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5 Ways to Make Your Online Purchase Process Easier

Increasing conversions and making sales are among the core goals of an eCommerce website. The purchase process of an online store comprises various steps and elements. The customers may discontinue their purchases if they are not finding it easy to checkout. They visit various stores and go with the one that has a better user experience, navigation, and usability. You can also work on improving the usability of your store purchase process by trying different methods and techniques. 

Some of the actionable ways are discussed in this post that is going to help you in streamlining the online purchase process for maximizing sales, reducing cart abandonment, and attaining a higher conversion rate. 

Simplify user registration and login 

Remembering usernames and passwords is one of the core reasons people try to skip registration and login into stores. They want to place orders without doing so. You can simplify user registration with social profiles or biometric identification. It will allow users to swiftly log in to their accounts and place orders without any difficulty. You can allow guest checkout to help customers skip the process of registering on store. 

Develop a mobile app

With the increase in mobile devices, fewer online buyers continue shopping on desktop sites. The mobile applications are easy to install and use. You can also develop a mobile app for your business website to make it easier for the customers to place orders and continue shopping. Desktop versions of a website often have functionality and compatibility issues with different screen sizes of mobile devices. 

Developing a mobile application is a step ahead in the mobile-friendliness of your online store. A mobile responsive web version of your store may not provide the ease and usability that an app can provide. 

Waive off shipping charges 

Shipping charges are among the most annoying expenses that every online buyer hates to pay. They try to find ways to eliminate such additional charges with different offers. You can help you easily waive off shipment charges for first-time buyers, add more products to the cart, avail Flash sales, or restrict it to specific products. 

Offer multiple payment methods

Know your customers to find the payment methods they are more likely to use. Offering a payment option that comprises the security of their details may not be their preferred choice. You can add multiple payment methods to help you choose the way they can easily accept. 

For example, most online buyers do not want to pay ahead for their orders as they are more comfortable with cash on delivery. Offering locally available payment gateways can also create ease for the end-users. For example, customers will leave your store if PayPal is the only payment gateway for customers of a region where the service is not functional. 

Offer discounts 

If we can remember that online shopping was encouraged in pursuit of discounts and gifts. The merchants used to attract new users to their online shops with appealing discount offers. It works today as well. The customer believes that online shops do not have to incur a lot in rental expenses that’s why they must offer products at subsidized rates. Meet their expectations by running holiday sales, Christmas offers, Summer discounts, or anything that makes them place orders. 

Final words

Making the online purchase process easier may require you to study and evaluate buyers’ journeys. It will help you understand different barriers that may be stopping them from the checkout or slowing down the process. You can start improving the buyers’ journey with simplified user registration and login, and move to developing a mobile application, introducing easy-to-use payment options, etc. Try different ways and you will eventually be able to facilitate customers with an easy purchase process. 

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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