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Top 5 Safest Places To Travel During The Coronavirus Outbreak

While the world is following the coronavirus pandemic rage, people have seen no other place except their homes. The globetrotters have shunned their wanderlust since then, and they are longing for a better escape in the sooner future. For those who made a living out of traveling, times have hit them hard. For those who loved exploring, the lockdown situation has worsened their enthusiasm. With countries around the world gradually unlocking their cross-border movements and upliftment of travel prohibitions, it seems like the travel industry is likely to bloom again. No matter what the outbreak has done yet, people will get relief once everything opens to the new normal.

The aviation industry has lifted the curtains since late June, giving hope to thousands of peace-seeking travelers. While some countries have already started implementing strategies of ‘Minimal Touch Points,’ ‘Self Check-ins and check-outs,’ a few are awaiting to attract tourists once the travel ban finishes. We know that traveling might gain momentum in the coming months, but the question is, is it safe to travel? If yes, then where? In this article, you will find the top five safest destinations in the world right now to travel during the coronavirus outbreak. Follow the leads and mentally prepare to plan a trip soon.

#1. Mauritius, East Africa

Meet the showstopper on this list – Mauritius! A country with zero counts of coronavirus cases to date. Thanks to the Mauritian Government’s efforts to mitigate the threats of squeezing in of the deadly virus that travelers can fly off to its beautiful bays. Blossoms best in springs, Mauritius welcomes tourists with mellow sunshine and chilling breezes. The beaches are party-ready, and the hotels, resorts, and spas define touristy spots.

Wander with no threat of coronavirus in the Black Gorges National Park or roam the streets of Port Louis. Get amazed by the luxuriant forest while watching the incredible Chamarel waterfalls in the national park. Remain awestruck in the white, sandy island Île Aux Cerfs amid plenty of lush flora and fauna. Spend a few days at Flic En Flac beach and experience one of the best tropical escape experiences.

#2. Seychelles, East Africa

Be in East Africa’s Seychelles for a while, and you will love your life more. The mesmerizing beauty of these godly islands will make you forget about the global outbreak and make you busy in celebrating nature’s hue. The surreal archipelago of 115 islands blessed with marvelous beaches, majestic coral reefs, and magnificent natural reserves is nature’s crown in the Indian Ocean. From rare wildlife to ravishing forest scapes, Seychelles is a complete paradise.

Like Mauritius, with no dirt of the coronavirus, the country is perfect for newlyweds who are seeking a splendid place for a honeymoon in this global hustle. Meander the Copolia trail, Dive underwater, Hike yourself in Morne Seychellois National Park, or relax at Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka beaches. On shores, you can sunbathe, while in waters, you can hunt the abundant aquamarine life. No matter whenever you go to Seychelles, you will love yourself.

#3. Georgia, Eurasia

A stunning country shared by Europe and Asia with its extreme virtue, Georgia is a real gem. Not exempt from the terror of coronavirus, Georgia is among the least affected European countries. The cases are likely to emerge hundreds of times less compared to other European countries. One of its cities, Tbilisi, has 260 times fewer coronavirus cases. From the first of July, Georgia is welcoming tourists following strict health measures and life safety guidelines.

There is no quarantine policy for foreign travelers, which is a great relief for tourists. They can stack up the luggage and other essentials on a roof rack basket and strike on Georgia. The cities have tourist apartments that assure the personal safety of worldwide travelers. The Caucasus Mountain villages and The Black Sea Beaches are the centers of attraction in Georgia. Besides its safest cities, a cave monastery dated 12th century, and the sprawling wine region Kakheti are worth paying a visit.

#4. Austria, Southern Part, Central Europe

For those who admire history, Austria is the safest holiday destination to visit during this pandemic. Expected to get affected ten times lesser by the coronavirus cases, Austria is a top-notch travel favorite destination in Europe. A country knitted between the alpine landscapes and historical cityscapes is a place with a glorious past and glamorous present. Vienna is its capital and a town of jaw-dropping perfection of Schönbrunn Palace, Museums & Opera House. Salzburg is a scintillating city with Mozart’s birthplace and baroque buildings.

Wherever you go in Austria & whatever you do, it is enticing! The Christmas markets are the stars of Europe. Nordkette range Skiing is a lifetime remarkable sport. Salzwelten Salt Mine & the Echelon Valley have enough appeal to invite millions of visitors every year. Whether it be the dainty desserts or vivacious villages, you will appreciate visiting Austria.

#5. Portugal, Southern Europe

Not entirely, but Portugal has saved some of its places from coronavirus sneak-in. To name those legendary towns, Algarve, Lagos, and Alentejo, grab the room in ranking topmost, in corona-free places in Southern West European country Portugal. Whatever a traveler’s soul seeks in a perfect vacation, Portugal has it all. Blissful beaches, spectacular cliffs, serene sea waters, astonishing architecture, and foggy forests, Portugal is a pure paradise.

Head off to wine tasting in Evora and rejuvenate for a moment between the coasts of Omporta and Odeceixe in Alentejo. In Algarve, you can enjoy seawaters’ shades while remaining healthy and hygienic in privately-held resort mansions. Most of them have swimming pools, apartments, bungalows, clubhouses, gyms, guesthouses, and small motels. On the other hand, Lagos is a combination of cobblestone city streets, golden mountain cliffs, widespread beaches, a lighthouse, and an ancient church.


The world has many countries with unspoiled nature and untampered charm. These five places are only the picked ones out of the whole treasure. Seeing the current situation of the outbreak, risking lives isn’t praiseworthy. Consider traveling to any of these five safest destinations with your dearest people and experience life to the fullest. Plan for your safety first and prepare to go on a trip later. Till then,

Stay home, stay safe!

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Rebecca Siggers is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the Travelling Industry. She believes travelling is the key to a peaceful life & wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, She loves Traveling and Reading.
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