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7 Awesome Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Kids of All Ages Worth Trying

Any child born in the summer may benefit from an outdoor birthday party or even those who weren’t. Having 20 kids on a sugar high running around your yard is always preferable to having 20 kids racing through your home, especially if you live in a nice climate year-round.

Regardless of your age (4 or 40 years old), there is no lack of fantastic outdoor birthday party themes. You can try to spice things up with several costumes. Check out some family dinosaur costumes online and see if it is something your kids would love. Once you have the appropriate outfit in place, consider these top picks for your next outdoor birthday bash for some party inspiration!

Locating the gummy bears

You will need canned whipped cream (or Cool Whip), gummy bears, and a plastic dish for each person to play this delightfully enjoyable and completely messy game. Serve whipped cream with three gummy bears hiding within for dessert. Whoever finds all of their gummy bears first is the winner. Also, did I mention that you are not permitted to use your hands? Make the game as exciting as possible.

Try an event centered on Alice in wonderland

A famous tale, Alice’s Wonderland seldom gets old, and the setting lends itself well to a day at the park. A large table for all your guests is all that is needed to recreate the Mad Tea Party from the narrative, much like this charming party from Daisy Pink Cupcake. Guests enjoyed a themed version of the popular game, pin the grin on the Cheshire Cat with gigantic tissue paper flowers (maybe they did tumble down the rabbit hole). Because Alice’s Wonderland is full of the bizarre, this topic lends itself well to interpretation.

Party Scavenger Hunt

Organizing this kind of gathering takes some planning, but don’t let that stop you. Create a list of up to 20 objects you know children can locate in their local area before the party. A “no entrance” sign, an “orange tree with orange foliage,” “balloons,” or “a dog with a bow tie” are all possible suggestions. Divide the visitors into two groups, each with a camera, and have the birthday kid choose names from a hat to form the groups. A time restriction has been imposed for each team to complete their tasks around the city.

When they are out and about, why not give them some money to purchase lunch? Kids love adventure, and how well you plan the party will be vital.

Inflatable Water Balloons

To top it all off, it’s a lot of fun for very little money. Gather a big number of inflated water balloons, a sizable backyard, and plenty of clean towels. Let the kids go with the water balloons in the garden as you throw up a fast feast inside.

Toss a Jumbo Ring

Set up two wooden poles in the grass and let youngsters attempt to bounce hoops around them. With only three or four kids in attendance, you can’t go wrong with getting many colors of rings. That way, each youngster may have a set of colored hoops to throw in their unique hue.

Street twisters

Just because you’ve taken your party outside doesn’t mean all your favorite inside games have to be ditched. Tausha from Sassy Style used spray paint to create an outdoor Twister game by spraying the game board circles on her lawn (it grows out in a few weeks). Twister is a great game, but don’t restrict yourself to it. Playing games like Candyland or Chutes and Ladders with your kids as “pawns” on the game board is a fun way to spend time with them.

The Nerf War

It’s time to unleash your inner Nerf hero! For each team, construct a “safe zone” where the youngsters may refill their darts and replenish their supplies. Consider some of these inventive Nerf games instead if you don’t want your children shooting one other.

All of these kid-friendly party games are guaranteed to make your kid’s summer bash unforgettable. Remember that your kid’s birthday party is only as good as the amount of planning invested. Take your time to go through different ideas and come up with a party that all the kids will love and appreciate.

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