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Top 5 Tattoo Designs for Men

Your body is a blank canvas and a great tattoo can turn it into a work of art. Some ink on your body can be a cool way of expressing yourself, however, when it comes to getting a tattoo on your body, it’s truly about your personality. So, it can be difficult to decide which tattoo to go for and from where.  So, to help you do so, we’ve created this guide filled with advice on how to choose the best tattoos for men.

Moreover, to ensure you don’t end up regretting your tattoo design in the future, it’s important to make the right decision. Firstly, pay a visit to nearby tattoo shops in Wichita, to get an idea of an aesthetically pleasing tattoo for your beautiful body.

#1. Diminutive Tattoo

A small tattoo is a smart way to go if you are getting inked for the first time. The great thing about tiny tattoos is that you can get them inked anywhere, and since these tattoo designs are small, it can be appealing to people who want to cover their tattoos.

Small tattoos are good and easy for first-timers. You can get it inked on your wrist, elbow, or your ribs. Additionally, small tattoos are usually a bit easier to commit to and they can feel like an accessory.

Travel tattoo

If you are someone who loves to travel and enjoy it, then you can get a small plane inked on your wrist. It will reflect your passion for traveling and exploring.

Fitness Freak

You can get a workout tool inked somewhere on your body if you are into fitness and training. It will inspire you and others to work out and stay fit.

#2. Simple Initial Tattoo

Like other things, your tattoos should reflect your style and personality. A simple tattoo is proof that you don’t have to go for complicated designs to look cool. Moreover, people who like minimalist designs prefer simple tattoos to express themselves.

Simple tattoos are popular in men who want to look classy and smart. Sometimes simple lines and shapes, or a letter can make you look good and meaningful. To get a perfect tattoo design done according to your personality, visit your nearest Tattoo shop in Wichita. One of the examples for a simple tattoo is;


To get started with tattoos, getting your initials on your body is a great way. It is a safe option. Besides, you can also have the initials of anyone special or close to you inked on your body.

#3. Tribal Tattoo

There are many types of tribal tattoos based on symbolism, tradition, culture, and masculinity. They have bold gradients and interesting patterns. However, tribal tattoo designs are mostly detailed. These types of tattoos mostly look good on the shoulder or the arms. In fact, they make you look artistic and help you in sharing stories of your heritage.

African Tribal Tattoos

When it comes to tribal tattoos and story-telling, fortunately, Africa has a lot of stories and culture in it. The African tribal tattoo has a lot of shading in it.

Indian Tribal Tattoos

Indian tribal tattoos are very aesthetic. They are mostly traditional designs that symbolize Indian Gods and their power and strength.

Native American Tribal Tattoos

You will see a lot of animals in these designs. They look cool, interesting and they have symbols that protect against evil eyes and bad spirits. Therefore, if you believe in such things then you can get it done accordingly.

#4. Animal Tattoo

If you are inspired by some qualities of an animal or a species then you should surely go for an animal tattoo. You can benefit from the Tattoo shops of Wichita to help you create a great design. Few animal tattoos that are famous among men are;

Lion Tattoo

Lion tattoos can reflect the qualities of leadership, bravery, and courage in men. It is the best go-to tattoo for physically and mentally strong men.

Wolf Tattoo

These kinds of tattoos can look very cool. For example, if you are an alpha type male then a wolf tattoo would look perfect on you.

Owl Tattoo

If you are a night person and enjoy your alone time then an owl tattoo is perfect to represent your personality. On the other hand, this tattoo also represents that you have a mysterious personality or a secret side.

#5. Religious Tattoo

Religious body art may be the next big thing. You are obligated to find a religious tattoo that suits your way of life, regardless of your religion. Pay a visit to the tattoo shops of Wichita to help you choose the best piece.

Cross Tattoo

These kinds of tattoos are famous in Christianity. Christian people usually get the cross inked on their bodies paired with different things such as beautiful flowers and heart shape. Similarly, any other thing that makes an interesting combination.


In conclusion, it takes a lot of research to get a perfect design for your body. Taking care of the tattoo is an essential part. However, you must follow the instructions of your tattoo artist carefully to avoid any problems later. Be sure to pay extra attention to the symptoms described here.

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