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Technology Leasing: Why Tech Lovers Should Choose Leasing over Buying Smartphones

“Time and technology wait for no man.”

Okay, although no famous person or thought leader said this, we all know how true this statement holds in today’s exponentially evolving world of technology. For every blink of an eye, there’s an app created- that sounds like an exaggeration, but nonetheless, more than 6000 new apps are released on the Play Store every single day. New tech is launched every day and is incremental in improving our day to day lives and business operations alike.

Moreover, the last decade has been monumental in making tech accessible for personal use and tech enthusiasts and lovers are not necessarily only the people who work for technology. Today, technology has touched base with every industry, and people are using it in ways more than one, giving rise to new innovations each day.

Technology in the workplace

With rapidly changing tech available in the market, the tech lovers naturally want to get hold of the best and the latest in town- be it for work or personal use. Companies implementing a mobility strategy also have to be on a continuous lookout of what’s new in order to provide the latest tech to their employees and rightly so. Having modern tech, at par with market standards not only enhances the overall operations but also adds to employee productivity. Companies that want to attract the best of the best talent in the market often use their technological competitiveness to lure in tech lovers as prospective employees.

The companies that have deeply penetrated mobility also encourage BYOD or bring your own device for the same reason. When employees get to pick their favorite devices for work, naturally they are more comfortable and in-turn productive whereas businesses can save on inventory costs and upgrades, there’s a clear win-win. With a strong mobility strategy in place, the company can encourage the employees to use their personal devices- phones, iPads, tablets, and laptops to work intermittently, for example checking work emails or work full-fledged- for example remote working or telecommuting using personal devices.

Challenges with procuring new tech

It sounds rosy and lucrative to own the latest iPad until you see the whopping USD 800 bill for the same. While generic technology is definitely getting cheaper and is more accessible than before, purchasing the crème de la crème of tech comes with a price. The latest tech is expensive and the problem is that it gets old(er) in less than a year. Upgrades and enhanced products are launched every six months or yearly, rendering your newly purchased device as an older one, although not useless or obsolete. Tech lovers who want to stay ahead in their game have to do so at a cost heavy on their pockets. Companies and businesses that want to have the latest tech in place, for employees as well as customers have to also spend enormous cash for the upgrades.

Enter device leasing

Device leasing breathes fresh air into tech lovers’ dreams of having the latest tech at their disposal. Device leasing enables individuals as well as businesses to have the latest technology at slashed prices for limited ownership against paying large costs and owning the device 100%.

Here’s why tech lovers should choose to lease over buying:

Low cost of investment:

Device leasing involves offering devices like smartphones, POS machines, or laptops at a fraction of the cost that would otherwise be incurred if the device was to be purchased. The tech lovers can hence get started with using technology with a smaller initial investment. For businesses that are starting out with mobility, leasing enables device procurement at lower upfront payment costs, and the payment is spread over several months.

Easy upgrade:

Since leasing is basically a ‘no strings attached’ arrangement, upgrading to the latest tech, a newer version of hardware or software is easy and affordable. Leasing enables tech lovers to quickly upgrade without shelling out huge costs. While some leases might let you upgrade/switch to a new device after the expiry, which is often short term, leasing is now also available with an upgrade plan where you can upgrade your device whenever a better version is launched and only pay for the difference in leasing costs.

You can buy out

Although leasing is primarily done in order to ensure that you aren’t stuck with the device for longer, if you want to, you always can choose the buy out option and own the device outright.

You get, well, the latest tech 

And the most crucial and attractive feature of leasing is the ability to have the latest technology. Leasing enables tech lovers and enthusiasts to have easy access to new technology, which doesn’t cost a bomb.

Device leasing is the ideal option for tech lovers or businesses who want to be competitive in terms of their infrastructure. If you are a tech lover, leasing is definitely the way to go.

Renuka Shahane
Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion, an industry-leading Mobile Device Management solution that helps organizations across the globe to manage their mobile endpoints. She's an engineering graduate, an Apple junkie, and an avid reader who has 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy, and PR for technology and web-based startups.
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