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Creating a Groundbreaking Software Development Team

Hiring and fostering a team is somewhat of an art. It takes skill and know-how to hire the right people. A bit of strategy is required to recruit developers that work well together.

Anyone can assemble a group of people and call it a team.  However, to make a team truly successful hinges upon several important factors.  Read on to get a starting point for any and all prospective team members on a software development team.  From start to finish, having a team that is cohesive and works as a team will mean big things.

Where to Start

Before forming a team, you must know what to look for.  First of all, get on paper what the goal of the team is going to need to accomplish.  Having something written down and tangible helps keep things on track.

It is also important to get down on paper what the team should solve.  In addition, the team member roles need to be decided upon prior to starting.  This way, once team members are chosen, roles can be assigned and all members have a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished by the team.

What to Look For

Finding the right people for the team means having people that are certified in the area or areas a team member is needed.  There are many IT certification areas in which someone can be certified.  Some of these certifications best suited for needs in 2020 include CISCO certifications, Microsoft certifications, among others.

Once certification guidelines are established, it is also important to identify who could potentially fill certain roles in the team.  A successful team needs to have a project manager, a developer, and a designer.  Knowing what each person in these roles should look like can be a cornerstone for the team.

A project manager needs to lead and motivate the group.  It is their job to keep the team on task and on point for the project.  Providing a vision and direction that fits with the overall plan of the company

Problem Solving Skills and Flexibility: Take Challenges Head-On

Working hand in hand with flexibility and problem-solving skills also fits the ability of team members to take challenges head-on.  Successful and value-added members are those who are not scared of challenges that will be thrown their way.  Challenges are savored and seen as opportunities to improve and make a plan or project even better than before.

At the root of all solid and successful teams is a team with excellent problem solving skills.  Software development is not a simple task, and people who excel with problem-solving can excel as part of a software development team.  Being an excellent problem solver is not just about identifying the problem.

No situation or project comes without challenges.  Because of this reason, it is important for a team member to have the ability to be flexible.  When problems or challenges arise, having team members that take on the new tasks in stride is critical.

Flexibility can come through various means.  A team may need to be flexible with expectations of the client, flexible with changes to a deadline, or adaptations to the plan being developed.  This flexibility means the team can better face the changes and adapt to them.


Creativity is at the heart of software development.  Where else can someone be given the opportunity to have a totally blank slate before them and create a work of software art?  Being a member of a successful software development team means that a person craves the ability to be creative and use their talents for the greater good.

A creative member of a team can look at a project from different perspectives – the developer, the client, and even a customer.  These people are willing to take a new angle to develop software that is one-of-a-kind.

Creativity is so much more than what many people think of – art.  Creativity in software development means creating something new and exciting for people to enjoy and make their lives better.

Teamwork and Effective Communication Skills

Being a part of a successful software development team means each member brings a unique and special talent or skill to the table.  A successful team has a combination of seasoned professionals, youthful and new talents, and leaders.  No software development team can be a true success without the talents and abilities of each and every member on display.

It can be said that good communication is key to any project.  In a field where a lot of communication is done digitally, be it through emails, direct messages, and text messages, there is no excuse for members of a software team to not be effective communicators.  Yes, in the end, the software gets the glory.  But, without effective communication skills, how would projects get completed?

A valued member of a software development team has several qualities.  First, the ability to speak effectively and respectively to the rest of the team is important.

However, another important aspect for a successful software development team member is their ability to listen.  A team member that can receive feedback is a must. If they can take what they are being told to work towards for improvement in the project they can be a success on almost any software development team.

Forming the Dream Team

Forming a dream team for a software development team takes time.  Knowing exactly the type of team members wanted for a project is at the root of a team’s success or demise.  Create a checklist for what characteristics of a software development team would be possessed by the team members.  Work from there when interviewing possible members.

Remember, it is okay for a team member to not excel in each and every area listed above.  However, recognizing the potential in a prospective team member and developing those areas can have just as much of an impact, if not more, on the team’s success in the project.  Working together with each other’s strengths and weaknesses can make the team more cohesive and successful in the long run.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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