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Everything You’ll Need to Achieve Digital Adoption Excellence

There is an evolution taking place in the global business environment, wherein digitization and digital transformation is not optional anymore. An automated ecosystem helps businesses in succeeding in the market by improving employee productivity as well as customer experience.

If you have a tech-driven product, it is even more important for you to ensure that your employees remain digitally literate and that you helm the onus of educating your customers on how to use your products and services, without too much manual intervention. This is where having digital adoption excellence comes into the picture.

If you think you have already achieved complete digital adoption, then think again. Digital adoption is a state achieved by organizations when all their users are able to use the required digital tools fully and as they are intended. If you still think you have achieved digital adoption, that is great. But if the answer is no, don’t fret – you are not alone. While several organizations have achieved digitization to a certain extent in their business processes, few have been able to achieve complete digital adoption excellence.

If you are already motivated to get started with achieving comprehensive digital adoption within your business, here are things that you should keep in mind:

Define a well-defined Digital Adoption Strategy

Like every great project that your business will ever embark upon, implementing digital adoption at every level of your organization takes a lot of planning, and well, strategizing. Even before you start deciding what kind of digital tools to implement or resources to consider, you need to define the goals that you want to achieve with digital adoption. For  example, in IT businesses, building a brilliant onboarding experience for customers takes priority over prolonged training of their employees.

Once your goals are defined, lay out a comprehensive action plan – a step-by-step process if you will. Decide the number and type of resources you will need at every stage of the process, and draw up tentative workflows. Aggregate all the content and material that you have already created and decide on a to-be scenario. More importantly, check how much you can afford to invest and decide on a budget that accommodates your business needs.

Implement up-to-date IT infrastructure

Another great way to make sure that your digital adoption efforts hit the mark is through ensuring that the IT infrastructure in your organization is not outdated. Running parallel applications on systems that do not have adequate specifications can significantly slow down your processes. On the other hand, if your computer systems are fast and up-to-date with times, your processing speed could be elevated, eliminating potential lags.

Moreover, having digital adoption strategies to ensure that your employees are updated with the latest technologies looks pretty silly when you are asking them to work on legacy systems and software. Implementing digital adoption efforts on such systems and software will not only be less fruitful but also far less efficient, as the employees would not be able to leverage their know-how without the right infrastructure. You should ensure that you get rid of any wastage that takes place within processes by supporting them with the right tools and infrastructure.

Build a tech-savvy workforce

Successful workforces are not built overnight – they require people with the right skill sets and work experience. Implementing a digital adoption strategy within a team that is not at all tech-savvy can get quite complicated. For digital adoption and transformation to work effectively, it is important that the people on your team have basic digital skills and literacy. Only then, you can expect them to stay updated with the latest technologies and digital skills.

If your business has limited tech-savvy employees, it is important to firstly train your employees in basic digital skills so that they can have a foundation to build on. These digital skills will also help them acquiesce with major transitions such as digital adoption and digital transformation in a better way.

Choose the right digital adoption solutions

Digital adoption strategies can be quite tricky and if implemented incorrectly, you could lose a lot of money. If you want to make sure that the ROI (return on investment) on your digital adoption strategy is achieved, choosing digital adoption platforms is probably a good idea. What is a better way to ensure that a process is done right, than deploying a team of experts in the area?

Some of the top digital adoption platforms such as Pendo offers features that can make your digital adoption process a lot less complicated, and a lot more efficient. In fact, several other pendo competitors such as Whatfix, and WalkMe can also offer you several features such as in-app learning, on-screen guidance, and real time assistance. More importantly, digital adoption platforms are tailored to your organization and heavily personalized so it is important to choose one that best serves the needs of your business.

Wrapping up

Digital adoption excellence is achieved through consistent efforts and smartly drawn strategies. More importantly, it depends on how prepared your business is to take that next step towards digital transformation. Digital adoption platforms can be the perfect addition to your organization in defining the processes and systems which can influence consistent performance and efficiency within your team and other stakeholders. When all your organizational processes and system components are in tandem, digital adoption excellence can truly be achieved.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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