to complexity, accuracy, extent, and automation of personalization

Organization related dimension: It refers to the organization’s cultural and structural readiness for the initiative of customer personalization in terms of vision, strategy, investment, commitment within the company.

Adoption of customer personalization affects the costing, budgeting, and revenue of the organization as it requires considerable financial investment, it also requires next-level commitment from the management side to drive changes in organizational culture and policies and skills of people. Companies need to prioritize the resources to achieve the desired organizational goals.

Best Examples of Customer Personalization


The brand launched a  “Share a Coke” campaign in Australia in 2012. It is considered as the best example of customer personalization till the date. In this campaign, the brand replaces the brand logo with consumer names. It encourages customers to share the cock with their friends and spread the brand message using the #shareacoke.

The brand proved that personalization does not only help drive customer engagement but also it can be shareable with a wide audience. It proved that personalization can be shareable as well.

As a part of its customer personalization strategy, Coke developed an android player box solution that delivers a personalized experience to Coke lovers during a marketing campaign in Los Angeles.


Netflix is popular for its algorithm that recommends users the shows based on their existing shows. It enables users with personalization by implementing a firm strategy.

They track the users’ actions to know about which shows users browse from the product catalog. By analyzing the previous actions of users, the brand recommends the right content to the right viewers.

After the implementation of a personalization strategy, Netflix enjoys the 30% increase in the revenue stream. Adopting customer personalization, they consistently develop customized approaches and get creative with the data.


Amazon is the leading online marketplace across the globe uses a recommendation algorithm tat create the customized headlines to deliver customer personalization. The tool continuously creates tailored experiences and suggests products to the individuals that fit their preferences and personalities.

They smartly encourage impulsive buying by focusing on customers’ preferences and products. By implementing customer personalization, the company leveraged a 29% increase in sales that is $12.83 billion during the second fiscal year.

With the right customer personalization, the organization can not only build the brand but also get endless upsell opportunities that improve sales.


With the right customer personalization, you can boost your revenue stream like never before. A reliable mobile app development services company helps you in executing the personalization by developing robust mobility solutions as per your custom requirements. Leverage the tremendous business growth by designing the right customer personalization strategy.

Sandeep holds the position of CEO at Credencys Solutions - an iPhone app development company. He helps clients to bridge the execution gap with services including Consulting, Design & Architecture, Product strategy, software development, DevOps, Managed Services. He has more than two decades of experience in creating world-class teams and driving innovation through cutting edge products. With a motto of ‘Go Digital,' Sandeep delivers an Extraordinary Customer Experience to its every client.
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