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5 Surprising Ways to Find Story Inspiration

A story is only memorable if it is inspirational. It is a waste of time and character to tell an old story. A story will also become stale when repeated. When presented with an opportunity to tell a story, it helps to come up with an original one that will capture the attention of your audience or please your dissertation team as they vet your paper.

Since stories are powerful, you must choose an insightful one for use in any scenario. Think through the characters, message, scenes, and especially the overall message. Once you have found an inspiring story, your work or presentation will also be inspiring. Here are a few innovative ways to find inspiration for a story.

Reinvent An Old One

Human beings remain the same for centuries. They eat, drink, walk, fight, and perform the duties associated with being human. It is their behaviors that change based on prevailing circumstances. It means that the lessons and incidences that happen in life remain largely relatable. The old stories will still make sense to the world today. However, you have to reinvent the story to make it relevant to the world today.

Reinventing might not change the storyline by a huge margin. The trick is to update the scenes, props, character traits, and elements that form the core of a story. It would take a keen person to see through your reinvention. It helps you to still tell the story and make it relevant to the prevailing situation and audience.

Modify Incidences That Happened In Your Life

Some real life experiences are stranger than fiction. You have also heard of coincidences and miraculous escapes that are almost unbelievable. Such incidences form excellent sources of story inspiration. They only need to be modified to fit the prevailing scenario and also make sense to the audience listening to your presentation.

Modifying a story might not even take too much effort or imagination. Change the names of characters, scenes where an incidence took place, or the conclusion, among other aspects. Remember that some of what you consider to be stories are real life experiences of people around the life of the narrator. It helps you to avoid too much imagination and also gives believable details. It is one of the best story inspirations you will come across.

Create A New Story From Imaginative Scenarios

Consider the audience and setting to create your own story. Such deliberate creation makes stories more practical in the discussion at hand. For instance, you can determine your characters and the best ending to your story if you created it compared to borrowing what other people created.

Take a walk to the park or to a scene where your story idea could take place. Talk to people about their experiences or read about it in books. As you consume this knowledge, ideas begin to flow in your head. These are the catalysts of creating a captivating story.

Find Story-Writing Prompts 

The internet and literature materials have story writing prompts that you can use to create a new story. The prompts create scenarios that you are supposed to resolve in an interesting manner. A single prompt may originate several stories based on your imagination.

Creative writers also provide prompts and stories when given a scenario or audience. Use their services to either generate a prompt or complete a story. Talk to friends or colleagues to provide a prompt that you later run with to tell the best story.

Pull Your Antennae And Listen Or Watch 

People around you are creating stories through their life experiences. If you listen keenly, a new story will emerge. Watch what is happening around you and use it as a prompt for your next story. While your experience might not be rich enough to form a story or you could fear exposure, other people have dramatic lives that are strong enough to anchor as story. While you listen and watch, do not expose people, else they will stop sharing the stories with you and even flee. Still, you can modify their situations to give you the most captivating stories.

Story inspirations help you to create an original tale that would be believable or fit into a scenario. You may force the inspiration or allow it to naturally perch on your mind. You may also enlist the help of a friend or people around you for inspiration to get new ideas and variety in your stories.

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