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Will SAP Leonardo Transform Digital Innovation?

SAP introduced its new digital innovation framework called SAP Leonardo the year 2017 in June. It offers software and miniature administrations that empower clients to use advanced technologies such as the IoT or Internet of Things, big data, machine learning, analytics, and blockchain. These design thinking apparatuses will make digital business for customers in the future.

Importance of SAP Leonardo 

This machine learning administration enables computers to learn without any specific programming. With the Big Data administration, it becomes relatively easier to manage a vast amount of data. It’s a blockchain administration that helps in improving audibility and lessens fraudulent activities.

SAP Leonardo, a Digital Software Program, was Created to Solve Three Objectives

  • Assisting businesses to grow rapidly and effectively
  • To incorporate innovation into the business stuff
  • To scale up technologies to expand the worth/value

You might not know the real worth of SAP Leonardo and how substantial it is, so you have to handle the immediate issues to comprehend the extent of how it functions. The following are a few reasons how SAP Leonardo can bring a change to your enterprise resource planning.

SAP Leonardo is the Eventual Fate of Digital Innovation

It is a platform for digital innovations, a core group that permits clients to cross-functionally access SAP’s parts and items over developing innovations, such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain, (IoT), or Internet of Things. It is always associated with the advantages offered by the SAP Cloud Platform, yet this isn’t everything, as it covers all that is linked with the technologies of today’s age.

SAP Leonardo is the Leader of the Industry

SAP crossover (hybrid) trade is a jam-packed commercial center with heavyweights like Microsoft, IBM, and popular colleges, for instance, Stanford, offering its advancements. However, the thing to consider here is that their items generally work within the storehouse; therefore, here is the place where SAP takes center stage.

The issue for SAP is that organizations don’t usually perceive SAP as a Blockchain or IoT seller because when you are thinking about SAP, ERP’s are what you think mostly. The image of SAP’s brand, however, is within the SAP portfolio integrations. So if you presently have SAP ERP, S/4HANA, or other SAP structures, you can fuse the solutions of SAP Leonardo.

SAP Leonardo Isn’t Just the Technology

All is not technology regarding SAP Leonardo; it concentrates on crafting out a design and describing approaches that can handle the market’s challenges. The method of design thinking is focused on inventive thoughts and reactions for deciding use cases. The quintessence is that purchasers don’t simply require more innovation; they need an approach to figure out an estimate through which the innovation can improve their business.

SAP Leonardo Combines with Rising Technologies

A significant benefit of SAP Leonardo is that it empowers you to coordinate different SAP items with rising technologies. For instance, creating Fiori applications that utilize IoT administrations can be created in the SAP Cloud Platform. When consolidated into your business procedures as an end-client, you won’t realize that machine learning is operating in the background. Likewise, you won’t see anything different; however, you can avail of the decision-making (automated) and suggestions.

With SAP Leonardo, You Get Machine Learning

You get different levels of machine learning innovation models with SAP that you can run without excessive skill. As of now, these standard models will be good enough to handle the majority of your requirements (about 80%). You can prepare your own models, yet you will require further aptitude, and you will presumably require a data researcher or scientist’s services.

The applications of SAP S/4HANA, such as invoicing and cash reconciliation, effectively fuse Machine Learning as a feature of SAP Leonardo. The quantity of such Machine Learning scenes that will turn out to be vital for S/4HANA is expanding rapidly.

SAP Leonardo Adopts IoT: 

IoT processes empowered in the solutions of SAP permit you in product value expansion, including raw materials, semi-completed, or completed items. You can include sensor data (real-time) with SAP and non-SAP business data and offer an overview into territories such as stock and renewal, item utilization and use, and interactions with customers.


Exciting times are coming up; to converge is the way ahead, and Leonardo and S/4HANA are the places where SAP’s Research and development venture is vigorously engaged.

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