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7 Top Advantages Of Press Release Distribution Services To Boost Your Business Brand

A company or a business has several major events like the launch of a product and services or merger, acquisitions, or important announcement of a milestone. To spread the word about these important events one must opt for a PR campaign. Many sites offer Press Release Distribution Service at an affordable price. It is a mechanism that can help anyone in reaching a niche audience and increases the online visibility of the company by improving the brand image. Well, let’s go through some benefits to understand how press release distribution can help your brand promotion:

Service is Affordable

Out of all the publicity and advertising activities, the most inexpensive out of them is a press release. But some points have to be considered to maintain the entire cost within affordable levels. The distribution services for online PR offers much more benefits at an affordable cost in comparison to services provided by the PR agencies. The press releases are reported on online platforms after it is written by top-notch professionals and the turnkey services are provided at an affordable cost.

Targeting the Right Audience.

Now, let’s check how press release distribution can help one reach the niche within a short timeframe –

. The distribution services of a press release help in communicating with the target audience most effectively.

. The impact is directly related to its newsworthiness as it follows an authentic style. This style of writing separates it from other forms of advertisements.

. It helps to create brand recognition and promotes the company name in the published content.

. PR further augments the reputation and the brand image of the business in the medium where it is distributed.

Advertisement Value

Print and online media sustain their presence through ads and relations with advertisers. An individual, organization or institution would generally need to place an ad in order to be featured in newspapers, magazine, news sites and blogs. Press releases have advertisement effect, albeit indirectly. The main difference between a press release and other advertisement processes is the fact that a press release costs less. Advertisement or ad value, which measures how much an ad would cost in the mediums that cover the press release, is a metric included in the reports of online PR agencies.

Search Engine Optimization and Recognition

Press release copy, created by considering Search Engine Optimization criteria, helps you to appear in online searches. The level of coverage you get with your press releases in online news sites has a significant effect on your recognition in search engines. Press releases that include the targeted keywords support your SEO efforts. When you carry out regular media communications, your name comes up more often in searches and search engines perceive you as a source. Writing SEO-compliant press releases may increase your website traffic and ensure search results to your advantage.


As the news stories featured in newspapers, magazines, news sites, blogs and social media have a positive impact on your reliability, image and reputation, they also help you to be recognized in your industry and business circles and create a positive perception within the organization as well. Branding, a process that nearly every individual, institution or organization aspires to achieve, gains momentum with your media communications.

Public Disclosure

Press releases also serve to inform the public as the most important rule of journalism. Press releases enriched with research results and quotes by experts are used as a means of public disclosure.


Sustainability is key in advertising, publicity and public relations activities. The activities carried out at regular intervals ensure that an individual, institution or organization stay in mind. Press releases offer the opportunity to sustain these activities at affordable prices. The fact that press release services procured from online PR agencies are generally based on speed and need helps to sustain such activities.


Now you know why press releases should be a crucial part of your marketing and public relations strategy; you need to learn how to deliver them effectively. A press release is worth nothing unless it is in the hands of your target audience or an influencer who will blast it.

Ana Hoffman
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