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7 Ways To Make Employee Training Programs More Fun And Effective

When your employees have been only immersed in rigid and by-the-books training, it can be refreshing to change the training style and allow them to learn while having fun at the same time. They may be more likely to learn useful skills and methods if their training is engaging.  

Knowing how to make employees interested in training boils down to investing time and resources in beneficial and valued training by both the organization and the employees. Here are some strategies for guaranteeing that workers show up to training and stay until the course completion.

Use Games And Multimedia

There are several techniques to keep an audience interested besides the usual lecture, handouts, and slideshow presentations. Consider game-based learning methods.

Game-based learning refers to using games in training situations, most often in a group setting, to increase engagement and retention. Unusual indoor team-building activities offered by game-based learning platforms are used by many businesses to enable training quizzes and other enjoyable employee engagement activities such as ‘Murder Mystery,’ freestyle rap show, coffee game, and the like. 

If you want to make learning more fun, use games wisely and for specific purposes. A person’s gaming capacity is limited, even if they enjoy the hobby. Don’t just ask questions for the sake of it; put some thought into them so that audiences learn something instead of just making educated guesses.

Record Training Content

Since you already have a plan for training employees, you can begin developing training courses. This entails recording all of the procedures, guidelines, and best practices that the trainees are expected to know upon completion of the program.

Because even if your training is great, participants will forget some details. After just one hour, most people have already forgotten half of what they’ve just learned. Since this is likely to occur, why not prepare for it by storing the content in an online training program? Instead of waiting until the next scheduled training session, your team may simply go back to the processes and regulations anytime they feel they need a quick refresher.

Adjust Your Approach According To The Trainees’ Requirements

People have a tendency to teach in the manner in which they themselves learn best, and they frequently make the mistake of assuming that it is just because they understand a topic when it is presented in their preferred format that others will as well. But that won’t work for all. 

You can achieve greater understanding and better absorption of new ideas and abilities by responding to the demands of your trainees rather than believing they’ll follow yours and by providing training in various forms and situations.

Most employees already have a desire to learn and advance in their careers, yet that desire can be fueled by listening to their opinions and adapting the training to meet their specific needs.

Promote Healthy Competition

Humans have a natural tendency toward rivalry. Individuals enjoy the sensation of success and advancement, especially when it’s recognized by others. Managers can tap into this idea of motivation by encouraging healthy competition.

You need not put individual workers in direct competition with one another. Instead, you may create a scoreboard to highlight achievements. Participation rates will increase dramatically if people are aware that others will be able to observe how rapidly they progress.

What’s more, by keeping tabs on outcomes, management may tweak their training strategies accordingly. They have the ability to determine which individuals on the team are excelling and which ones could use some extra attention.

Give Incentives

Trainees are naturally more motivated and engaged if they have a goal to strive toward. It’s worth noting that these rewards don’t necessarily have to be monetary in nature. Some things to think about are certificates, digital or physical gifts, additional time off, bonuses and raises, free healthy lunches, tuition reimbursement, and others. 

Ask Help From Experts

An investment in the training program itself, which may include the involvement of outside help, is the first step toward successful training.

Today, several third-party organizations focus solely on improving the efficiency of employee training. Managers are often given useful content, tactics, and other tools to help make the sessions more interesting and productive.

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from other learning professionals if you’re at a loss on how to improve your training methods.

Assess Your Training Methods and Improve Over Time

Using the results of your training sessions, you can assess what aspects of the program need to be altered, dropped, or refined. Training success can also be gauged by pre- and post-session surveys of attendees. Although this may appear to be a lot of extra work, it’ll become less often as your teaching techniques improve.


Employee engagement is an employee’s willingness to do better at work. Keeping employees engaged in their work is something many businesses fail at. This hurts business profitability. When planning your employee training program, you must also consider how to keep employees engaged throughout the process.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who blog about Business Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Digital Currencies, and Educational topics.
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