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Top 10 Features of Top Sunglasses – Know More About Top Selling Sunglasses

If you are fond of watching action movies or such TV shows, you must have an idea that how well the videography is done to make action scenes more thrilling and captivating to leave an impactful feeling on the audience. When the hero or villain of the movie steps out of his Lamborghini and puts on the classy pair of sunglasses, the outlook and the personality start looking more appealing and dashing. Well, this is not the case with heroes always, but it can be heroin as well. The idea here is that no matter who the person is, a pair of good sunglasses always help in elevating one’s look.

There are many brands of sunglasses that one can buy from, you can shop online or by specifically going to the store to try and choose the best one. It would not be wrong if I say that there are thousands of trends, styles, and options for choosing the best sunglasses. These sunglasses can go best with any of the occasions and for any of the looks. Some people are too keen to choose the right pair of sunglasses for themselves or even if they look forward to presenting sunglasses to someone as a gift.

While some people are passionate about their impeccable collection of sunglasses, there are some who are not fond at all and they might think too that why a need is there even to buy sunglasses or have a wide collection. Well, you can have sunglasses not necessarily the most expensive ones or a wide collection, but you should not overlook buying one because sunglasses not only luminate your entire look, but they protect your eyes as well.

Sunglasses are best to clog the harmful UV radiations of the sun from entering your eyes. Direct exposure to UV radiations can cause eye cancer, it can also be a cause of damages like harmful sunburn or macular degeneration around the eyes. Another good reason to wear sunglasses is that when eyes are exposed to direct sunlight, you involuntarily squint in reaction to sun rays that are bright enough. This involuntary action of squinting causes eyes to experience fatigue due to abnormal behavior of sightseeing. As we all know the under eyes area is delicate and sensitive, therefore, squinting can also be the major cause of wrinkles on the under eyes area. This ultimately results in a headache or in swear conditions, lead to migraine. It is also observed and researched that people with eye colors other than black are more adhere to such conditions and subjects to more sensitivity.

I am sure the above-mentioned reason to wear sunglasses would be clearer now as most of us are not even aware of such critical issues. So now the real concern is how to buy the perfect pair of sunglasses that are protective, comfortable to wear, and makes you look good too. Here are some of the significant features one must look for while buying sunglasses.

UV protection

As mentioned, the main purpose of the sunglasses is to protect against harmful UV radiations of the sun so this should be the top priority while buying good sunglasses. You must be thinking how can you get to know this? Well, the UV feature of sunglasses is normally mentioned on the product’s tag. You can always check tags or labels on the product to know if the sunglasses you are buying are UV protected or not.


Most people might not know this but bigger sunglasses are a good choice because they are more likely to provide protection than smaller ones.


We all have different lifestyles and health conditions. Some people are in sports while some work indoors, similarly, some people have weak eyesight while some do not, so one must opt for sunglasses according to their need. People with weak eyesight have special sunglasses that can make them see clearer if shortsighted. Also, you must consider your routine as well. You know how much time you spent outdoor and indoor, so choose sunglasses according to that.

Lens Color

Yes, lens color is one important feature. There is a misconception that dark-colored lenses are more beneficial for the eyes. However, this is not the case. In fact, dark-colored lenses are not necessarily a good option for UV protection, they might look more stylish in appearance, but they are not good protection for clogging UV rays.


This is something everyone is conscious of. It is not necessary to buy expensive sunglasses always. You can look for the ones that are affordable for you. Renowned brands have some super expensive sunglasses and they do look extra cool, but they don’t need to have some extra protection features but they do cash brand’s name so take it easy and just go with the option that best suits you.

Polarized lenses

You must have heard a lot about the word polarized, these lenses assist in reducing the glare effect. Polarized lenses, however, are not made for UV protection but yes, they can be a good option for people who drive often especially at nighttime so, you can choose the sunglasses as per your routine work. You can have more than one pair of sunglasses in such a case so that any one can be used at any time of the need.

Scratch Resistant

Look for sunglasses that have a scratch-resistant glass. This is important because sunglasses that are not of good quality are likely to get scratches which irritate and block clear vision. If you are wearing sunglasses, you must see clear images through them.

Shape and Fitness

Along with all the essential features, make sure that your sunglasses fit you well because if sunglasses are loose to wear, they will not be comfortable at all and if they are too tight, you will not feel comfy with that either. Another important thing to look for is the shape of the sunglasses. There are various shapes like oval, round, square (aviator, shiels, and round), and heart-shaped (cat eye, retro square). Wear them to check if they really suit you.

We have seen the main features of good sunglasses. Let’s see that which are top sunglasses for men and women that have a great variety and above-mentioned features as well.

Sunglasses for Men 

The top sunglasses for men include Ray-ban when it comes to aviators. Ray-ban has some cool aviator sunglasses which have polarized lenses. Other include Oakley Targetline, Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro L Sunglasses, Warby Parker Perkins Burnt Honeycomb Tortoise, Blupond Sports Anti-Fog Polarized Sports Sunglasses, and many others.

Sunglasses for Women

The top sunglasses for women include the Ray-Ban Erika Classic, Maui Jim Olu Olu Polarized Sunglasses, Neptune Bright Gold Polarized Sunglasses, Zenni Square Magnetic Snap-on Set, Burberry Oversized Square Logo Sunglasses, and HULISLEM S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses. One can look for their features and do research before buying them and get to know which is good for them.

The bottom line

Despite the fact that there are thousands of brands and options of the sunglasses, always remember to check the basic features i.e. UV protection, size, polarized lenses, scratch resistance, and cost of the sunglasses for a better vision to see the world.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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