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How hiring Amazon VAs helps scale your FBA business to new heights

Expertise can be a valuable asset when working to successfully scale your Amazon business. However, it’s not always possible to be an expert in every field where your business operates. That’s especially true for specialized elements of an Amazon store, like Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Fortunately, you can get the necessary help in the form of an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

Within FBA, Amazon packs and manages your products’ shipping requirements. You only need to send your inventory to their fulfillment centers and track its progress. FBA also has guaranteed returns and refunds for your buyers whenever applicable. Just having the FBA logo in your product description will increase their trust in your brand and the chances of conversion. And with such high chances of conversions comes the confidence to scale your business. 

This is where  Amazon FBA Virtual assistant can help. These experts possess the valuable skills needed to beat the stiff competition in the marketplace and establish a strong brand presence using content marketing to the fullest. They are also aware of the intricacies of the platform’s rules and facilities and can develop the best strategy to fully utilize them to your benefit. Continue reading to learn about all they can do to skyrocket your Amazon FBA business towards high profitability. 

Requirements To Scale Your Amazon FBA Business

The need to scale can be a double-edged sword for Amazon entrepreneurs. On one hand, it signifies that the business is doing well enough to expand and grow. On the other hand, it means you have to take more risks based on that potential growth. However, scaling up is an unavoidable circumstance for which you must be prepared. 

The first step is to recognize the need to scale and when to initiate it. Here are some of the instances:

  • Your current setup is just about managing to meet the demand.
  • You spot opportunities in new markets.
  • The following business objective demands it.
  • Market research data suggests that it is the next logical step.
  • You want to enter a new market segment.
  • Sufficient fresh investment has been introduced into your business for the purpose.
  • The competition leaves you with no other option.

You may need to alter your expansion plan based on your situation. You will also need to keep the following ready to make scaling a success: 

  • A Well-Stocked Inventory

You do not want to be caught empty-handed when many enthusiastic customers are ready to convert at your virtual store’s door. Prevent it by ensuring there’s enough inventory to match the demand. Secure your supplies with your vendors/suppliers beforehand so that you won’t have to push them to produce more for you at the final hour. 

  • A Robust Marketing Strategy

Ride the wave of positive branding that comes when you are scaling by improving and increasing your marketing efforts. Review your existing strategy and incorporate new messaging if necessary to reflect your new thrust. Add any new market data you have obtained into the mix to improve your prospect targeting. 

Create new PPC Ad content and work on its placement to attract the new market segment. Take the help of an Amazon Listing Assistant to improve your product listing’s SEO implementation. Add influencer/affiliate marketing if you haven’t done so before.

  • Necessary Software

Automation is a great benefit to have when scaling your business. It can handle a lot of the routine tasks that would instead drain your time. CRM software, for instance, will be needed as you may need to expand your staff. Inventory management software will be necessary to manage the corresponding functions better. If not outright automation, these software tools will assist your personnel in getting tasks done efficiently and cost-effectively. 

The Many Functions An Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant Performs

As can be seen, you must conduct many functions to maintain operational stability as you scale your Amazon FBA business. Without adequate additional support, you will struggle to manage it all. The solution to this situation is simple- hire Amazon Virtual Assistants to aid your efforts. These experts work remotely, meaning you don’t have to contend with adding more space and equipment in your office or elsewhere. 

They will be able to support your business in the following ways.

  • Product Research

Your VA can conduct the necessary product research to figure out the vital details about a product to determine its viability for sale. They can check its potential in the current market scenario and suggest alternatives if it doesn’t hold up. Additionally, they can negotiate for the acquisition of the product at a good price with the supplier/manufacturer. They can do the necessary competitor research regarding this product to see if it works out for your opponents. 

  • Listing And Optimization

The quality of your product listings plays a significant role in determining the success of your scaling efforts as they compel prospects to convert. Many factors determine the effectiveness of a listing in achieving the sales targets. Your VA can function as your Amazon Listing Assistant and hit all those listing quality markers with aplomb. They will do the necessary keyword research to gain the best-performing keywords for every description. 

They can verify the accuracy of product information that needs to be present in the description. The associated product images and other A+ content can also be added. They will regularly perform SEO audits and corrections of your listings to keep them in line with Amazon’s rules and regulations and prevalent market trends. These steps make the connection you have with Amazon for the FBA service a glitch-free one. 

  • Ad Campaign Creation And Implementation 

As noted earlier, a marketing strategy that works for your scaling business is a must to make the process a success. Hire an Amazon specialist for this special task and reap the benefits of high ROI with low ACoS. They can create a well-thought-out strategy customized to meet your business’s scaling needs. They will conduct the necessary market research for it and incorporate the customer data gained from it to make your ad strategy more effective. 

They will determine the best avenues and channels for the PPC ads and negotiate the best price for them. Your on-site PPC bidding will also be handled by them to give your ads the most visibility while maintaining low costs. They will scrutinize every step of this plan’s implementation to give you maximum returns on your budget. 

  • Inventory And Catalog Management

The increase in inventory that comes with scaling can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario if it isn’t managed properly. Amazon Virtual Assistants can prevent such scenarios from occurring with their expert inventory and catalog management activities. They can track and monitor the status of each SKU with absolute accuracy so that you won’t face issues like loss, misplacement, mislabelling, miscounts, etc. 

They can categorize the available products according to their attributes and aid in the easy listing of the same. They can efficiently manage the time-consuming task of order processing which is key to sending in FBA inventory. They will get each unit’s Amazon barcode, download the necessary shipping labels, and manage the shipping and return tasks alongside. 

  • Customer Support

The better the rapport you have with your customers, the better your sales will be. Developing such string connections takes time and effort from your end that you may not be in a position to spare. This is why you should hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant for it. They come with the necessary skills to establish a rewarding relationship between your brand and your customers. They can go through the reviews and ratings for each of your products and respond to them as required. 

They will take stock of the positive-to-negative feedback ratio and work on a strategy to improve it for ranking reasons. They will communicate with those leaving behind negative feedback to understand the underlying cause and provide the necessary solution for it. The room for service, product portfolio, and other improvements as suggested by your customers get noted, and the same will be passed on to you. 

As a part of your marketing strategy, the VA will perform customer outreach activities via various channels like email to attract new prospects and retain present customers. They will correspond with Amazon for any FBA-related issue that a customer may have and effectively resolve it. These activities will keep your brand reputation and name flying high. 

In Conclusion

The entrepreneurial journey of an Amazon marketplace seller is difficult, requiring great multitasking skills and astute knowledge of all related aspects to successfully navigate. Scaling adds a whole new dimension to this challenge, requiring you to step up your efforts drastically. 

The best way to beat the odds is to hire an Amazon specialist to assist you in every way possible. Their expertise will improve your business while you get more of your limited resources to better plan its future. The lower operating costs and higher returns will keep your Amazon FBA business afloat and push it to new heights as you scale it beyond your present horizons. 

Mike Wilsonn
Mike Wilsonn is a content strategist at SunTec India with a specialization in eCommerce and Amazon product description writing. He has 5+ years of experience as a B2B content creator and has written numerous informative pieces to help sellers make sense of the continuously evolving eCommerce landscape.
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