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Home Insurance Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Landscaping Damage?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Landscaping Damage?

Landscape damage to your home may include damage to sheds, greenhouses, your garden, fences, and even your irrigation system. A standard homeowners policy will only cover rudimentary landscaping damages.

With a typical policy, you can expect your shrubs, plants, and trees only to be covered for roughly five percent of your dwelling limit.

Landscaping coverage will vary from policy to policy. If you have spent a large amount of money on your property’s landscaping, then you may want to seek additional coverage. 

When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Landscaping Coverage?

Your landscaping will be covered if the damage was caused by something that is covered under your policy. Examples may include an explosion, riot, theft, aircraft, lighting, vandalism, or fire.

If a tree were to fall on the property of one of your neighbours while you were cutting it down on your own, then you may be held liable.

Also, if the tree were diseased or dying, and you were aware of this fact, and it were to fall on your neighbour’s home, then you may also be held liable. Depending on your policy, your insurance may cover such damages, whether the victim or the guilty party.

As for removing fallen trees, a typical homeowners policy will cover up to one thousand dollars per removal in most cases.

What Damages are Covered By a Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Smoke and fire will usually cover water damage and falling objects. Moreover, hail and windstorms may be covered, and lightning strikes may also be covered. 

Most policies would provide coverage if the damage to your property was caused by the excess weight of sleet, snow, and hail. Most homeowners insurance policies will also cover theft and vandalism.

Most policies will also cover malicious mischief, as will damages caused by explosions near your home. In addition, damages caused by a vehicle, automobile, and aircraft will also be covered by most policies in the country.

How Much is Landscaping Covered For?

Your homeowner’s policy will have certain limits that you need to be aware of. It will cover a portion of the repair costs incurred by damages caused to your driveway, shrubs, plants, trees, fences, yard, and outbuildings.

The majority of policies on the market will provide their clients with five percent protection of their policy limit total. For instance, if your current property is worth 350k, you could receive 17.5k with a five hundred dollar cap on single products.

It should also be noted that some plans will only offer removal coverage. Others may offer both removal and replacement coverage. It is important to go over your policy with your provider to determine what is covered and what is not covered.

Anticipate future needs to obtain a policy that will provide comprehensive protection. Peace of mind will be assured when you know that you and your loved ones are fully protected from any perils that may come your way.

For example, did you know that a standard homeowners insurance policy will not provide any coverage if a flood causes damages to your landscaping? 

As such, you may need to obtain a separate flood insurance policy if you live in an area vulnerable to seasonal flooding. In addition, most policies will place a cap on individual items.

This means that your provider will refuse to pay more than X amount to replace a single item. The cap may be $500 with certain providers, while others may place a cap of $1,000 per item. At this point, you may be wondering if you require specialist coverage for your lawn.

If you have spent several thousands of dollars building a stunning garden pear tree or per-plant limit on your basic homeowner’s policy may not suffice. You may need to speak to your provider to obtain additional coverage to protect your hard-earned investment.

Specific language may need to be added to your policy. The goal is to have your policy meet your current and future needs. For instance, if your current policy places a cap of $500 per item, then you can ask your provider to double the cap.

You may also have the policy changed to provide added protection and coverage for certain types of rare and expensive plants, areas, and the like. In sum, if you want to learn about what your home insurance covers, then simply contact your insurance provider today.

Protect Your Hard Earned Investment

Your policy may provide coverage for damages to several structures in and around your property. Coverage may vary depending on the cause of the peril. For example, you may be covered if a storm or fallen tree caused damage to your property.

Damage to external structures may also be covered, such as damages to your fences, shed, or even a detached garage that you own. If a healthy tree were to fall on your home, then your policy will likely cover the repair and removal costs.

The same will apply if the healthy tree was on the property of your neighbour and happened to fall onto your home or landscaping. 

However, if the cause of the fallen tree was poor maintenance or disease, then your insurance company may try to recover the costs from the insurance provider of your neighbour. Specialist coverage for landscaping is strongly recommended.

It will provide coverage that your standard homeowner’s policy may not, such as flood damage and removal costs. It can be modified to meet your current, and anticipated landscaping needs to provide peace of mind and protect your hard-earned investment.

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