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X Games That Every Entrepreneur Should Play

Successful entrepreneurs are plagued with extended office hours, grueling hard work, and sleepless nights. In addition, they have to undertake strategic risks and proactive planning to remain at the top of their game. All of this can be taxing for the mind and body, making it imperative to relax and recharge for the next day.

Many people like to play games to relieve stress and unwind after a hectic day. Gaming can also enhance your memory and improve your social skill. However, if you like to be productive and acquire valuable skills, even during your downtime, you have come to the right place.    

We have compiled a list of games every business owner should try their hands on. These can help you learn some valuable lessons, experiment with your ideas, and hone your skills without the potential risks and pitfalls of the real world. Here are the best entrepreneurial simulation games you need to play:

AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist, developed by Kongregate, is one of the most entertaining games out there where the core purpose is to generate insane amounts of revenue. At the beginning of the game, your only means of earning is a humble lemonade stand. As your wealth grows, you can launch other businesses, hire managers to run your empire while you are away, and procure more capital from Angel Investors. Clever gameplay can lead you to create a global monopoly, where you will be making money even while you sleep.  

The app is free to play on iOS and Android but offers in-app purchases. 


If you love trains and transportation, Mashinky by Jan Zeleny is the perfect strategy game for you. The game’s premise revolves around a transportation business, with you as the head of the company. You have to develop your transport empire on the procedurally generated map, where you lay tracks on formidable terrains, buy better vehicles to transport passengers and cargo, and manage your routes to make vast amounts of profits. You also have to obey the economic rules and ensure that they do not hinder your efforts to generate revenues.  

The exciting game with its realistic graphics tests your business acumen and is available on PC. 

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story lands you in the shoes of a startup video game developer, where you can build your company from the ground up. Your job is to create and sell the best titles, control the quality of these games, and expand your business by earning more money through sales.

The intuitive game allows you to hire more competent developers, manage your staff, and change their job titles as you deem fit. Your game releases are assigned review scores, which directly affect your sales. Thus, you need to ensure that you develop the most unique and innovative games that are highly lucrative. 

The game is available on iOS and Android.   

Rise of Industry

Rise of Industry transports you to the early 20th century as an industrialist responsible for building, managing, and growing a budding empire. The strategic tycoon game set in the 1930s constantly evolves and adapts according to your playing style to challenge your managerial skills and enhance your business instincts.

The game allows you to build factories, construct production lines, and layout transportation tracks to move raw material and finished products. You can even trade resources with other cities, all the while competing with your A.I. rivals for market shares, resisting hostile takeovers, and keeping an eye on the random stock auctions.

The game is available to purchase on Steam and play on PC.     

Hex Wars

Hex Wars by Unlimited Gamez Mo is a fun and challenging game that put your strategic skills to the test. The premise of the game is simple and straightforward, yet highly engaging. You embark on an epic struggle against three intelligent and competent A.I. opponents to protect your turf and take over the enemy lands. 

While it is a little different from the typical entrepreneurial games, it motivates you to take calculated risks and indulge in tactical gameplay, all the qualities required for a successful business owner. 

You can download the app on your mobile devices and enjoy a variety of other games as well with no in-app purchases.       

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines makes it on this list because running a city requires a lot of dedicated hard work and sheer intuition, similar to running a business. It is a contemporary take on the classic city simulation, which allows you to establish your city from scratch and materialize your imagination digitally. 

The game offers you the ripe opportunity to demolish constructions, revamp old venues, and build new arenas as the powerful mayor of your city. Mimicking real live scenarios, you have to adhere to a fixed budget, keep your subordinates and city dwellers satisfied, and manage the city’s economy.

Cities: Skylines is as entertaining and stimulating as the best adventure games out there and compatible with PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC.    

Tap Tycoon

Tap Tycoon realizes everyone’s dream into a virtual reality, where you have to tap on your screen to make money appear out of thin air. You aim to collect as much money as possible to invest in your businesses and grow your empire into a multi-industry conglomerate. 

However, it is not all about earning money but using it smartly to strengthen your economy, helping your fellow citizens, and competing globally. If your country has one of the most powerful businesses in the world, you can earn medals and rewards for your efforts and strategy. Since the game takes place in the 35th century, you can also invest in state-of-the-art technologies and cool gadgets to help you towards world domination. 

The game is available for Android and iOS users. 

Final thoughts

Make the best of your idle time with the aforementioned list of fun, innovative, and inspired entrepreneurial games. These can help you test your business skills on a digital platform, so you can acquire valuable knowledge and learn from your mistakes without any real-life consequences. 

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Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs.
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