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18 Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps for Android

Technology has made this world and our living so smart that it has become necessary for everyone to be a tech savvy to survive in this world. As wireless connection has become the most modified way of communication, one must know about all the basic and advanced nooks and corners of accessing internet and wireless connecting. 

In this given article, a detailed idea of the most popular Wireless Fidelity (wifi) hacking apps for Androids is given. The chronology of the article is as follows including the concept of wifi hacking, a brief about wifi hacking apps, the best 15 wifi hacking apps including their features, pros and cons followed by a conclusion and a disclaimer.   

What is Wi-Fi Hacking?

Wifi is the short and popular form of Wireless Fidelity, the best amongst all the cellular data connection and communication. From accessing to internet through personal computers to mega industries where global communication is being operated by internet, wifi is the heart of every technical infrastructure. 

However, accessing to wifi networks is not free of cost at all. It costs a considerable amount of financial aid, which is not possible to bear by a large number of people in the whole world population. 

Not being able to pay the lump sum of money as the Wifi bill is a crucial problem. However, the most suitable solution to this problem is the process of wifi hacking by using certain technical tools. 

Wifi hacking can be defined as the process of essentially breaching the safety and security protocols in a wireless connection/network. The process grants the hacker to have full access, view, download; store the contents searched and surfed in the network. It also gives power to the hacker to abuse the network if he/she wishes to. In this process, the hacker can have full access to the personal information of the user as well and use it. 

There are different apps that smoothens the process of hacking. When internet has become so integral to every sphere of life; even a hacking tutorial cannot be properly learnt without this wifi connection. 

Details of Wifi-hacking Apps- 

There are different apps created and programmed by intellectual software engineers which help most of the users to get access to wifi networks available all around. There are many OS available and these apps are built for different OS. However, as they are designed in different patterns, the apps are differently designed for them. As Android is the most easily and widely used OS for most of the people, here a detailed idea of Android wifi hacking apps will be provided. 

However, the Android devices must have some basic designs and systems to avail these applications properly. 

First, one needs to root their Android mobile (many apps work with no-root access as well but they have limited features). 

Second, the user must have a 4.0+ and above versions of Android mobile.

Third, the Wifi networks must be WPS enabled.

Last, there should be proper catchable signals of the targeted wifi.

These apps may perform different things- these can gain access to wifi networks even when the network is password protected and also secured with WPA2-PSK security. These apps will help the hackers to switch off the wifi access for any authentic and inauthentic users of this network and him/herself can enjoy full access to it. 

Besides, with these apps, the hackers can hack the wifi passwords from within the Android app and can also sniff the web sessions. Some of these apps are suited for just rooted devices; others are for both rooted and un-rooted devices.   

Top 15 Wifi Hacking Apps for Android

Here is a list of the most popular and easy to use wifi hacking apps for the Android devices.

WPS WPA Tester Pro:

This is one of the most common and oldest yet active wifi hacking apps that is compatible with non-root Android devices as well. The app designers have crafted this app in a way that the users of WPS enabled wifi routers can check and test how strongly secure the network is from possible threats. Downloading and installing of this app in the Android device will take help of the PINs already stored in the database. It also performs an automated PIN scan on the selected Access Point. If the WPS vulnerability is easy to exploit, it will breach he security and display the password of it. 


  1. It performs a Wifi brute force attack on the targeted network.
  2. With the use of Algorithm, it calculates and analyze the MAC address of the wireless device to hack the device via WPS PIN.
  3. It easily finds out the nearby networks; measure the ability to be hacked. 

AndroDumpper Crack

This is another public friendly wifi hacking app that works in the same way. It searches for the weakness in the WPS PIN of the wifi routers and breaks through access to the network. 


  1. It displays push notifications whenever there is a new WPS Wifi network enters the range of the Android set. 
  2. If the signal is full and strong, this app is compatible for non-root Android devices as well. 
  3. Another unique feature of AndroDumpper is it allows the hacker to use their customized WPS PINs list to make the process of hacking and cracking easier.

Wifi Inspector

One of the most common features of being hacked is to have a very repetitive slow connection. This app is a savior and works its best at that time. After downloading, installing and giving permission to access, this app will provide a list of devices connected to the network- both computer and phones. Minute information from each connected intruder device can be gained through access to this app- the device name, MAC address, and local IP address.


  • It is a quick finder app to find out the list of devices connected to the local Wifi network. 
  • It gives detailed information of the intruder device including name, IP address, MAC address, device manufacturer and more. 
  • With this app, it is easy to scan and find out if there is any intruder device connected to the user’s device and by finding out the strength of the password, hacking it. 


It is another powerful wifi hacking app the hackers use to draw information of the users. Besides finding the details of the intruder device, it also allows to get information about the active sessions and search history of the intruder. This is a very powerful app that can crack down both private and public wifi networks secured with WEP, WPA2-PSK, or WPA-PSK network securities. It is easier for the hacker to test the websites not using Secret Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.


  • It makes interception and sniffing possible for the web sessions of the wifi network it is connected to.
  • Even if the network is highly password protected (WPA-PSK, WEP), this app can high-jack sessions and brute-attack on the connected device.
  • To avail the full functioning, one needs to have a completely rooted Android phone. This app is not supported by non-root Android phones.    


This is a brilliant name to search for; in this name, the ‘ng’ stands for next generation. Here, one can find a collection of tools to evaluate and perform breaching of internet security. It is an advanced app that is associated with different aspects like-monitoring the Wifi network, identifying it, brute attack on it by measuring the strength of security through injection and capture techniques. It can also crack the oldest yet the finest security system of WEP and WPA-PSK. However, this app is designed for a higher-level OS of MAC OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD and Linux, it can be adaptable to Android devices with OTG enabled devices and through USB adaptor. 


  • It is a very high quality yet simple Wi-Fi hacking app that is made compatible for different levels of OS. 
  • It easily detects and analyzes the strength of security of every wireless network falling within the device’s range.
  • It can hack highly secured Wi-Fi network connections as well.
  • It indulges into multi-layered performance of attacking, cracking, monitoring, and testing chronologically.


Higher level of network analysis and designed penetration suit for IT and other security experts makes this Wi-Fi hacking app one of the most advanced hacking tool, designed for Android.  To download and use this app, you do not need to have a very high level and quality of Android phone; it is just used as a medium for the network penetration. After cracking, it creates a fingerprint of all the devices running under this network. 


  1. By this app, the hacker can perform MITM (Man in the Middle Attack) to get information the device has already surfed; like through password sniffing. 
  2. It also launches time traffic manipulative actions to get into the user’s personal accounts.

zANTI Penetration Testing Tool by Zimperium

One of the most powerful app to both manipulate and compromise the secured Wi-Fi network needs just a push on the zANTI button to get an idea of the risk and security level. It also enables the hacker to keep a track of all the insecure data sent from and received by the connected devices. 


  1. The app of zANTI can perform quick and deep scan the device along with the report of vulnerability level of the devices connected to it. 
  2. It performs different actions like diagnosis, testing and scanning through advanced techniques like MITM, password cracking and Metasploit. 
  3. The reports that this app generates are produced by using advanced ‘cloud-based’ reporting process; by zConsole.


This app is an advance development of the popular hacking app of dSniff. It cracks down the security of the network, intrudes to devices connected by the network. It also gathers personal information of the device holder- email ID, password, social media accounts along with file stored in the cloud of the networks. It works by redirecting traffic to local networks. It forges the ARP replies and direct them to the personal targeted web addresses or URLs. 


  1. It is possible to be downloaded and installed in Android devices through customizing APK production.
  2. It is used to jam the Wi-Fi network of the user’s traffic; it redirects the user into some undesirable URL/web address and hack into their devices.

Android Network Spoofer

This app is a fun to use tool of hacking that is available with the capability to modify the targeted site that the user is surfing through in their respective devices. Text flipping, image flipping, customizing images are fun ways of hacking the information by using this tool. One can spoof the user as well by redirecting their search into a customized URL. 


  1. It is a very useful tool to both hack and spoof networks.
  2. It can redirect the user to a custom URL and access to their surf history. 
  3. Network Spoofer can be added with malicious features to perform advanced Wi-Fi network hacking.


This little hacking app that helps to search for packets, hosts, services and firewalls in the local networking sites for hacking. This is an app suitable for both rooted and non-rooted Android phones. However, there is a difference in functionality of this app in non-rooted devices; there are some exclusive features like SYN scan that is limited to the rooted Android devices only. It allows the user to freely audit their Wi-fi networks to search for loopholes. Nmap is used in the administrative levels to monitor the service time and hosts. Packet filtration is the best way to serve the hacking purpose. 


  1. It is the perfect tool for the Wi-Fi hackers and interceptors to search for hidden networks.
  2. Though limited in the non-rooted devices, it is adaptable to both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  3. It can carry on continuous scanning on Wi-Fi networks to find necessary information on hosts, services, and firewalls. 

WIBR Plus (Wi-Fi Brute Force Attack)

For Wi-Fi connections using a comparatively weaker password protection and security, this hacking app works perfectly. It performs a dictionary-based brute attack on the networks of the targeted routers and discover the password. It has a simplified and user-friendly interface where the home page shows the list of existing reachable Wi-Fi connections. One can choose the network one wants to hack and choose from ways of attack between brute and dictionary. 


  1. It lets the user perform dictionary-based attacks to gain access to the target Wi-Fi network.
  2. It allows the hacker to import their personal password list and use the WIBR+ app for performing customized brute-force attack.
  3. However, the brute attack might be a little tame taking as it processes 8 passwords/minute.

WPS Connect

If the Android user has a 4.1 version of Jellybean, this option is very clearly visible in the Wi-Fi settings option. 


  1. Just a tap on the button and it can help the user connect to the Wi-Fi network that is WPS protocol enclosed. 
  2. This easily connects to the PIN supported wireless networks. 
  3. Also, the app contains some default PINs to hack the Wi-Fi connection.
  4. It can have access to the router without even knowing the password. 

Wi-Fi Kill

Wi-Fi kill is a very light app, little in size and easy to handle. It performs the same actions as that of the other Wi-Fi hacking apps. Once it hacks in to the network, it can have all information of the devices connected sharing this network along with the devices’ MAC address and IP addresses. After getting information about the connected devices, the hacker can choose to cut any device from the list from having internet access through this Wi-Fi network. Also, the data transfer rate and using time can also be traced by the hacker as well. 


  1. It is the best app to stop all the intruders to steal data bandwidth of a recognized Wi-Fi network.
  2. It can also access public networks to access more speed of the internet. 
  3. As it disables many devices to have access to one or more Wi-Fi networks, it helps the connected devices to gain more speed and become more powerful. 


It is one of the most high-rated Wi-Fi hacking apps. 


  1. It is available in the Play store. 
  2. This app provides a detailed information of the local Wi-Fi routers. 
  3. It also resolves the configuration issues, overlapping signals and conflict over channels that might cause the degradation in the service of the wireless network’s performance. 

Wi-Fi Greek UPS Unlocker

This is the most updated app that performs Wi-Fi hacking on a large scale. 


  1. It grants a person access to a Wi-Fi network even when it is password protected. 
  2. It uses default PINs for verification.


Wireless communication is expensive, yet it is one of the most important part of our everyday work and personal life as well. Above are the list of the most authentic and popular apps to hack Wi-Fi networks at any place and have access to the network without even paying a single penny. 

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