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8 Smart Ways to Boost Battery Life of Your Android Phone

The latest smartphones today are a pack of futuristic advancements. You can experience impossible features in every latest Android model nowadays. The online market makes it easy to afford an expensive phone through best discount codes. However, a good battery decides if your phone was worth the purchase.

It is not easy to find android phones with long battery life in the present era. With increasing features, fast processors, more applications, and larger screens; short battery life comes as a con. You can find the thinnest every battery running short of life quicker.

Nevertheless, the era of smartphones also brings smart ways to extend battery life. Read further to find the most recommended ones.

8 Ways to Extend Battery Life

The services android phones offer are meant to miss. Tech lovers tend to buy advanced smartphones to experiencing new technology. Sadly, lithium-ion batteries are not much of a progressive approach until now. Henceforth, you can get smarter with its use and extend battery life.

Switch To Power-Saving Mode

If you keep changing your smartphone most often, you have experienced a low-battery alert with different notifications. Maximum android phones will recommend you to turn on the power-saving mode in a low battery situation.

This mode helps cut all unnecessary functions of the phone that may eat up battery. Mostly, it limits the display brightness, reduces network usage, and controls CPU speed.

Turn Off Active Tracking

The feature of active tracking is a boon at times. Nonetheless, it results in serious battery drainage at times. Therefore, turn it on only when necessary. Bluetooth and NFC are technologies required only when sharing details.

Similarly, phone visibility and location services are majorly required during travel. So, you can turn these off while at home or a place for a longer time.

Handle Screen Brightness

Android phones with larger screens are a trend. You cannot resist the crisp resolution, appealing pixels, and bright display. Nevertheless, it is an obvious reason your phone’s battery drains quickly.

Try to handle it and keep your brightness setting to a considerable minimum. It will save your battery and eyesight together. Also, change your screen timeout settings.

There is no need to keep the screen turned on for five minutes when you are not using it. Let your android phone rest and extended battery life.

Choose Wallpapers Wisely

Wallpapers and screensavers will always attract an android user to drain battery life. However, make a wise choice and avoid using live wallpapers. Your smartphone struggles more to display these. In fact, it is better to prefer wallpapers with fewer shades to save energy.

Similarly, widgets are also a reason your battery goes down quickly. Instead of visiting an application directly from the home screen, you can follow protocols. Try to avoid apps from constantly running and eating up battery.

Prefer Dark App Mode

You can traditionally find dark and light modes in every app nowadays. From Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp, every social-connecting app is available in darker mode. Likewise, from Twitter to Facebook, every social app looks appealing in black.

Therefore, you can save battery, lower brightness, and enjoy apps. Smartphones with OLED displays allow you to disable individual pixels. Therefore, you can always benefit from this feature and save more battery.

Turn Off Automatic Updates

Automatic updating is an essential feature in every android phone. Most often, people let the Play Store update every necessary and unnecessary app without notice. Try to prevent this feature by restricting the auto-update of apps.

Do it manually only for the apps you must keep using. It is not important to update photo editing apps and games every while. You can save battery and phone memory by handling this feature manually and updating apps only when required.

Switch Off Phone Vibration

Undeniably, the vibration feature is an alert option that works always. People prefer turning on vibration while outside to get notified about calls, messages, and alarms. However, it can drain too much of your battery life.

Most often, people like to turn on vibration for phone sounds, keyboard sounds, notifications, and screen swipe. However, skip this feature and keep using the phone to save battery life.

Also, if your battery is running low, turn off sounds and switch to silent mode. You will still be able to receive messages and notifications without being informed.


Besides following the earlier mentioned tips to extend battery life, make sure you know the basic rule. Always charge your smartphone before it goes down to an intolerable drain condition.

Experts recommend you to let the phone’s battery drain to zero sometimes. Nonetheless, try not to make it a habit. Always carry a portable battery with you for skipping such situations. Charge when necessary but save battery when unnecessary!

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