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5 Flooring Trends to Follow In 2021

If you’re thinking about renovating your flooring and you’re not sure what design you should go for, these five flooring trends of 2021 might help and inspire you.

Fumed Wood Flooring 

Most types of wood flooring require getting some sort of staining. That is what gives them a desired finished look. However, if you opt for fumed wood flooring, you won’t have to get any kind of staining done. This type of flooring undergoes a different kind of process that is called fuming. There are many factors that influence the outcome of this process: the atmosphere of the chamber where the process is taking place, a type of wood, the environment, etc.

What this process does is give the wood flooring extremely rich dark tones while enhancing the natural wood grain at the same time. The final look you get is very luxurious and looks much better than flooring that’s undergone staining. Just remember not to use liquid ammonia directly on the wood since it can damage the fibre and weaken the structure.

Bleached & Blanched Woods

On the other hand, if you’re not a huge fan of the glossy brown-stained wooden floor, you can go for a softer and more white-washed look. Bleached floors are totally in right now. This type of flooring requires the so-called blanching process. In this process, a specific chemical solution needs to be poured over the flooring that will help it get rid of the colour (artificial stain on the surface of the wood). This process will make the floor look ashy-white while giving it a very natural look at the same time since the grain will still be very visible. You can either bleach your current flooring, or you can choose to replace it with the new one. Just make sure to talk to the contractor to see what option you should go for.

Distressed Wood & Concrete Tiles

Now that distressed flooring is back in the trend, you can also consider this option. This type of flooring needs artificial aging as well as styling processes that will give the flooring a rustic and slightly worn-out finish. This stunningly beautiful flooring works best for spaces that give those vintage vibes. There are various different degrees to which you can make your floor look worn out, depending on what style you want.

The technique which is used here involves hand scrapping of the floor edges and then, later on, kerf and swirl markings are added too. This is what gives the floor a worn out and soft look.

This type of flooring can be implemented in any type of décor, but it fits best with contemporary and industrial types of houses.

Wood Flooring Laid Out In Pretty Patterns

Side by side format of wood pieces is simply a classic. It always looks good. However, if you want to experiment a little, you can try arranging your flooring in a different way.  Arranging your flooring in a way that will create a beautiful and unique pattern will give your whole room a fresh new look. You can choose a wide variety of materials at Carpet Right and try playing with different shapes and arrangements to make your interior feel luxurious and new. This is a whole new trend that you should definitely not miss out on.

Vintage Black & White

Lastly, if you want to go for a timeless design, vintage black and white flooring is always a perfect choice. This design is making a strong comeback in the year 2021. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an old kind of black and white tiles that can be found in historic homes. What we’re trying to accomplish here is a bold, graphic, and elegant look that will blow your guests away when they walk into your home. We’re looking for a strong effect. You can also choose to mix and match vintage and new by using small tiles with bolder graphic designs.


These are some of the most popular flooring designs that everyone is going crazy about this year. Whichever one you choose, you definitely won’t regret it.

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