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Why is Drupal a Good Solution for your Business?

Enterprise business needs effective business management, fast and convenient content sharing and streamlined search options across diverse platforms in their business infrastructure. With an engaging enterprise portal all-in-one solution can be accessed through the website. To offer a complete set of features, businesses need a technology platform. To include a technology platforms for best enterprise solution, businesses are always in hunt. To get the smooth running website one must go for Drupal.

Why Drupal CMS?

With more than one million users across the globe, Drupal is an open-source CMS that small-to-big organizations use freely with low cost of implementation. Drupal is a highly flexible platform perfect for digital innovation, fast implementation, and scalability. The community support is like none other, and it’s a wonderful thing to integrate the CMS to build engaging website. 

Features of Drupal for Website Development

1. Simple Content Management

The online business success largely depends upon the relevant content published. A web based CMS is a savior for management, and sharing of offers, deals and anything related to your online business. But it is important for seller to maintain products and other service offerings. The CMS assists admin to upload such data easily; also blog posts, videos, and landing pages can be managed instantly. Simply fill out a “form” with the relevant details and then publish it. Manage content online with just a few clicks thus easing the whole process.

2. Advanced Modules

Drupal commerce being a modular, open source content management platform, integrated with basic functionality like core modules. A popular module named Secure Pages gives opportunity to ensure easy ways on your website by using some basic example matching. As per stats there are more than 25K modules and two themes available for Drupal Web Development which is perfect to customize templates as needed. These modules help to improve the website performance without requiring any manual actions from developers.

3. Highly Extensible 

Drupal being a modern CMS has access to robust APIs to enhance all steps of the customer journey. The Drupal CMS has several APIs:

  • The RESTful Web Services API supports a decoupled Drupal website. This helps to establish the communication between native mobile apps and a Drupal site.
  • JSON: API allows serialization and communication.
  • Render API improves the user experience via fast page rendering, and enhanced caching.
  • The Translation API can adjust language on the website depending on user geographical location.  

Added to this, GraphQL, and micro-services makes it simple to customize any architecture with tools and features improving the customer & developer experience.

4. Perfect Marketing Tool

Drupal is designed & developed with complete marketing strategy in mind as it allows streamlined 3rd party integration so that business can gain maximum exposure. The integration of 3rd party tool can be performed using simple plug-and-play. 3rd party tools have remarkable importance in marketing automation and it varies from business to business. Manage your business on the go, similar to your target audience. Anything on the website is easy to translate with the support of built-in user interface. The CMS allows streamlined integration of top-rated marketing software. Drupal technology make your website more viral and help you to achieve target.

5. Customer-Centric

Drupal gives enterprises the tools they need to build customer-centric experiences. The website should meet the visitor needs, guiding them to important buying decision. Offering personalized and customer-centric interactions to users make each visit to your website valuable. 

How Drupal offers amazing User Experience?

The success of Drupal depends on several built-in and contributed modules.  

  • Personalization – It give users the experience that’s right for them with the support of multiple content personalization modules. 
  • Enhanced Caching – The CMS is perfect in terms of page loading efficiency and speed all because of caching modules.
  • Options and Flexibility – Different ways are present to build excellent user experiences in Drupal. Some situations work on flexibility, like flexible landing pages for marketing campaigns, while others look for uniformity, so that look is maintained across each type of content.
  • Flexible Layouts – The Layout Builder module is a visual design and layout tool allowing simple creation of flexible landing pages. 
  • Built-in block system – Text & images can be managed within the website using drag and drop blocks. The blocks can be used on multiple pages, giving design uniformity and reusability.
  • WYSIWYG Editor – It is a popular feature allowing users to check how the text and images will look before publishing. 
  • Responsive Design – Being responsive is important to your website as visitor can reach using a smartphone, tablet or desktop thus to meet such needs Drupal is responsive out-of-the-box.
  • Social Media Modules – Simple to connect customers to Social channels from the website with social media integrations modules.
  • Multilingual Functionality – Such features are crucial and give the power to translate the website depending on the user’s geographic location.
  • Quick Edit – Using text editor in Drupal eliminates the time needed to add and upload content to your website.

Enhancing UX and UI of a website is crucial to have a more presentable, inviting, and efficient portal for customer engagement. The best thing about selecting Drupal as a website foundation is guaranteed security, features & solid performance. 

6. Fast Deployment

You can build Drupal Commerce based websites in a few hours. Once the core is installed, the developer doesn’t have to concern about the platform to manage the content, images and third party integration. With the timely & reliable Drupal development services, enterprises can avail the facility of performing customizations after website deployment. It even powers developers to change a live site as per business requirements as well as feedback.

7. Smart Device Friendly

The increasing usage of mobile devices and high competition in the digital world has made it impossible for any brand, organizations, and corporates to exist without a mobile responsive website. To note here, Drupal e-commerce is majorly used in these websites. Internet marketing is helping out all types of businesses. Keeping this parameter in mind, Drupal Commerce builds websites interface that they can be viewed on Android phones, iPads and other smart gadgets in the same way as desktops. 

8. Maintenance and Upgrades

One of the main focus areas is the upgrade experience with every Drupal version release. Upgrading to the latest version is simple and can be performed without any hindrance. Drupal CMS ensures that the maintenance is simple to handle by the website administrators. The procedures to update website comprise backing up the website and then replacing them with a web update interface. The site administrator can easily back up the complete website by downloading only one file containing the assets of the website.

Drupal also send a message to the site admin regarding the need of upgrade, thus ensuring that the website never misses the chance to remain up-to-date. But if the website admin does not wish to change the version, Drupal shares security updates for the old versions. 

9. Web 2.0 Features

Drupal CMS is an outstanding community platform and it simply outperforms all other options available in the market. The platform assists a website admin to set permissions for website visitors to comment on any website content. Drupal also helps administrator to set permissions regarding edit, create or delete different content types. It can be anything including article, pictures, videos or any other media files, everything addressed by the admin.

10. Security

Security is a major concern for web application seeing the current scenario and Drupal leaves no stone unturned to ensure that your website is protected from any possible security threat. Security updates are regularly released and the users receive a notification every time a new update is released. The community is alert and any security threat are addressed at a very fast rate. They also share references to help the user in making a website more secure. When it comes to security features, Drupal wins with a huge margin when compared to other CMS available in the market today. Drupal accounts only for 2% of the hacked websites as per the research.

How Does Drupal Make Things Easy?

  • Advanced Control of URL: Drupal offers control over page URL structure. Each content item named node is given a custom URL. In addition, the path auto module helps to automate custom URL structure.
  • Custom Content Types and Views: Using Views, Drupal allows creation of new content type without needing to write a single line of code. Yes, custom content types can be created and displayed in several diverse ways. Some examples of content types created are forum posts, blog spots, news stories, tutorials, classified ads, videos and podcasts.

Wrapping Up

Every business website is different with diverse set of requirements. Making investment in a CMS with functionalities you do not need is a complete waste of time and money. However with Drupal CMS, several features are integrated as mentioned earlier easing the complete process that brands look to achieve. If coming across any trouble with the working of this remarkable CMS. Feel free to contact the ever growing community!

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