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Why Bathtubs Are So Popular in 2022

Bathtubs are not a new concept in homes. If you search their history, you know that they go as far back as 1842. Yet, what is interesting is that in those days, there was no indoor plumbing. 

The owners would store the bathtub and only pull them out when they needed to use them. The tubs comprised zinc or copper sheets, making them relatively light.  

Over the years, the tub has evolved beyond mere functionality. It is now a decor, luxury item in modern bathrooms. The tons of choices mean whatever your style, you are sure to find something that works for you. 

Our article delves into why bathtubs are so popular. Read on to find out why you should invest in one for your home.  

A Bathtub Can Drive Up the Value of Your Home

Yes, you read that right. A simple bathtub can make your home more valuable. Do you want to know why? Simple really, aesthetics are an essential consideration for home buyers. 

What is a master bathroom without a bathtub? Well, it is a bland, unwelcoming space that does not scream relaxation and luxury. 

A highly-priced house should surely have the modern trappings we have come to expect. That includes a walk-in closet, indoor gym, swimming pool, and of course, a luxury tub. 

But, the type of bathtub will determine how much value you add to the home. Having a copper tub is much better than, say, an acrylic one. 

A freestanding copper tub is durable, thus the assurance of long-term usage. It is mold resistant, eco-friendly, antibacterial, and retains heat very well. 

All these features make them more expensive than some of the other options. But a potential home buyer who understands the importance of quality will appreciate the investment. 

You get so many choices with the copper tubs. A hammered copper tub gives a unique appearance to a modern bathroom.  

If you have a leaning towards vintage designs, go for an antique copper tub. A clawfoot copper tub brings elegance to any space. You can also add an interesting timeless look to the space with a black copper tub.  

Ultimate Relaxation Right Within the Home

Few pleasures beat relaxing in a hot tub after a long hard day. A tub full of hot water and the right essential oils is so relaxing. And the best part is you don’t spend a cent to enjoy it. Compare this to a massage at a fancy spa that will cost hundreds of dollars. 

This brings us to the next advantage. You can relax in your tub the whole day if you so wish. There is no time constraint like would be the case for a massage. The masseuse can only knead the knots away from your tense muscles for only so long.  

Don’t forget that everyone in the home can enjoy the bathtub. Bath time for the kids will not be a long session of chasing them around. With their favorite duckie in tow and plenty of suds, they will find it a pleasure to take a bath.

And, of course, the family pooch will love its time in the tub as well. 

So Much Variety

How much variety can you get from a shower? Other than the showerhead, the most fancy you can get is with the tiles and enclosure. 

The same does not apply to bathtubs, specifically freestanding tubs. You get a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials.  

  • For shapes, choices include oval, rectangular, or round freestanding tubs. 
  • Material options include wood, acrylic, porcelain-enameled steel, cast iron, and copper tubs. 
  • Colors are plentiful, meaning you can blend the tub with your decor. A black copper tub is sleek and modern. Classic white is still a favorite for those who prefer the traditional clean look. Indeed you can get many other colors, including grey, copper brown, yellow, blue, or even red. 
  • For styling elements, you can go contemporary with the classic modern clawfoot or pedestal tubs. There are also vintage copper tubs for that more traditional look. 
  • There is no limitation in terms of placement. The freestanding tub could be right next to the window if you love the scenic look when soaking in the tub. You could place it right in the center of the bathroom. Another alternative is at a corner or recess like an alcove. And yes, there is the option of the outdoors as well. Indeed, you can be as creative as you wish with your freestanding tub. 
  • Customizations are also available if there are elements you want. Tub manufacturers will have no problem translating your desires into a product you want. 

You Don’t Need Tons of Space

Space considerations may be keeping you from installing a bathtub in your home. That may be true if you go for the larger tubs. You know that a freestanding bathtub requires sufficient space around it.

But, other options do exist. The most obvious would be to go for smaller tubs. You could also invest in a copper soaking tub. What makes this Japanese-style tub so popular is the smaller size. Unlike the standard tub that allows for reclining, soaking tubs are different in that you sit in them.  

They have an inbuilt seat and go as deep as 29 inches. The water could go up to your neck, allowing for a full-body soak. And due to the smaller size, they will not take up a lot of space.  

Final Thoughts 

Bathtubs provide tons of functionalities within the home. That could explain why they are so popular and a must-have item in most modern houses. 

Bathtubs are great for taking a bath in. But, that’s not all. Taking a long soak in the tub at the end of the day is the best way to destress. The kids will love taking baths in the tub as well.  

Freestanding bathtubs are stylish and will add a WOW factor to the bathroom space. You can also place the freestanding bathtub outdoors if you like. It will provide a fantastic place to cool down during hot summer days. 

Finally, a bathtub can drive up the value of your home. Invest in a good quality one like a copper bathtub for durability and long-term usage. 

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