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Best Antivirus Apps for Your Android Phone

There are 6.37 billion smartphone users in the world. It accounts for 80.69% of the world’s population. Among these smartphone users, Android is the most popular operating system worldwide.

The android operating system has 2.8 billion active users, which are prominent in countries like Brazil, India, Turkey, and Vietnam. Samsung is the most widely used Android manufacturer in the market, followed by Huawei and Xiaomi.

The increasing number of Android users has become the often target of cyberattacks. 98% of mobile malware attacks are often experienced on Android devices.

These attacks are not due to the incompetence of the manufacturers but their popularity. Cybercriminals go after brands or operating systems that are popular or with plenty of users so that they can have more targets than ever.

If you are using an Android phone, you’ll need to strengthen its security. There are multiple ways you can keep your device safe from threats. But the first step to protecting your device is to use antivirus software that will meet your needs.

Protect your Android phone with these antivirus apps.

Best Antivirus Software for Your Android Phone

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender is one of the leading commercialized names in the industry. They have a wide range of antivirus software for individuals or business use. They can support various operating systems too.

The Bitdefender Mobile Security software is a mobile device protection app designed for android users. It offers more than the scanning of threats.

Mobile security by Android also provides a VPN, so you can connect online while protecting your identity. However, you don’t get unlimited data, only up to 200 MB per day.

Another extra feature you’ll like about Bitdefender is the Performance tool. You can enhance the battery life and system by managing the power and keeping the device away from resources that drain.

The latest update on Bitdefender is the Scam Alert. It can detect spam messages with link-based attacks to avoid being a victim.

You’ll get real-time protection from threats and browser protection too.

It is not a free app. Bitdefender has a free version, but it is limited to scanning devices and recommending solutions to issues detected.

Avira Antivirus Security 

It has the ability to protect from millions of mobile and online threats known. In addition, Avira brings extra features to keep your Android phone secure from spies, advertisers, and scams.

It scans the entire device, web, and Wi-Fi network. Avira checks for existing threats and issues on your Android device. Also, it checks on phishing websites and blocks them immediately if any suspicious activity is detected.

Aside from protecting from malware and phishing attacks, Avira also provides extra protection.

You can enjoy anonymous browsing with the limited VPN offered. It has only 100 MB of data, less than that of Bitdefender. But Avira offers a limited VPN, although it’s another tool with payment.

It can protect the phone and personal data with an App Lock. Other security tools in Avira are protection from spies by keeping the microphone and camera secure. It even allows users to manage the permission on the apps.

Avira is free for download on the Google Play Store, but it doesn’t include a webcam, microphone, and web protection. Most of these features are available in the Pro version.

McAfee Mobile Security 

McAfee offers excellent features for protecting your Android phone. It scans both online and offline activities. It checks your phone for issues or threats and protects your online browsing from malicious sites, third-party trackers, and scams.

When you lose your phone, the anti-theft tool can help you locate it with GPS. There is also the CaptureCam that will take a photo of someone who tries to input three wrong PIN codes into your phone. 

You can also back up your data to the McAfee cloud and recover the content anytime. Furthermore, it includes a Wi-Fi scanner to check if it is secured or someone has hacked the network.

There is no free VPN for McAfee. You’ll need to purchase it for $47.99 a year. Also, the free version has ads and upsells. When you get the paid version, you’ll have better tech support and no ads at all.

BullGuard Mobile Security

It is a free antivirus software program packed with tools for the protection of your Android device. However, availing of the paid version has additional features that can protect your device.

When scanning for threats, BullGuard uses a cloud-based engine for faster and better protection. There are multiple scanning options, such as On-Access or when you need to check the device. It provides security for adware, ransomware, scams, trackers, and more.

The anti-theft shows impressive components like wipe data remotely, location of the device, and sound alarm to locate a missing phone.

There is also cloud storage offered for free to back up your data on your mobile device, or you can even back up on the web.

Unfortunately, BullGuard doesn’t offer any VPN data for anonymous scanning. 

The paid version offers protection for more than five devices and parental control.

Panda Dome Antivirus

Although there is a Panda Dome for Android, the Panda Dome Antivirus is a better option, and it offers protection for both Windows and Android devices.

The real-time scanning of Panda Dome can detect the presence of malware like ransomware and spyware without any impact on the device. It can also scan the memory card of your phone.

Other features include:

  • Permission to audit your apps, 
  • Optimization of your phone’s performance
  • Keeping battery life longer
  • getting real-time tracking of the missing phone.

The free version also offers a 150 MB per day VPN for anonymous browsing, remote data wiping, and automatic phone lock in case it’s lost.

The only downside to Panda Dome is that the free version has limited features only. If you need other security tools like antispam, app lock, remote alarm, and more, you’ll need the Pro Panda Dome packages.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky offers AI-powered antivirus protection to prevent ransomware, viruses, and malware. It is a free application you can get on your Google Play Store. There are other features offered by Kaspersky Antivirus that are free too.

The free version offers manual scanning only. If you want automatic scanning of apps and devices, opt for the premium version.

Other free tools you can get with Kaspersky:

  • Anti-theft: When your phone is missing or lost, the anti-theft feature can wipe data remotely and take a selfie when someone tries to input the wrong PIN code. The Find My Phone is used to check for the location of the missing phone.
  • Call Filter: You can filter or block calls from unknown or customized numbers.
  • Anti-stalkerware: Detect apps that spy on your activities and social media accounts.

If you want to enjoy real-time scanning of threats, you’ll need to get the premium version. Also, other premium features of Kaspersky are,

  • Anti-phishing: Scans websites, texts, links, and emails. 
  • App lock: It further secures apps, calls, and text messages

Norton Mobile Security

Norton is rich in premium tools that can provide android devices with the most outstanding protection. There is no free trial or version of Norton Mobile Security.

For only $30 a year, you’ll get proactive protection of your device from mobile threats, including adware, malware, ransomware, privacy leaks, and more.

It scans Wi-Fi networks before you’ll be able to connect to them to prevent connection to dangerous networks. Together with Wi-Fi network scanning, it can detect fraudulent links and websites. 

You’ll get a summary of what you need to focus on to fix or protect your device and information. It even traces where your photos are being sent by apps and scans apps automatically.

Norton 360 is the free version you can use on your Android device.

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

The best thing about Sophos Intercept, it is a free tool, and there are no annoying ads or pop-ups. But it’s not the only impressive feature of Sophos.

Similar to other antivirus apps and reviews, Sophos also tops the AV test with the detection of malware and other threats. It utilizes cloud-based scanning to prevent slowing down of devices and for recognition of threats better. You can set when you want to scan devices, apps, or internal storage.

Besides scanning, you’ll receive a report of issues and solutions to them. 

Sophos can also detect activities of your apps by checking if they are accessing data and transferring to another server.

It offers a unique way to secure your accounts and devices. You can generate time-based TOTP or counter-based HOTP and use the Google Authentication-enabled app.

Other features that Sophos offers for Android users are,

  • Scans QR code’s safety
  • Mobile Threat Defense: Use to restrict corporate data or depending on your device’s compliance status
  • Scans links, Wi-Fi networks, websites, and apps
  • Monitors incoming data 

Malwarebytes Security

Malwarebytes performs a fantastic job of removing malware that has already infected your phone. It detects adware or harmful programs that track your app usage and online activities. Malwarebytes will then delete them, giving you more free space on your phone as well as a little more privacy.

It even detects ransomware and phishing schemes and will notify you if any are identified on your device.

Similar to Sophos, Malwarebytes is free and has no ads present. 

Furthermore, it scans apps and checks on their activities and if it sends your personal information and location to a third party. It can even detect apps with hidden charges or fees.

If you want to have safe online browsing and get real-time ransomware tracking, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version.


Protecting your Android phone is crucial. With plenty of online threats emerging, you cannot take the risk of letting them access your information. Whether your Android device is for remote work or personal use, antivirus software can protect its content. Find out the features you need to begin protecting your data and device.

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