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The Ultimate Australian Adventure: What Not to Miss on Your Travels

Australia – the famous “Land Down Under,” and a place you’ll probably know for its cute koalas, sprawling landscapes, thriving aboriginal culture, and irreplaceable landmarks like Sydney Opera House and The Great Barrier Reef. Over 4.6 million visitors flocked to Australia in the year ending March 2023 for the adventure of a lifetime, and we don’t blame them! Visiting Australia is a wise decision which takes little deliberation, although, one important question remains: where do you start? In this blog, we’ll explore the attractions you must not miss during your ultimate Australian adventure.

Watch the sun set over Uluru

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a beautiful sandstone formation in the heart of Australia, with sacred meaning to the Anangu people that live there. Standing at over 600 million years old, and containing such a rich and vibrant history, Uluru rightfully possesses the status of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Above all else, we must recommend watching the sun set over wonderful Uluru. The surrounding landscape will be awash in burnished orange, red and gold – making for the perfect picture, but also a treasured memory.

Dive into the rock pools of Noosa

Noosa Heads, situated in Queensland, is a chilled-out coastal town with an unmissable, gorgeously unique feature: natural rock pools! Affectionately known as Noosa’s fairy pools, these are glittering bodies of water surrounded by a rugged, rocky landscape, and are a dream to dive and swim in. Located a mere 45 minutes away from Noosa Heads’ main beach, the trek to Noosa’s fairy pools is more than worthwhile.

The best way to reach a coastal haven like Noosa is by cruise. Of course, the cruise line you pick matters! Silversea Cruises, this 2023, are taking the tourist world by storm, with a great range of Australian-specific destinations that are sure to elevate your adventure. Their West Coast cruise is particularly exciting!

Drive through the Great Ocean Road

 Much like the infamous Route 66 in America, the Great Ocean Road is prized as one of the most impressive road trip routes in the world. A scenic stretch of road that extends across 413 miles, we highly recommend renting a sturdy vehicle and starting your trip in Melbourne. From there, speed across to Torquay, where you’ll be able to surf till your heart’s content, and even book an amazing kangaroo tour! Eventually, you’ll finish your journey across the coast in Warrnambool, but not before passing awe-inspiring sights such as the towering Twelve Apostles, the Otway National Park, and the Bay of Islands.

Check out Silversea Cruises this 2023

In 2023, Silversea Cruises are providing amazing, world-class tours to Australia’s finest cities and destinations. Before the year ends, why don’t you seize the chance to start your ultimate Australian adventure the right way? With plenty of excursions available to take advantage of, even the jaw-dropping sunsets of Uluru are within your reach.

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