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5 Tips to Easily Speed Up Your Home Internet Connection

Are you one of those who cannot survive without the internet? Stuck with a slow Internet connection due to the place or the service provider? The internet connection speed has become a major issue nowadays. Small to big, all the tasks in some of the other ways have the interference of the internet, bringing it to an end. The internet has become the fourth basic necessity of life apart from food, clothing, and shelter, or shall we say everything is possible with the internet today. Well, either way, the importance of an internet connection can be felt. The internet users worldwide have invested 1.3 Billion years of human time using the net in 2020 itself.

The issue of internet connection speed is not brand new. Rather everyone faces this situation on some other day but, not everyone is well aware of some of the simple remedies to adopt for this problem. There are some easy ways through which you can quickly fix the internet connection speed. Let me tell you that the devices you use to get a connection can help solve the issue up to quite an extent. Discussed below are some quick tips to speed up your home internet connection all by yourself.

1. Move The Router

The place where the router is kept has a vital role to play in the internet connection speed. People might feel keeping a router inside the shelf would be safer, while they don’t know that such safer places could negatively impact the speed of the internet. To know more about the router login details, find out here. Keep your router at an open place and at a location from where the signals are accessible to the vital parts of the house, and for that, you may even need some cabling to fix the router in the central part of the house to get the router close to the devices like the laptop and so on.

2. Use Ethernet Cable

Today in the world of shortcuts, we forgot that there are wired internet connections too. The wired connections work the best in comparison to the wireless ones, both in terms of stability and speed. The only drawback with the cabled connections is that it has a limitation to where it can be kept. All you need is to be tidy in the cable management and adjust the cables as effectively as possible. It would be tedious initially but ultimately be a long term solution for slow internet.

3. Secure Your Internet Connection with a Password

It would be dumb to advise anyone of passwording their Wi-Fi. Rather it should be assumed as done. This is one of the tricks for the generous angels who haven’t yet put a password for extending a helping hand to the neighbors. This helps keep the hackers away along with the Netflixing neighbors of yours. Out of all, AES Encryption is the most secured security option, which also provides great speed.

4. Switch to a Different Channel or Band

In layman’s terms, while listening to the radio, not every channel may work, and therefore you change the channel. Similar is the case with the router. The Routers to use a particular Wi-Fi channel to work. If there is a similar Wi-Fi channel that your neighbors living close by are using too then there might be a problem in the internet connection speed and therefore changing the channel can be a big relief in such cases, and this is quite effective as an option to increase the speed of the internet.

5. Calling the ISP

Still, banging your head in your stupid router? Seems the above measures didn’t go well with you.  But wait, there’s still a savior left. I would recommend you calling your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for help. This way, you can get a route to speed up your router. The ISP might send a technician for the rescue. He can provide a solution immediately after recognizing the problem by listening to the symptoms, or the expert may pinpoint a situation that you have probably overlooked. After all, he is the doctor of the device.

Many other technical measures may be a better and long-term solution to this issue, but it usually takes more time, and the procedures may be even longer and tiresome. So, we have tried to help you with some quick and readily adaptable solutions and those available at your arm’s length. These are the 5-minute remedies that could act as a last-minute savior to easily speed up your home internet connection. Nonetheless, it is recommended to opt for the permanent solutions as the ones described above might be temporarily helpful.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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