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Top 7 Robotic Process Automation Tools

You wake up. Go to your workplace. Fill an excel sheet. Come back home. Sleep.

Imagine having this life? Could you survive? Of course not. No one in this world would be happy to do just the same tasks over and over again. Your employees don’t like it either. Research says employees spend 10-25% of their total time on repetitive computer tasks. That would make anyone feel like a robot. And these kinds of jobs belong to robots. Robotic Process Automation lets you create a workflow where a bot will complete the repetitive tasks with full accuracy and efficiency. This automation was created so that humans can focus on the bigger picture of driving the organization towards growth.

What are the traits of a Great Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool?

Here are 6 traits to judge where you have chosen the right RPA tool or not:

  1. Scalability – The capability of an RPA tool to handle increasing load and usage is scalability. If your organization has fluctuating operations or increasing data volume and other workloads, choose an RPA that is easily scalable. However, if you want an RPA to do one or two fixed manual tasks, you don’t need to focus much on scalability.
  2. Security – RPA tool must be secure from cyber threats and encrypted as it deploys bots in your operations which might have sensitive data regarding your business.
  3. Cost – You need to keep in mind that there is maintenance cost and upgrade cost in addition to the initial setup cost attached to your RPA. So make sure you choose your RPA  software after keeping your operational expense in mind.
  4. Integration – If the tool is easily available for integration with your apps, your job of automating your business processes will become simpler.
  5. Ease of Use: Choose a tool that is not complex and consultant based. There are many user-friendly RPA tools available in the market.
  6. Industry specifications: There are certain tools that work for some industries. Find one that responds with your industry-specific requirements.

The goal is to find the one that is best suited for your needs. Some RPA tool might be really efficient but expensive. Firstly, analyze your needs. Answer the question to Why do you need an RPA tool and start exploring from the answer you get. Typically, if your best and most creative employees have to waste a lot of time on simple and manual repetitive tasks, then it might be a good time to think about RPA.

Best Robotic Process Automation Tools of all time

RPA tools will help you automate menial tasks. It would deploy bots to do any task that you assign them. You can choose from a range of tools. But due to its accessibility, consumers become spoiled with choices and it becomes difficult to choose the right one. So, here is the list of top 7 RPA tools of all time:

RimiliaRimilia is built by finance professionals to solve the complexities of finance processes. You can automate processes for faster cash allocation, enhanced forecasting, reduced risk, and better control over cash flow. Also, to cater to the global market, it works with any currency, any bank, any ERP, and in any country. Some of its most popular features include Point of Sale (POS) integration, online payment processing, and automation analytics. Getting analytics is really important to improve your ROI and the overall process.

Another MondayAnother Monday helps you automate your workplace and create an atmosphere where you can have a productive and creative Monday rather than a boring and monotonous one. With ‘Another Monday’, you need fewer bots to perform more tasks in less time. A little downside for some customers might be that it has some pre-built code based features that you will have to learn and train for. To curb that issue, you can use the AM Composer. It is a drag n’ drop automation builder that can be used to model interactions between a user and the interfaces of applications.

UiPathUiPath is amongst the Top 50 America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies by Forbes. It has linked RPA with artificial intelligence. The scraping solution provided by UiPath serves.Net, Java, Flash, PDF, Legacy, and SAP. While implementing your repetitive processes in these frameworks, you do not have to worry about the accuracy. It is also known for its scalability. You can increase the number of processes as well as complexity without fearing a system breakdown.

JacadaIf you are looking for robotic automation software to automate your consumer experience, Jacada is made for you. They have gone to extreme lengths to help businesses with their customer service and support. They provide voice bots that interact with your customers to solve their problems faster.  Although it is not just customer-facing RPA, you can choose automation that unburdens your employees as well. They have integrated their bots with artificial intelligence for fluent process automation. It is a particularly popular choice while choosing call center automation software.

BlueprismBlue Prism provides you with a platform to program repetitive business tasks with software bots or as they like to call it, ‘Digital Workers’.

These digital workers are integrated with Artificial Intelligence to mimic human cognitive capabilities. Their digital workforce is available on both, cloud and on-premise. They have created an industry-specific solution list so you can choose your industry to relate to the solutions they are providing. It is based on Java Programming Language and also offers a visual process automation designer with features like drag and drop.

IkarusIt is one of the most user-friendly RPA software available in the market. It claims that you can learn to automate processes within 10 minutes and implement it at the 11th  minute. Its integration with artificial intelligence enables you with historic learning every time your repetitive processes are automated. It is the first choice for companies that deal with a lot of accounts payable and create a large number of invoices in exchange for products or services from suppliers. You can think of going for Ikarus RPA if you belong to retail, manufacturing, bank, NBFC, or an audit firm.

G1ANTG1ANT is a different RPA software as it is based on scripts with its new G1ANT.language. This language was designed just to create process automation. You can learn the language easily through their free and efficient tutorials and resources. Their enterprise edition has built-in integrations for Google Docs, Internet Explorer, MS Office, Google OCR, Selenium, IBM Watson, and Java. If you want a no-code recorder module, you can choose that as well. You just have to press record and complete the process that you want the bot to do. You can also individually assign tasks to bot through clicks and keyboard. It will mimic exactly what you have done with high accuracy.


Robotic Process Automation is a must for your organization if you want to free up your human power and make them work for positive change and development of your company. Use the above key traits to judge your needs for an RPA and then choose the one that fits your requirement. Most tools will provide you with a free trial so you have the luxury of choosing the right one after testing all of them. If you think we missed any popular RPA tool, let us know in the comments down below.

Sanjay Parmar
Sanjay Parmar handles marketing at Fasproc, a fast process automation platform. He loves to explore different domains of the SaaS industry especially the marketing side of it. On weekends, you can find him cooking or click portraits around.
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