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10 Best Free Live TV Apps for Android & iOS

The entertainment is an essential element of every human’s life. We all are very well aware of its significance due to past quarantine days.

TV is still considered to be the best medium of entertainment. Unlike the older days, there is the modern version of TV. These are the mobile applications which show live shows.

You can even save videos to watch it later and in rare cases also record the show. These are of different kinds; here we are going to mention the best free live TV apk.

So hold on tight if you want to learn about the top ten best free live TV apps.



In the list of best free live TV streaming apps, ThopTV is on the top of the list. The app will provide you with an opportunity to watch almost 3000 channels live from different countries.

The app will also provide you with an online radio to get the old day’s vibe. The unique feature is the downloadable dramas and series. This is the rare one in modern-day apps. But is that enough?

What if you watch all the series of getting bore from the channels? Don’t worry, the developers of the application kept on upgrading the content and channels on the app to maintain the entertainment level.

MX Player TV

MX Player TVThe Times network owns this app. This is considered as the best live TV app for the android free download. The app provides the most exclusive and distinct content to its viewers.

The app has different categories for web series, TV series, Drama and other video content. Well, honestly I also get confused with this different genre, but it is good in terms of quantity of entertainment.

The app also proudly owns a number of 20+ shows in more than seven languages. The app is having 280 million users globally.

UkTVNow App

The UkTVNow is the best among the free TV apps for the android mobile. The app is famous in the first world countries like; UK, USA, and Canada. Along with this, it provides you with an option to browse channels from 9 categories withholding content from 10 different countries.

The app’s loyal users can choose from a wide variety of entertainment including; movie streaming, entertainment, and documentaries. There is also a whole section dedicated to kids.

Along with being user friendly, the buffering sped of the app is also high. Now you don’t have to wait for the video to buffer and run smoothly. The app currently has 1.4 million downloads.

Sony LIV

Sony LIVSony Liv also has a dominant position among the list of free live TV apps. It is an international app owned by the Sony; Sony also licenses its content.

These app services are free; they earn from the ad-based revenue business model. If you hate watching ads and have enough fortune, then you can buy its subscription also. The distinct feature is the live sports channel.

You can watch all of your international sports events live with a delay of a few minutes. Most of the content is free on this app.

But subscription may give you some more interesting content. The app needs 5.1+ android versions for functioning.

Jio TV

Jio TVThis one is my favourite in the list of best free live TV streaming apps. This app is owned by the Reliance group, which is an Indian company.

The app provides free live streaming of more than 575 channels and in 15 languages. The app also has an option to store the videos for a week. So if you have missed your live entertainment go for the stock one.

The app is based in Indian, the population crazy for cricket. Therefore, the app provides special live streaming of cricket matches.

Mobdro App

Mobdro AppThe Mobdro is another application that provides the free live TV facility. It also secures the top position in the list of best free live TV apk.

This app is also famous for its movie downloading feature. The main reason for the popularity of the app is the mobile and user-friendliness features provided.

The app’s development team is also active and kept on updating and debugging the application with time. It provides access to more than 200+ channels.

Hulu TV App

Hulu TV AppThis app is also in the list of best live TV app for android free download. This app is a giant of live streaming.

It provides a number of entertainment genres, including; movies, Live TV, entertainment, news, and others.

The app is considered the next-generation app is providing access to more than 300+ on-demand channels and 65 live channels.


USTVNOWIt is one of the most popular live-streaming apps in the USA. Though most ness channels are most watched channels of the app, it is a great entertainment source. This app is also popular for its infotainment options.

You can also update your documentary or can save any for the later use. The users even witness that it is beneficial to do my coursework and other related stuff.

If you forget which channel you enjoyed last time, you can also mark the regular updates channels.


AT&T TVThis app is considered to be an actual app that streams live TV. The lowest package of the channels comes with the 65 channels for the live TV.

In comparison, the highest package provides 140 options for the live channel. If you are not even satisfied with this one, you can also access all the channels of cable TV.

You can also save channels for up to 500 hours in the cloud application came free with the app.

Pluto TV

Pluto TVThis app is a rare one in the list of free TV apps for android mobile. The app provides options for almost 100 live TV channels.

You can also support your Chromecast and number of android applications. Though the app required paying for some of the channels, it is still adequate to be on this list.

In an overall package, you can access to 250+ channels and 1000 movies. The app has a 4.2 Star rating at different platforms.

Wrapping it up

The digitalization with time is changing every trend in the world. People before were fascinated by the TV cable.

With time this fascination is shifting now people are using more of Live TV streaming apps. Who will wait for the cable guy or any fault? Just download the app and enjoy it for free.

Therefore, many live-streaming apps are present in the stores for android and ios devices. Although glitter is not gold, many of these free websites are filled with ads and slow buffering speed.

Don’t worry regarding this one. I have enlisted the best live free TV streaming applications you can use right now. So download it and do tell me if you have any other recommendations for the list.

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