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5 Tricks to Free Up Space on Your Android Phone

It happens to the best of us. The dreaded realization that you’ve run out of storage on your Android is a definite bummer. How can you get your Android back in action without sacrificing your best and favorite phone features? Luckily, there are several solutions. Have you maxed out your phone’s storage space? If you have run out of room on your cell phone, and you’re an Android user, know that you’re definitely not alone. You may be asking yourself, “how do I free up space on my Android phone?” so that you can keep saving those important pics, songs, videos, and other data that’s special to you and your lifestyle. Your phone will be running faster and much more smoothly when you implement these helpful hacks.

We are here to help! Free up space on your Android device with these 5 tech-savvy tricks:

#1. Check out the “Free Up Space” Tool!

A fabulous feature on Android phones is the tool that lets their users free up space in a snap. Head to your phone’s “Storage” section. There you’ll see a link to the “Smart Storage” option. Next, you’ll be able to utilize Google Files to move space-hogging items or “Remove items” to pare down your photos, videos, downloaded files, and apps that you don’t use frequently. Any area on your Android that is overloaded can get a clean sweep with this action. This feature easily takes the guesswork out of where you need to “clean house” and get your Android moving at a faster pace. Once you take this smart step, you can start adding new data to your device.

#2. Move your Pics

Today’s cell phones have amazing cameras with photographer-worthy features and filters, so snapping pics is basically a daily part of life for most mobile users. Keep your favorite photos to freeze your picture-perfect memories in time, but why not try moving them onto your computer? Backing up your photos (and videos!) is a great way to gain more storage space on your Android.

#3. Clean up your apps

Apps can definitely become addictive. Think about it–there’s basically an app for just about anything you can imagine or need! Before you know it, you’re drowning in too many apps to even use…and running out of space on your phone! Ask yourself if you really need three different scanner apps, for example, or five different food delivery service apps. Go through your current collection of apps and decide which ones can go. Deleting unused or rarely used apps will help you scrounge up more storage space and feel more organized on your mobile device.

#4. Clear your cache

Your cache can become clogged, slowing down your phone and soaking up lots of storage. What is your cache? Your phone’s stored data. The stored files in your cache are convenient, but not necessary. It’s a simple way to make more room. Go to your storage settings and click “clear cache” to wipe it out.

#5. Aim for Assist!

Assist Wireless, that is. If you’ve tried these top-notch tricks and your Android is still bogged down, consider heading to Assist Wireless for a new, free smartphone. Assist Wireless is the #1 provider of the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program in Oklahoma. They have over 23 retail locations in Oklahoma and also offer services to those in Arkansas, Maryland, and Missouri. You can get a free or low-cost smartphone from Assist Wireless, minus the worry. Knowing that you’re getting a phone and/or plan from a government-backed program can help you to feel more confident in your choice. Free “government phones” and wireless plans provide low-income consumers and/or Veterans with free or low-cost smartphones and talk/text/data plans.

If you or your household fall into a particular low-income bracket or are a recipient of programs like Medicare, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veterans Pension or Survivor’s Pension Benefits, and more, you can qualify. Assist Wireless even offers a “BYOD” plan. The “bring your own device” promotion lets you bring your current smartphone over to be activated through a Lifeline plan (as long as it is compatible).

With Assist Wireless, if you run out of minutes or texts, you can quickly and easily “refill “your account. This awesome company even offers account credits and perks for tons of occasions. You can call, live chat, email, or visit a store to speak with a customer service representative in-person with any questions or concerns.

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